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Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette Review

Cute bag, high price tag
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Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette Review (Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette)
Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette
Credit: Timi and Leslie
Price:  $170 List
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Manufacturer:   Timi and Leslie
By Natalie Hale ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 29, 2015
  • Storage/Ease of Use - 40% 4.0
  • Comfort - 30% 4.0
  • Quality - 15% 5.0
  • Style - 15% 5.0

The Skinny

The Marie Antoinette bag by Timi and Leslie was discontinued in 2017.
Cute bag
Many accessories
Semi-passable as a purse
Short handles
Uncomfortable carrying options
Doesn't stay closed
The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette offers a fancy design that hides its purpose as a diaper bag well. We loved the included accessories and quality brass metal hardware. However, the smaller size of the bag makes it difficult to carry everything we want, and we also ran into serious issues with keeping the bag closed.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette is packed with accessories. The creators clearly tried to design a bag that took care of every concern a mom might have when leaving the house with baby. The included clutch for mom was a very nice touch and something we did not encounter in any of the other bags we tested.

Performance Comparison

timi and leslie marie antoinette - marie antoinette with included accessories: insulated bottle holder...
Marie Antoinette with included accessories: insulated bottle holder, clutch for mom, dirty clothing bag, and changing pad.
Credit: Natalie Hale

Storage and Ease of Use

Right off the bat, we were disappointed with the capacity of the Marie Antoinette, and awarded it a score of 4 of 10 for storage and ease of use. It fit only a bit more than our smallest competitor, the Babymel Amanda Mini. If you want to carry everything they include with the bag, plus mom and baby essentials, you are going to run out of room…and fast. Once filled, the bag will not remain shut despite our best efforts to rearrange it. We encountered a similar issue with the OiOi Messenger where those magnetic buttons simply are not strong enough to stay closed. This leads to contents spilling out, especially of it tips over accidentally, like in the car. We think it is important to be able to completely shut the main pocket of any bag you utilize in order to secure your valuables. While it boasts many internal compartments and a special ring for your keys, we still had trouble keeping it organized, due in part to the lack of a secure main closing mechanism.

Another problem we found was that it wouldn't remain standing without contents inside the bag, an issue similar to what we encountered with the LeSportsac Ryan and slouchy BEABA Stockholm. It tips over without something inside to keep it upright, which is not only a hassle, but also creates a major cleanliness problem, particularly for the light spot-treat-only exterior fabric.

timi and leslie marie antoinette - the timi and leslie marie antoinette clutch was perfect for holding...
The Timi and Leslie Marie Antoinette clutch was perfect for holding all of mom's necessities.
Credit: Natalie Hale
Despite these setbacks, it still has some great accessories to offer, including brass hardware stroller clips, an adjustable nylon shoulder strap, changing mat with mesh compartment for changing materials, mini matching clutch for mom, dirty clothing bag, and an insulated bottle holder. Sadly, it did not have any metal feet to protect the base of the bag, a feature we love.


We do not like carrying this product and thus, scored it a 4 of 10 in the comfort category. The bag itself is heavy, over 2.5 pounds with accessories. The only bags that were heavier were the Storksak Bobby, BEABA Stockholm, and the much easier to carry backpack-style Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel. On top of that, the handles are so small that the bag rides directly under your armpit when the straps are on your shoulder, which was not very comfortable. The nylon shoulder strap also offers little in terms of comfort. It is thin and easily cuts into any exposed skin.


timi and leslie marie antoinette - alas, no metal feet on this bag leaves it prone to dirt and wear and...
Alas, no metal feet on this bag leaves it prone to dirt and wear and tear.
Credit: Natalie Hale
Despite “looking nice”, we are unimpressed with the materials used in the Marie Antoinette, and thus award it a score of 5 of 10 in this category. It lost serious points for lacking a zipper on the main compartment. We think having an actual option for closing your diaper bag completely is essential. Although attached well, we were also unimpressed with the flimsy nylon fabric handles.

The soft base concerns us because it gives no added structure to the bag. The base also lacks feet to keep dirt and germs off, so plan to clean it frequently. We also found that due to the nature of the fabric, utilizing this bag in fluorescent (office) lighting will reveal any and all stains.


timi and leslie marie antoinette - the marie antoinette is a stylish bag for the modern mom.
The Marie Antoinette is a stylish bag for the modern mom.
Credit: Timi and Leslie
Based on our use and the feedback we received while carrying the bag, it earned a of 5 of 10 for style. Despite following trend with the quilted design, we think the harsh diagonal pattern looks too busy and works against the overall look of the bag. It is also really “shiny” which may not appeal to everyone.

Best Applications

This bag could work for moms who are looking for something a little more flashy, do not intend to carry much out of the house when traveling with baby and are unconcerned about having a zipper on the main compartment of the bag.


Despite including many accessories, the high price and lower quality components of this bag drag the overall value way down in our book.


This is a cute but expensive bag. We think that at such a high price point better materials could have been used in the overall design. The lack of a zipper on the main compartment was a big miss for us. For a quilted look at a better price, we say check out the Skip Hop Forma.

Natalie Hale

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