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Best High Chair of 2021

Credit: Abriah Wofford
Thursday July 1, 2021
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Let us help you find the perfect high chair. We bought the 12 best high chairs of 2021 and put them to the test to determine which rule, which to pass on, and which are good for certain situations. With an endless variety of functions, fabrics, and designs, how can a new parent determine where to start? We tested each chair for ease of use, ease of cleaning, quality, and more to discover the pros and cons of each contender. Our details can help you find the best option for your little one.


Best Overall High Chair

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Product Weight: 18 lbs | Usage Range: 6 months - 250 lbs
Long term use
Good quality
Easy to use and clean
Harder to assemble

The Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is a cool wood chair that can grow with your child shifting from a high chair to a booster to a step stool and adult chair. This product works for adults up to 250 lbs and is high quality enough to last as long as you need. We like the easy-to-remove and clean tray, and we love the waterproof and stain-resistant cushion that you can hose clean. The seat is comfortable and looks nice enough to display at your table or island.

This chair is heavier than plastic competitors. While not prohibitively heavy, it is harder to move when your little one is in the chair. Also, it takes longer to assemble, but luckily this is a one-time concern, and the adjustments after assembly are quick and tool-free. Overall, we think this high-quality chair has a fair price for what you get and think it is one you will enjoy and want to use for years to come.

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Best Rolling Chair

Peg Perego Siesta

Product Weight: 23 lbs | Usage Range: Birth to 45 lbs
Great quality
Tricky to roll
Hard to clean

The Peg Perego Siesta is a high-quality chair with years of potential use. This chair is well-designed with useful features like adjustable recline, height, and footrest. This option creates a good place for infants to recline with a bottle, is great for a self-feeding hungry toddler, and almost everything in between. The Prima Classe fabric comes in multiple colors and has a supple, leathery feel that is easy to clean. The chair has wheels for easier moving around the kitchen, and it features a Stop & Go Brake system that is safe and simple to use. This chair has a compact fold making it perfect for small homes or parents who prefer to keep gear stowed away.

Some parents find the wheels tricky to maneuver as the back wheels swivel, and the front wheels don't. However, rolling it backward and steering with the rear wheels instead of the front makes this easier. This chair is also challenging to clean. While the fabric is easy to wipe and the tray is dishwasher-safe (we recommend hand washing), there are so many nooks and crannies for gunk to hide that are near impossible to reach. Despite these minor issues, we were impressed with the quality and flexibility of the Siesta and believe it can keep many families happy.

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Best Budget Chair

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

Product Weight: 14 lbs | Usage Range: ? to 40 lbs
Easy to use
Folds to store
Remove tray to fold
Fabric not machine washable

The Graco Slim Snacker High Chair is a wallet-friendly, straightforward chair that allows for baby feeding from a fairly young age up to 40 lbs. The chair has a fairly simple assembly, and the adjustment and tray removal all work well. This chair is one of the few that folds for storage, and while not ultra-slim, it will fit in most closets or pantries. The tray is top-rack dishwasher safe, and the cushion can be wiped clean with a cloth.

This chair has a wide footprint when in use, making it one of the widest in the group, so it might not be suitable for tiny spaces even if you can store it out of the way. Also, you need to remove the tray before folding it to store, which means you'll need a different location for storing that. Depending on your space, this could be challenging or a hassle. We think this is a cost-effective solution for baby feeding and think it gets the job done with few hiccups. If money is a concern and you aren't worried about long-term use or the highest quality, it will meet your needs without much frustration.

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Potential Longterm Value

Graco SimpleSwitch

Product Weight: 16.3 lbs | Usage Range: Birth to 60 lbs
Reclining Seat
Cleans easily
Good deal for the price
Tray is tricky
Doesn't fold
Tray doesn't lie flat off the chair

The Graco SimpleSwitch is a basic, sturdy chair that is one of our favorites in its price range. It features a three-level recline adjustment, creating a convenient dining center and a safe space for the baby while you are working in the kitchen. The straps and chair cover are easy to remove and toss in the wash after messy meals. The rest of the plastic chair can be quickly wiped down to finish the cleaning job. You can also remove the legs to turn the chair into a booster seat that holds up to 60 lbs!

While the tray is removable one-handed, it can stick if it is uneven. Also, because the crotch restraint is attached to the tray, the tray doesn't lay flat when placed on the table or counter, which means that if you need to get your baby out mid-meal, you'll need to remove the food and then the tray. While this chair has a smaller footprint, it is bulky to store. Overall, we recommend this chair as a practical and affordable option that is useable for longer than the average chair.

