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Last Update: Monday September 14, 2020

Help Us Create the World's Best Baby Product Reviews

We're a start-up internet company with a bold mission to create the world's best baby product reviews.To get a sense of the kinds of reviews we create and publish, please look at our website. Our recent reviews, such as our Best Stroller Review will give you a sense of the level of detail and depth for which we strive. You can also read about our company philosophy here on our About BabyGearLab page.

Product Testers

We're always looking for local Moms or Dads with a 0-2 year old baby who are interested in helping us test and evaluate baby products. As a product tester we'll provide you with one or more products to try out. We'll provide you with a rating form to record your notes and feedback from using products. Product testing doesn't take a lot of extra time, as you can just cycle through products in your normal day-to-day experience with your baby, jotting down notes as you do so.

At the end of the test, you'll return the product to us so we can complete the review. We expect product testers to take some photos that show the product in use, and highlight key details, that we can incorporate in our published reviews. Your testing feedback will be combined with that of other testers to help with our final review. Compensation for product testing varies depending on the complexity of the product category, ranging from $40-$100 per product tested.

If you are interested in becoming a BabyGearLab product tester, please send your resume and tell us a bit about yourself to:


Our ideal reviewer is a Mom or Dad with a baby 0-1 years old, who has strong writing and analytical skills, and uses online reviews extensively themselves.

The general scope of work involves testing all the products we select for a category (like baby bottles, or diaper bags), rating each, the creating a detailed written review of each product (note that unlike a lot of other websites, we don't review just one product, but rather have a reviewer take on the entire category and test all products side-by-side). You will use and test each product, with a critical eye on scoring each on 4 to 6 rating criteria. We'll provide you the products to test and a set of rating metrics each product should be evaluated on.

Your job is to familiarize yourself with the category as a whole as well as each product, research existing user-reviews on each, rate each product on the category metrics, take photos/videos of the products in-use with your baby, help select the award winners, write up the review for each product, write the best-in-class award overview review, write the buying advice article, and write a description of how we test. Compensation varies depending on each category's complexity, ranging from $100-$200 for each product tested, plus $400 for the best-in-class review/buying-advice/how-we-test articles. Bottom line is that for a simpler category such as baby bottles or baby carriers, assuming 10 products to test, the compensation for the entire category would be $1,700. For a complex category, or one with more products to test, the compensation for the entire category might exceed $2,500.

Our reviewers work as independent contractors out of their own homes on a part-time basis.

If you are interested in applying to become a reviewer for BabyGearLab, please send your resume and examples of your writing to: