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Best Babyproofing Supplies of 2022

We tested babyproofing supplies from PandaEar, Inaya, and more to find the best combination to keep your home safe
Best Babyproofing Supplies of 2022
Tuesday May 10, 2022
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Is your little one a daredevil opening every cabinet and door in your home? We tested 9 of the most popular babyproofing kits on the market to find the best options for whole-home and individual rooms that work well and are budget-friendly. Finding an excellent babyproofing kit could be the next move on your list. Don't wait until your little one is crawling and exploring; babyproof now to stay ahead of the game. After months of research and hands-on testing, we think we've found a solution for every family and need, no matter what your budget might be.

Before your little one starts to move and explore, you should outfit your home with basic childproofing and other safety equipment designed to keep little ones out of harm's way. We've tested cabinet locks, edge guards, baby gates, and more to find the best options for keeping little ones safe.

Editor's Note: We updated this childproofing review with a look at current pricing and product availability on May 9, 2022.

Best Overall Kit

PandaEar Safety Proofing Kit

Number of items: 62 | Type: Kit
Good value
Easy to install all pieces
Magnetic locks
Outlet covers pull out easily
Adhesive will leave marks

The PandaEar Safety Proofing Kit is our favorite all-around babyproofing kit and also happens to be the best value out of all the kits we tested. The 62 piece set has enough items to outfit the main rooms of a small home, with six cabinet straps, ten magnetic cabinet locks, and a plethora of outlet covers and corner protectors. We like that this kit includes invisible magnetic locks rather than the older style of spring locks, and the corner guards are clear, so you can inconspicuously create a safe environment. As a bonus, you can switch the magnetic closure on and off to have better accessibility while your baby is away. All components have adhesive tape for installs, which prevents any damage to your furniture from a hard install.

The downside to the sticky adhesive in this babyproofing kit is that it often leaves marks when you take it off; however, we feel that this is still a better option than putting a hole in your furniture. The outlet covers included in this kit are thick plastic, making them more durable and better for the long term. A small notch makes them easy to pull out of the socket. However, this also means that toddlers can probably figure it out as well. If your home is more extensive, you may want to purchase a supplementary kit, but the PandaEar is a great place to start and might be all you need if your focus is on 2-3 rooms.

The PandaEar Safety Proofing Kit comes with a variety of devices to...
We like the subtlety of magnetic cabinet locks.

Favorite Magnet-free Locks

Inaya Child Proofing Kit

Number of items: 40 | Type: Kit
More corner guards than the competition
Lots of outlet covers
You can't get locked out
Pressure cabinet locks

The Inaya Child Proofing Kit comes with 40 items, including lots of corner guards for sharp corners, outlet covers, six strap locks, and eight pressure cabinet locks. The straps are easy to use and install, and the components all use adhesive installation. We think this kit is best for people who tend to lose things quickly. With the pressure release locks, there is no danger of getting locked out of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets when the key is nowhere in sight.

This babyproofing kit is on the smaller side for the price, and the components are just average compared to other contenders. While they have some advantages, the pressure cabinet and drawer locks have a somewhat dated design that can cause pinching and potential injuries. The door can open partway to expose the coil for pressing, allowing little hands to get trapped inside, unlike magnet locks. Overall, this is a good basic set and can work well for parents who don't want one more thing to keep track of.

The Inaya Child Proofing Kit has cabinet locks, outlet covers...
The Inaya Child Proofing Kit includes the pressure style cabinet...

Supplementary Kit

Family Care Baby Proofing Kit

Number of items: 10 | Type: Kit
Unobtrusive corner guards
Versatile straps
Pricey for what you get
Not enough of anything

The Family Care Baby Proofing Kit is the most limited package in the review, with only corner guards and straps rounding out the complete kit. We think this smaller option would be a good add-on for a home office or smaller room with only a few items to babyproof. While it can't deck out a kitchen or more ample space, it may be all you need to secure office furniture. The straps are adjustable and versatile, making them an excellent addition to other childproofing products. Family Care is also a good option if your chosen kit didn't quite do the job, and you still have a few more things to lock up.

As mentioned above, this is a smaller babyproofing kit, and it is barely enough to get you started or finish your childproofing needs. So we only recommend it if you already have most of your childproofing needs covered. Without supervision to promptly redirect them away from the straps, determined toddlers could also sort out the strap's slide mechanism . In general, this small and budget-friendly kit is a good choice for a single room with few needs.

The Family Care Baby Proofing Kit is the smallest and least diverse...
The straps included in the Family Care Baby Proofing Kit are good...

Favorite Overall Edge Guard

Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector

Number of items: 18ft & 8 corners | Type: Edge Guard
Includes edges and corners
Different colors available
Thicker foam
Uses adhesive attachment

The Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector is a simple edge and corner protection set. It includes 18 feet of foam edge guard and eight foam corner protectors. The foam has an adhesive backing that is easy to install and works well. It is available in 3 colors, and the foam is free of BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, latex, and SCCPs. We like that this product is doing one thing and doing it well.

Like all stick-on products, the adhesive in this babyproofing kit can fail if not used correctly or pulled aggressively over time. However, this is true of any edge protection guards as they all use an adhesive installation method. Overall, we like this edge guard, and corner protectors are easy to install and work well with no muss and no fuss.

The Roving Cove protector is a basic straight edge and corner...
The Roving Cove corner protectors are soft and thick enough to...

Best for Fireplace Hearth

KidKusion Hearth Cushion

Number of items: 9ft & 2 corners | Type: Edge Guard
Heavily Padded
Includes corners
Only 2 corners
Won't work on every surface

The KidKusion Hearth Cushion works best for hearth use, providing edge and corner protection around fireplaces. The foam with this kit has a double-sided adhesive Velcro backing and is crinkle-free, closed-cell. This foam is made in the USA and free of BPA, phthalates, latex, and noticeable odor. It comes in two colors, and the hearth-specific cushion has a semi-beveled edge that looks somewhat fancier than the rolled edge we see on most competing guards. The foam is easy to install and looks nice.

This edge protector is relatively thin compared to some of the competition, and it will only work in specific situations. We recommend measuring your space and checking your fireplace hearth for compatibility before purchasing to avoid disappointment. However, if it is the proper selection for your home, it is a good choice for making hearths a safer place for little ones to stumble.

The Hearth protector from Kid Kushions is designed specifically for...
The adhesive for the Kids Kushion has separate adhesive you apply to...

Best Clear Corner Protectors

CalMyotis Corner Protector

Number of items: 12 | Type: Edge Guard
Less noticeable
Easy to install
Hard to remove
Less cusion

The CalMyotis Corner Protector is a soft, clear, PVC corner protector. The pack contains no phthalates, BPA, chemicals, or added toxic fire retardants. Each corner includes a clear, pre-installed adhesive that works well and installs easily (you may need a hairdryer to heat the glue). We like the look of these unobtrusive corner guards and think they are an excellent choice for those who need them but aren't interested in the unsightly foam options.

These guards are thin and are not soft or squishy in the same way foam protectors traditionally are. So while you can avoid point-related injuries, it does not offer the same impact protection as a foam buffer. However, if aesthetics are your priority, these corner protectors have the potential to protect little ones from sharp corner-related injuries.

The adhesive component of the CalMyotis is separate from the clear...
The CalMyotis have an unobtrusive look that doesn't distract from...

Best Magnetic Locks

Vmaisi Magnetic Locks

Number of items: 20 | Type: Cabinet Lock
Key simplicity
Can turn off
Invisible from the outside
Can only be used on cabinets
Leaves holes if hard mounted
Key may get lost

The Vmaisi Magnetic Locks is a pack of magnetic locks that install adhesive or hard-mounted. This kit includes 20 locks and two magnet keys that work on drawers, cabinets, and some types of closet doors. Once installed, these locks are entirely invisible, so there is no unsightly lock on display. The keys work well, and installation comes with a guide to ensure it aligns properly. We like that you can turn off the magnet if you don't need the lock or need a reprieve. They worked well in most locations during testing. This set comes with good step-by-step directions and a template for easier installation.

The biggest issue with this babyproofing kit is the potential to lose the key required to open the lock. If you misplace the keys, there is no way to open the lock without ordering and waiting for a replacement key. Also, using the adhesive means it could fail if a determined toddler pulls hard enough. Overall, we love how easy these locks are to use and hidden from view and don't allow pinching. We recommend placing keys where they won't get lost and buying backups ahead of time just in case they do.

The locks are held in place with adhesive stickers.
Vmaisi Magnetic Locks come with 2 keys to easily open the magnets...

Budget Cabinet Lock

Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock

Number of items: 8 | Type: Child Lock
Sticker free
Travel friendly
Only works with handles or knobs
Difficult to use
Very noticeable

The Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock is a sliding lock that works on a double handle or knob design doors and cabinets. This gadget is a temporary option and leaves behind no holes or adhesive residue. The fastener comes in two parts, and they slide together to create the lock, and one end has a pinch release. It is plastic, lightweight, and suitable for travel or temporary use.

This lock is challenging to use and requires two hands to operate. Some testers felt it was frustrating to use and would prefer it as a temporary solution instead of something they have to deal with daily. This babyproofing kit also has limited uses as it only works for cabinets with knobs and or handles. Overall, we don't think this is the best solution for most applications, but we believe it is a great travel tool to help create a safer area for your baby when you aren't at home and can't set up a more permanent solution.

The Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock is suitable for any two...
To unlock the Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock you need to...

Best for Versatile Locations

Vkania Child Proof Kit

Number of items: 12 | Type: Cabinet Lock
Adhesive installation (no screws)
Challenging to unlock

The Vkania Child Proof Kit is a kit that includes strap locks and outlet covers. The outlet covers are plastic two-prong covers, and the straps are adhesive attachment straps suitable for cabinets, drawers, toilets, ovens, and more. These straps are super versatile and can keep trashcans and diaper pails closed to tiny explorers. Installation is quick and straightforward with adhesive backing, and they can be adjusted to fit various size needs. We found these to be useful in almost every room during testing.

These are not the most attractive locks as they are big and white and draw the eye. They are also somewhat challenging to unlock if you have trouble with finger dexterity. Like all adhesives, there is a chance this lock could fail with enough persistence from persistent toddlers. Overall, we love how many uses these locks have and think it is a budget-friendly choice for those with needs outside of only cabinets and drawers.

The Vkania straps can be used in a variety of locations where only...
The straps on the Vkania straps attach to the other side and can be...

We purchased and tested each kit in this review to determine which...
We purchased and tested each kit in this review to determine which options were the best and most useful on the market.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Why You Should Trust Us

Bob Wofford, a Senior Review Analyst and dad to 7, researched and led the babyproofing kit review. Bob has been testing baby gear for more than seven years, conducting testing in various categories from strollers to car seats. We chose the babyproofing kits with safety and variety in mind. We tested them for how easy they are to install, how effectively they work, and how much ground they can cover in the typical home. Senior Review Editor Wendy Schmitz completes the babyproofing team undertaking the test analysis and write up.

Flexible cabinet locks like the ones found in the PandaEar kit are...
Clear corner guards offer protection from sharp corners without...

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased and tested 9 of the most popular babyproofing kits for testing. We assessed each kit for ease of installation, how much the kit can cover, and how well the components work.

Safety First
Childproofing is a crucial component of babyhood. However, no childproofing product is 100% effective. As with all childproofing products, we believe you should use caution and continue to monitor little ones regularly to avoid accidental proofing failures that could lead to accidental injuries. We recommend viewing childproofing gear as a stop-gap that buys you time instead of final solutions that never fail.

This is an example of the magnet lock key you place on the outside...
This is an example of the magnet lock key you place on the outside of the cabinet door or drawer to release the hidden magnet lock o the opposite side.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Basics of Babyproofing

Childproofing needs may change as your baby grows. This childproofing checklist by age can help you build a timeline for your growing baby. A good starting point is to get on your baby's level… literally. Viewing your home from a different perspective can reveal safety hazards that you never noticed before and allow you to think proactively.

Best Practices

Before purchasing babyproofing supplies, keeping your baby safe starts with good habits. As a first step, try to store hazardous or poisonous substances such as cleaning supplies and medication in a high, difficult-to-reach place rather than locking cabinets that are directly in your baby's line of sight. Ensure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are in working order and always have a fully stocked first aid kit in your home. Curious babies and toddlers will put almost everything in their mouths, so check all plants in your home to make sure they are not poisonous when ingested. If you would like to learn more about potentially toxic substances that are common in most households, the Poison Control Center has helpful information on how to store items and what to do if your baby gets into anything suspicious.

Outlet covers are one of the most common, and possibly the most...
Outlet covers are one of the most common, and possibly the most important, components in any babyproofing kit.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

What Supplies Do I need?

So you're ready to start covering outlets and locking cabinets! A general babyproofing kit like PandaEar Safety Proofing Kit will provide you with an excellent base to start. From there, evaluate your home - you don't need everything on this list. Do you have an extra-large kitchen? You might need more cabinet locks than come in a kit. Do you have a fireplace? KidKusion Hearth Cushion could be a wise supplementary purchase. You may also want to consider how many rooms your baby has access to. Where do you spend the most time? These rooms should be the most protected. If you spend a lot of time on the road or frequently visit family or friends, reusable cabinet locks like Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Locks can come in handy. If you have a multilevel home, a baby gate is essential for older babies and toddlers who are becoming more mobile but have not yet mastered stairs.

Other Considerations

Final deciding factors include ease of use and efficacy. The ideal babyproofing gear is easy for adults to install and operate but not so easy to use that a toddler can figure it out.

Some of the strap locks are almost too easy to release as they slide...
Some of the strap locks are almost too easy to release as they slide forward and could potentially be figured out by curious toddlers.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

Most of the kits include easy-to-use items, some almost too easy, and could be sussed out by a curious toddler. However, some designs are easier to install and use than others. With modern adhesive technology, we think it is easiest and yet still effective to skip the hardware-mounted devices in favor of adhesive. Hardware mounting takes installation effort to a new level and requires tools making them less user-friendly.

Outlet covers that require keys are harder to remove for parents and...
Outlet covers that require keys are harder to remove for parents and kids and keeping keys nearby could be challenging depending on how many covers and keys you have.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Another factor is the outlet covers that require a key to remove. All outlet covers work well in our experience, and all are hard to remove, even for an adult. We aren't sure what benefit the key provides other than having assistance with removal, but keeping the key nearby and within reach during testing seemed like a hassle. No matter how hard you try, you can't keep a single key near all covers, and if you lose the key, it is hard to remove the cover. We have tested styles like this in the past but feel that this design is flawed and, at best, just a pain, so we do not recommend them.

We prefer the magnet locks to the pressure design or external strap locks in many of the kits for cabinet locks. The magnet locks are out of sight out of mind for little ones, and while they require a key to unlock, it is easier to keep the key in the kitchen for all locks than it is to keep an outlet key in every room with an outlet when the kits only provide one. We also like that the magnets don't allow the cabinet or drawer to open at all. The pressure locks enable the doors to open enough to fit a finger inside to press the top of the latch to disengage and open the door. This design means little ones can often fit their hand inside the cabinet or drawer, and it can pinch or shut on them as it won't open further. The PandaEar Safety Proofing Kit includes ten magnet locks and two keys that might cover an entire kitchen depending on size and cabinet contents. The Inaya Child Proofing Kit includes eight pressure locks.

Strap locks can be very useful given their versatility, but some are...
Strap locks can be very useful given their versatility, but some are easier to open than others and because they aren't hidden from view little ones will want to try their hand at opening them.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

While strap locks are functional, versatile, and work well in situations where other styles don't, we don't like them for drawer or cabinet locks as children love to play with them. Many are relatively easy to open, given time and patience. If you need a toilet or trash can lock, these are the way to go, but they wouldn't be our top pick for locations that work with a magnet lock that, in our opinion, is both easier and more effective.

While not as cushioned as their foam counterparts, clear corner...
While not as cushioned as their foam counterparts, clear corner guards still offer some protection against point injuries.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


While any childproofing gear can appear to be effective on first blush, trust us, until a toddler gets their hands on it, you'll never really know. In our experience, some little ones will accept the slightest inconvenience as a giant bump in the road, and they will go no further and accept that they shall not pass this point. However, other toddlers will see every obstacle as a challenge, and you can almost hear them saying, "Hold my bottle, I got this…" This second kind of toddler will sort out every babyproofing obstacle you put in place, and you'll soon find yourself with a master Houdini on your hands that you can't stop no matter what you try.

In our experience, the doorknob covers are better at stopping...
In our experience, the doorknob covers are better at stopping parents than toddlers and even if they work at first will eventually become useless.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

As parents, we've wrestled with childproof doorknob covers to the point of high frustration only to have an 18-month-old casually open the same door as if the cover didn't exist. The point? No matter how well protected you think you've made your home, depending on your child, it can all fail if given enough time and motivation.

Therefore, we recommend you check your gear frequently to ensure the adhesive is still in place, the corners are securely snug, you can't pull the cabinet locks open or pinch them shut, and all straps are a struggle to take off. While we did not experience any product failures during testing, we can see how some products could fail over time, given an obstinate and savvy toddler looking for adventure.

Potential Hazards
Babies traditionally find small or unique items intriguing. This interest means they might gravitate towards new or novel items like corner guards or outlet covers. This may be even more relevant if your baby or toddler is overly interested in solving the "undo puzzle" of any childproofing gear. We strongly suggest replacing any damaged or dysfunctional items to avoid potential hazards or failures related to design or child manipulation. We believe adult supervision is crucial for little ones, even if you have childproof components properly in place.

Some straps are easier to use than others and while they need to...
Some straps are easier to use than others and while they need to stop curious toddlers they also need to be easy enough for adults to use the bathroom.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Also, keep in mind that you don't want gear that is so hard to use that even you can't manage it when you need to. A toilet lock strap you can't open quickly enough could lead to trouble for everyone!

We prefer the simple press in place outlet covers to those that...
We prefer the simple press in place outlet covers to those that require a key to remove.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


After significant research and testing, we don't think there is a one-and-done child-proofing solution for every home. Depending on your needs or your home's size, you may want to purchase multiple kits or products to get the job done. Alternatively, you may find that a straightforward kit is all you need with leftovers. We suspect that while one or more of the kits in this review might work in your home, you'll likely need to add on one or more other products, so be ready. This review helps provide the information you'll need to find the best kits for you and your family.

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