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Best for Durable Lifetime Use

Stokke Tripp Trapp Bundle

Product Weight: 15.6 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos (with Baby Set) to 242 lbs
Easy to clean
Pull up to a table
Infant accessories sold separately

There are many reasons to love the Stokke Tripp Trapp. It has a simple design that is easy to clean and pulls right up to the table so your little ones can eat with the rest of the family. Durable construction and height adjustments for the seat and footrest create a chair that children can use through their first ten years of life. The Stokke Tripp Trapp Bundle caters to 6 mo+ infants and includes a removable 5-point harness, Tripp Trapp Baby Set, and Mini Baby Cushion. Additional custom accessories include the Stokke Tray, the Tripp Trapp Cushion, and the Tripp Trapp Junior Cushion. We love the versatility of this innovative seat and European Beech Wood that is free of harmful chemicals like bisphenol and phthalates.

Because this is a solid, durable chair, it comes at a premium price; it is one of the most expensive chairs in this review. With a high price, it's somewhat frustrating that you have to purchase the baby insert, tray, and other accessories separately. However, if your budget allows, we love that this high-quality chair can grow with your child longer than the average chair and will compliment almost any kitchen decor.

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Most Adorable

Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Product Weight: 14.38 lbs | Usage Range: 6 months - 50 lbs
Child favorite
Multiple uses
Long lifespan
Harder to clean
Lower quality

The Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair is hands-down the cutest little chair you can find for feeding babies. Seriously, little ones all headed straight to this chair when given a choice, and the fox brought smiles to the faces of parents as well. We like the look of this chair, and it is super easy to assemble, with useful instructions and well-labeled parts. This chair converts to a booster/travel chair and a toddler chair when little ones are old enough to sit at the table. We like that it has a reusable dishwasher-safe food tray with dividers for food and a cup limiting the need for dish use and potentially decreasing your cleanup time.

This chair is somewhat harder to use and clean. The adjustments aren't as smooth as the competition, and there are places for food and gunk to get trapped, making it harder to clean. It is also not the highest quality, and some toddlers might pick at the softer cushion foam, which could limit the lifespan overall. However, despite these minor issues, we think it has a nice price for what you get, and if it gets your child excited about mealtime or feeding themselves, we are all on board. It is a good choice for those who value child excitement and budget over superior quality.

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Minimalist Style

OXO Tot Sprout Chair

Product Weight: 20.88 lbs | Usage Range: 6 months - 60 lbs
Minimalist style
Height adjustable
Can be a standard chair
Bulky looking

The OXO Tot Sprout Chair is a wood base with a plastic chair high chair with adjustable height options. This minimalistic style chair offers a clean look that complements almost any decor and has features most parents will find useful. We like the tool-free adjustment and the 5-point harness that is easy to use. The high chair converts to a youth chair when it is outgrown, giving this option a slightly longer lifespan than some of the competition. The tray is easy to take off and put back on and is dishwasher safe on the top rack. This chair was easy to assemble and had good instructions, but we recommend paying attention to the details as we had to start over when you put one part on backward. The OXO works for 6-month-olds up to about 60 lbs and has a smaller footprint than much of the competition, making it a potential choice for smaller spaces.

While it has a smaller stance than competitors, this chair is one of the heaviest, and that makes it a burden to move, so you'll need to position it where you plan to use it before placing your child inside. Also, while it is suitable for little ones around 5-months, according to the manufacturer, it doesn't really tilt back like some of the competition, so your baby will need to be able to sit upright before use. This chair is nice looking, and we like the simple design and ease of cleaning. It is a good choice for those who want something straightforward that blends with a minimal esthetic.


Plastic Long-term Use

Graco Blossom

Product Weight: 31.8 lbs | Usage Range: Infant to 60 lbs
Can accommodate two
Easy to clean
Well priced
Does not fold

The Graco Blossom is a unique chair that converts from a high chair to an infant booster to a toddler booster and, finally, a youth chair. Because of this 4-in-1 ability, you have far more versatility and options for multiple children. The leatherette seat pad fabric is easy to wipe clean or toss into the wash for big messes. The Blossom offers multiple seat adjustments and food trays, is easy to use, and is well made. It is priced well for what you get considering the potential for long-term use.

The biggest complaint about this chair is that it doesn't fold for easy storage, which can be an issue if you live in a small space, as this has a larger footprint and is cumbersome to move. The wheels allow it to glide on hard surfaces, but it struggles over the carpet. Despite its larger size, if you want a chair that can last through multiple stages and children, then this is one to consider.

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Most Compact

Joovy Nook

Product Weight: 15.4 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos to 50 lbs
Easy to Use
Good price
Difficult to clean
Seat always reclined

The JOOVY Nook is a stylish, modern high chair that is simple to use and fully assembled. The tray swings open with one hand, and it conveniently folds down and out of the way. The compact fold and lightweight design make transporting and storing a breeze. The tray has a dishwasher-safe cover and can be moved forward and backward to create more room for your growing child. We think this is a nifty chair with useful features and an affordable price.

While we like this chair for its ease of use, cleaning it is not as simple as others. The comfortable leatherette seat has multiple seams that can catch crumbs and small pieces of food and is especially frustrating to clean if you don't wipe it before it dries; the same is true for the straps. We wish the seat pad and straps could be tossed in the washing machine to simplify the cleaning process. Also, the seat doesn't sit at a 90-degree angle and has a slight recline. At first glance, it doesn't look too bad, but once you put your baby in the chair, it's easier to see the steeper recline. This chair is an excellent fit for parents looking for easy use and no assembly who prefer regular quick cleanups to prevent long-term build-up.


Modern Chic

Bloom Fresco

Product Weight: 39.6 lbs. | Usage Range: Birth to 79 lbs
Adjustable height
Quality issues

The Bloom Fresco is a stylish, modern-looking high chair. You can customize the chair when you buy it by choosing the frame color, starter kit, and (optional) universal snug seat cushion. It rotates 360 degrees, has three recline positions, and adjusts taller or shorter to fit the countertop or table. These features accommodate infants, toddlers, and kids up to 8 years old. The broad circular base keeps it nice and stable.

The Bloom is expensive, making it less of an option for those on a budget. It is more costly than the next chair by nearly $200. It is also heavy, weighing 40 lbs, making it the heaviest chair in the review. Some users have issues with breaking parts, but Bloom's customer service is helpful and reportedly sends replacement parts when necessary. Overall, if you are looking for a long-term chair for your kitchen that won't cramp your style, then the Bloom may be the chair for you. If you find the modern look appealing but not the price tag, you might consider the Mima Moon 2G as it has a similar futuristic and straightforward design.


A Boost for Little Ones

Keekaroo Height Right with Infant Insert

Product Weight: 21.1 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mos to 250 lbs
Long-term use
Easy to clean
Have to maintain
Difficult assembly
Buckle easy to undo

The Keekaroo Height Right with Infant Insert is similar in appearance and functionality to the Tripp Trapp but with a more reasonable price point. The wood chair can hold your 6-month-old infant (with insert) and an adult (up to 250 lbs). The adjustable seat and footrest allow you to customize the seat for the perfect fit. It is stable even when kids are grasping and leaning out of their seats. Also, because the chair is entirely wood and the insert is plastic, it is easy to keep clean.

The screws on this chair need to be checked periodically to ensure that they are tight and secure as they can loosen over time. Users also report a deterioration of the wood tray when used without the plastic cover. Also, some children under 24 months have managed to undo the buckle, requiring constant supervision to avoid potential injuries. Assembling this chair can be a bit tricky and not intuitive, taking about 30 minutes to complete. While this can be a drawback, it is (fortunately) something that you only do once. Overall, this is an excellent budget-friendly chair designed for use past the toddler years.

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The SimpleSwitch can be used with children up to 37 lbs.
The SimpleSwitch can be used with children up to 37 lbs.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Why You Should Trust Us

This high chair review and testing are led by our founder, Dr. Juliet Spurrier, a board-certified pediatrician. Dr. Spurrier uses her background and education combined with her experience as a mother of two to select products with ease of use and safety in mind. She is instrumental in testing development and final product selection. Wendy Schmitz, the Senior Review Editor, rounds out the team and uses her science education to help guide her in the testing and review process to make thoughtful testing procedures and analysis of test results. Wendy is a mother of two and has worked on most BabyGearLab reviews as a tester and analyst since 2014.

We spent countless hours researching and testing these chairs in-house and in real life to help you find the perfect chair for your family. These chairs were used with little ones of various ages and sizes to determine which ones work well and which lack overall functionality or features parents may need.

The chair can be adjusted to make a perfect ergonomical fit for...
We like the simplicity of the design and ease of use of the...

Analysis and Test Results

Whether you are a first-time parent or have years of experience, most parents are looking for ways to make baby life easy, comfortable, and as fun as possible. Mealtimes can take up a large part of the day, so finding the perfect chair solution can be part of this plan, as it can save you tie and frustration. We started our roundup search with more than 50 high chairs and narrowed it to the most popular 12 on the market to test to help make your buying decision easier.

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Important Terms

The chairs we tested work for a range from infancy up to a 250-pound adult! They are all considered full-size, meaning they are meant to stay in your home in basically one location. To get a feel for all of the features and functions you might find in a high chair, let's start by reviewing key terms you'll see when reading about high chairs.

The simple 3-point restraint system that buckles around baby's waist.
The simple 3-point restraint system that buckles around baby's waist.
Credit: Jessica Stevenson

  • Harness/Restraint System: This includes the belts, buckles, and straps that retain a baby safely in the chair. Some chairs have a 5-point harness, two shoulder straps, and two waist straps that buckle into a crotch strap. Others have only a 3-point harness with waist straps that buckle into the crotch strap. Still, a minority of options have only side straps that meet in the middle, like an old-school seatbelt. Whatever your preference, a harness should be easy to adjust so that you can get a secure fit.

The crotch post on the OXO helps keep little ones safely in their...
The crotch post on the OXO helps keep little ones safely in their seat.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

  • Crotch Restraint/Safety Post: The safety post goes between the baby's legs to prevent slipping under the tray or out of the chair. Some chairs have a stationary crotch restraint, and others have a crotch post attached to the tray or seat bottom. We prefer products with a fixed center post as it is a little less likely that the baby will slip out. If the post is connected to the tray, it likely won't fit in the dishwasher, and you can't put the tray flat on the counter, something you'll want to do when prepping a meal.

  • Adjustments: Many chairs have adjustable features. Chairs that have recline and height-adjustable features tend to offer more comfort for the baby or parent.

  • Portability: Full-size high chairs are not travel chairs or boosters. For this roundup, 'portability' refers to moving around your house.

Ease of Use

Your chair will likely be used every day, multiple times a day, so it must be easy to operate. Also, quirks that could lead to potential injury or leave marks are serious deal-breakers. Here are some ease-of-use features and quirks to consider:

The seatback of the Slim Snacker can tilt slightly back for feeding...
The seatback of the Slim Snacker can tilt slightly back for feeding younger babies who maybe can't sit upright on their own.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

  • Recline: Some chairs recline, but there is one recline feature we like the best. The Peg Perego Siesta's entire seat tilts back to the footrest. Other chairs, like the Graco SimpleSwitch, offer recline, but only the chair's back moves. This style can cause the baby's bottom to slide forward and make it feel like they will slide out of the seat. If your baby is unlikely to fall asleep in their chair, then recline may not be a big deal for you.

Recline Safety
Always ensure that the baby's fingers are out of the way of potential pinch points when adjusting the seat back! Some recline features create pinch points, and your baby can get hurt when adjusting.

The highest setting on the Boon High Chair allowed baby to join in...
The highest setting on the Boon High Chair allowed baby to join in during breakfast while sitting at counter-height with older siblings.
Credit: Jessica Stevenson

  • Height Adjustability: Determine where you think you'll feed your baby. If you sit down at your table and want your baby nearby, then most of the stand-alone chairs should work. If you think you'll be standing while feeding your little one, then you may want a taller chair. In our tests, we like the taller options with adjustable heights. Alternatively, chairs like the Abiie Beyond High Chair, Keekaroo Height Right, and Stokke Tripp Trapp are great options for the table because they can easily push up to most tables at the right height, even counter height. Whatever your preference, be sure to check the chair's dimensions to ensure that it will work in your space and with your lifestyle.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp can easily be pushed up to the table to dine...
The Stokke Tripp Trapp can easily be pushed up to the table to dine together.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

  • Comfort Features: Some chairs don't offer padding but may provide an ergonomic sitting position. The chairs without fabric cushions are generally easier to keep clean. The Abiie Beyond has a waterproof and stain-resistant cushion you can remove and spray down easily.

Many snack trays, like the one from the Keekaroo shown here, are...
Many snack trays, like the one from the Keekaroo shown here, are dishwasher safe, but we recommend using warm soapy water to clean them by hand instead.
Credit: Jessica Stevenson

Ease of Cleaning

Babies are messy. Toddlers are messier. While comfort for your baby is important, comfort often results in more areas for food to collect. A few options, like the Keekaroo Height Right, have unique design features that eliminate the majority of crevices and provide ergonomic support. To our delight, chairs like the Peg Perego Siesta combines comfort with easy cleanability. Chairs should be easy to clean, especially as you'll be using them frequently. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a chair that is a breeze to clean:

  • Chair cushions: If it has a padded cushion, make sure the cover wipes clean. Chairs with removable, machine-washable seat cushions are even better. We recommend avoiding fabrics that attract stains or absorb liquids as they require more frequent deep cleaning.

Luckily, those sneaky food-collecting creases in the seat cushion...
Luckily, those sneaky food-collecting creases in the seat cushion were super easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Credit: Jessica Stevenson

  • Base: Larger bases will catch food and require frequent cleaning. Smaller bases or regular legs mean quicker chair clean-up.

  • Buckles: Buckles can collect food like crazy. This tendency to collect gunk is why buckles must have few nooks and crannies. Cleaning them is a lot easier when they don't require Q-tip attention.

There is much to love about skipping the need for dishes if you use...
There is much to love about skipping the need for dishes if you use the Infantino tray insert that acts as a dish and cup holder.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Some of the chairs have food trays with a snack tray "cover." For convenience, these tray covers are often top-rack dishwasher safe. However, we recommend washing plastic by hand to avoid potential chemical leaching and heat-related damage over time. We love the food tray on the Infantino Grow-with-Me as it has dividers for different food types and a cup holder, which could mean making fewer dirty dishes to clean later.


Quality is essential for a product your child sits in multiple times a day, several feet above the floor. The product quality can impact safety, and you'll want a chair that keeps your baby safe and secure during use.

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is very well made and does not scream...
Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is very well made and does not scream baby furniture.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Even if you purchase your chair online, we recommend trying to test it in person for yourself; shake it, push it across the floor, adjust the height, and recline, remove the seat cushion, play with the tray. Bring your baby to the store, put them, and take them out. Does it pinch, is it hard, will it be hard when your baby is bigger? This in-person experience can give you information on chair stability and the quality of the materials and construction. Buying from a retailer like Amazon allows you to return the chair if it doesn't meet your expectations or needs.

Footprint and Portability

The footprint and portability of a high chair refer to the size and how easy it is to move. It is not about whether a chair is suitable for travel. While only a few of the products have wheels, we think they aren't necessarily easier to move. Some things to keep in mind:

Footprint Size

The footprint is the floor space the chair occupies. If your kitchen is small, you'll want to pick a chair with a smaller footprint or one that folds.

The front wheels on the Infantino make it easier to move into the...
The front wheels on the Infantino make it easier to move into the best position for feeding and for storage, but it only works well on smooth surfaces as the wheels are too small for carpet or other flooring.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Moving your chair around via wheels may or may not be a priority, but wheels didn't always make something easier to move in our testing. Also, the brakes on the wheels weren't always effective or user-friendly. Wheels can potentially lead to unsupervised and unsafe "rides" around the house from older children, or the chair can shift when you put your baby in if you forget the brakes. Our favorite wheels are on the Peg Perego Siesta, which has an automatic brake lock with an easy press to set and release design. This method is more straightforward than flipping the tiny levers on competing wheels.

While this Graco can fold in half, it is still not narrow enough for...
While this Graco can fold in half, it is still not narrow enough for some spaces and you need to remove the tray when you fold it.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


You may need or want to store your chair out of the way. If you think this is a requirement, then you'll need one that folds. The Peg Perego Siesta folds fairly flat, as does the Graco Slim Snacker.

Additional Considerations

  • Easiest to get baby in and out - Do pudgy legs get stuck going in or out? Is it a struggle to locate the harness once your baby is in the chair? Does the baby slide around when you remove the tray? Do the brakes work?
  • Harnessing baby - Is the harness easy to operate? Can you adjust it with your baby in the seat? Does it have a three or five-point harness? Can it quickly unbuckle? What about with gunk stuck in the buckle?
  • Baby's comfort and positioning - Is the seat comfortable, or do you need to regularly reposition your child? Does the tray squish body parts or allow food to fall in the seat or on the floor? Is there enough legroom, and where is the footrest located?
  • Ease of use throughout your baby's development - Will the chair work for an infant and an older toddler?

Credit: Abriah Wofford


A high chair is typically thought of as must-have baby gear. While you can arguably skip this purchase with a laid-back lifestyle, it is hard to deny that a high chair can make life easier by creating a dedicated and safe space for your little one to eat. Because high chairs are traditionally used for 2-3 years and potentially through multiple children, it's a decision we think you should give thoughtful consideration. No matter your specific dining needs or goals, there is a useful, safe, functional (and potentially stylish) high chair for you in this roundup of top products.

Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz