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Best Babyproofing Kit

Credit: Abriah Wofford
By Wendy Schmitz and the BabyGearLab Review Team
Thursday May 20, 2021
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Is your little one a daredevil opening every cabinet and door in your home? Finding a great babyproofing kit could be the next move on your list. Don't wait until your little one is crawling and exploring; babyproof now to keep ahead of the game. We tested 8 of the most popular babyproofing kits on the market to find the best options for whole-home and individual rooms that work well and are budget-friendly. After months of research and hands-on testing, we think we've found a solution for every family and need, no matter what your budget might be.


Best Overall Kit

Babee Base Baby Proofing Set

Number of items: 54 | Type: Cabinet lock/Straps/Outlet Cover/Corner Protector
Multiple types
Lots of items
Not enough for a whole home
Key outlet covers

The Babee Base Baby Proofing Set is a large babyproofing kit with various useful gadgets for keeping little ones safer. This set includes cabinet locks, strap locks, outlet covers, and corner protectors. We love the 8 magnetic cabinet locks and two keys you get with this set, and while it may not be enough to outfit a larger kitchen, it will get you started or work for the select cabinets and drawers where dangerous things are housed. It also sports 6 straps that work well for keeping the oven door and trash can lid closed with a versatile style that you can use almost anywhere. The included corner protectors are clear and unobtrusive, which is a bonus, and there are two kinds of outlet covers.

The straps are an easier snap-on/off style that savvy toddlers might figure out given enough alone time, so you'll want to keep an eye on them as they age or get stronger. Also, we aren't huge fans of the outlet covers that require a key to remove. Sure, they may be harder for your toddler to remove, but it's inconvenient to find the key when you want to plug in your vacuum. Overall, we like what this kit offers and feel it is a good jumping-off spot that will secure some things and identify where you'll need additional protection.

The Babee Base Baby includes a useful variety of items including...
The Babee Base Baby includes strap locks that are somewhat easier to...


Budget-Friendly Kit

Safety 1st Safety Essentials Kit

Number of items: 46 | Type: Doorknob Covers/Outlet Covers/Cabinet Locks
Less sophisticated
Plastic feels brittle

The Safety 1st Safety Essentials Kit is a smaller but affordable babyproofing kit that can get you started before your baby really gets a move on. This kit includes doorknob covers, outlet covers, and pressure cabinet locks. This option has a friendly price, which makes it a quick budget solution for some families.

This kit has 46 parts, but be aware it is mostly outlet covers with only a handful of cabinet locks and two doorknob covers. The parts are somewhat dated and lack the sophistication and design of more modern gadgets like pressure cabinet locks over the easier-to-use magnet cabinet locks. The cabinet locks also require hardware mounting, which could be a deal-breaker for renters or those who don't want permanent holes in their cabinets. While this kit lacks some ease of use of the competition, it could fit the bill nicely if your needs or budget are small.

The Safety 1st Safety Essentials Kit only has three different types...
The cabinet and drawer locks on the Safety 1st Safety Essentials Kit...


Best for Living Room Kit

Baby Defence Complete Home Baby Proofing Kit

Number of items: 50 | Type: Cabinet Lock/Safety Latch/Door Guard/More
Lots of stuff
Not enough of any one item

The Baby Defence Complete Home Baby Proofing Kit is a big kit with lots of variety to meet almost any babyproofing need we can think of. This kit is unique in this lineup as the only option that includes anti-tilt straps. We love these easy-to-install straps that keep little ones safe from falling TVs and bookshelves. While this set only comes with 2, it is better than none. It also includes 3 different cabinet locks, including longer straps for toilet lids or oven doors. You'll find edge and corner protection, outlet covers, and more in this kit that has a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. This all-inclusive kit is a great way to determine where you still have needs, including locations maybe you haven't thought of, like window and door locks and anti-pinch locks for the interior doors.

While you will find lots of stuff in this kit, it's almost not enough of any one thing to truly get the job done. If you hope for this to do your whole house, it definitely won't. Also, it might not be the best option if your goal is outfitting your kitchen, as it doesn't include some key components you'd need in that space. Overall, we think this is a great kit for a living room where you'll need to secure heavy items and protect little ones from sharp coffee table edges and corners.

This Baby Defence Complete Home kit has all sorts of things but not...
The Baby Defence Complete Home kit includes door pinch and closure...


Best for Kitchen Add-on

YourBaby Baby Proofing Kit

Number of items: 59 | Type: Corner Guard/Knob Cover/Straps/Toilet Lock/Door Knob
Lots of goodies
Multiples of everything
Not enough cabinet locks
No magnet locks

The YourBaby Baby Proofing Kit is a great choice for kitting out your kitchen. It is the only option in our lineup that includes knob covers for your stove. This kind of protection can be critical if you have low forward-facing knobs little ones can reach. It also has corner guards, toilet straps, outlet covers, safety straps, and door bumpers.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, this kit may not be all you need. It also doesn't include traditional cabinet locks inside the cabinet; it only has strap locks. The straps might also be operational by kids given enough time to sort out the puzzle slide feature. In general, we think this is a great option for starting your kitchen protection journey. Depending on your needs, it could be all you need for your kitchen space.

The YourBaby Baby Proofing Kit might be a good kitchen add-on with...
The YourBaby Baby Proofing Kit is the only kit in this review that...

Fun Kitchen Exploration
While many things in the kitchen can be harmful and damaging to little ones and should be locked away, it is natural for babies and toddlers to want to explore. We suggest keeping a few cabinets or draws accessible to little ones with safe but interesting items inside. Contents like plastic food storage containers or pots and silicone utensils can be fun and engaging for kids as they learn about life.


Great for Home Office Protection

Family Care Baby Proofing Kit

Number of items: 10 | Type: Straps/Corner Guards
Unobtrusive corner guards
Versatile straps
Pricey for what you get
Not enough of anything

The Family Care Baby Proofing Kit is the smallest kit in the review, with only corner guards and straps rounding out the complete kit. We think this smaller option would be a good add-on for a home office or smaller room with few items to babyproof. While it can't deck out a kitchen or larger space, it may be all you need to secure office furniture. The straps are adjustable and versatile, making them a good addition to other childproofing products,

This is a small kit, and it is barely enough to get you started or finish your childproofing needs. So be ready to buy additional products. Determined toddlers could also sort out the straps' slide mechanism without supervision to redirect them away from the straps promptly. In general, this small and budget-friendly kit is a good choice for a single room with few needs.

The Family Care Baby Proofing Kit is the smallest and least diverse...
The straps included in the Family Care Baby Proofing Kit are good...


Smaller Kitchen Option

Babylyzz Baby Proofing Kit

Number of items: 37 | Type: Corner Guards/Cabinet Locks/Straps/Oulet Covers
Magnetic locks
3 Keys
Not a lot of anything

The Babylyzz Baby Proofing Kit is one of the smaller-sized kits in this lineup. It contains 10 magnet cabinet locks, 10 outlet covers (for 5 outlets), 10 corner guards, and 4 strap locks. Magnetic locks are our favorite, and straps are versatile, working on everything from toilets to trash cans and more. This combination of options makes this kit versatile enough for a variety of uses.

Unfortunately, this kit doesn't have enough of anything to be a whole-home solution unless you reorganize your home to get dangerous to safer locations. It lacks protection for a variety of situations, and the goods it offers aren't enough. While it has some nicer gadgets, there are sets with more items that cost about the same.
The Babylyzz Baby Proofing Kit comes with a good variety of proofing...
We prefer the magnet cabinet locks like those found in the Babylyzz...


Something for Every Room

Sikoimate Baby Proofing Kit

Number of items: 43 | Type: Cabinet Locks/Corner Protectors/Outlet Covers/ Straps
Magnet locks
Unobtrusive corner protection
Straps too easy to open
Keyed outlet covers

The Sikoimate Baby Proofing Kit has a little bit of everything, much like a combo appetizer plate on a Friday night. While this pack has 43 items, the vast majority are corner protectors making it a good choice for a room with many sharp corners. It also contains 8 magnet cabinet locks, 6 strap locks, and a handful of outlet covers, half of which require a key to open (good for curious older toddlers).

While this kit has a smattering of several item types, it doesn't include enough products to cover any room completely. IN fairness, this is true of most of the competition. If your kitchen is small, 8 cabinet locks might work, but the smaller number of outlet covers could leave areas unprotected. Also, keyed outlet covers aren't our favorite as they are challenging to remove, and keeping the key nearby and handy is a chore. Overall, this kit is nothing to sneeze at, and we like the magnet cabinet lock. However, some kits offer more for about the same price, making them a better value with more protection.

While the Sikoimate Baby Proofing Kit has a few types of proofing...
The Sikoimate Baby Proofing Kit includes outlet covers that require...


Several Items but Sort of Spendy

Inaya Child Proofing Kit

Number of items: 40 | Type: Cabinet Locks/Outlet Covers/Straps/Corner Guards
More corner guards than the competition
Lots of outlet covers
Pressure cabinet locks

The Inaya Child Proofing Kit comes with 40 items, including lots of corner guards for sharp corners and outlet covers, as well as 6 strap locks and 8 pressure cabinet locks. The straps are easy to use and install, and the components all use adhesive installation.

This set is on the smaller side for the price, and the components aren't as nice as some of the other contenders. The pressure cabinet and drawer locks are a somewhat dated design that can result in pinching and potential injuries as the door can open partway to expose the lock for pressing, which allows little hands to get trapped inside, unlike magnet locks. Overall, this is a basic set, but it is limited, and we prefer the style of other locks.

The Inaya Child Proofing Kit has cabinet locks, outlet covers...
The Inaya Child Proofing Kit includes the pressure style cabinet...


Dated Designs that Aren't as Useful

Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety Kit

Number of items: 46 | Type: Outlet Covers/Door Knob Cover/Cabinet Lock/Straps/Sliding Lock
Lots of outlet covers
Outdated designs
Easy to open door knob covers

The Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety Kit sounds like a large kit for the price. It includes outlet covers, doorknob covers, and a few different types of locks. However, most parts in the 46 piece set are outlet covers, and the remaining components' designs are dated or less functional than other kits in this review. For instance, the cabinet locks are pressure locks instead of the easier-to-use magnet locks your baby can't see, and the doorknob covers might thwart an adult, but in our experience, most toddlers figure them out in under ten seconds flat. Even the strap locks in this set are easier to pull off and disconnect than competing straps, leaving us suspicious that little ones won't be hindered by them much. Overall, we think there are better kits that include easier to use and more effective items than this option.

We didn't find the components in the  Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety...
The  Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety Kit includes hardware mounted...

We purchased and tested each kit in this review to determine which...
We purchased and tested each kit in this review to determine which options were the best and most useful on the market.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Why You Should Trust Us

Bob Wofford, a Senior Review Analyst and dad to 7, researched and led the babyproofing kit review. Bob has been testing baby gear for more than 7 years leading various categories from strollers to car seats. We chose the babyproofing kits with safety and variety in mind. We tested them for how easy they are to install, how effectively they work, and how much ground they can cover in the typical home. Senior Review Editor Wendy Schmitz completes the babyproofing team undertaking the test analysis and write up.

Some of the kits include door locks that work with handles or pulls...
Slide locks like this one found in the  Dreambaby 46 Piece Home...

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased and tested 9 of the most popular babyproofing kits for testing. We assessed each kit for ease of installation, how much the kit can cover, and how well the components work.

Safety First
Childproofing is a crucial component of babyhood. However, no childproofing product is 100% effective. As with all childproofing products, we believe you should use caution and continue to monitor little ones regularly to avoid accidental proofing failures that could lead to accidental injuries. We recommend viewing childproofing gear as a stop-gap that buys you time instead of final solutions that never fail.

This is an example of the magnet lock key you place on the outside...
This is an example of the magnet lock key you place on the outside of the cabinet door or drawer to release the hidden magnet lock o the opposite side.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

Most of the kits include easy-to-use items, some almost too easy, and could be sussed out by a curious toddler. However, some designs are easier to install and use than others. With modern adhesive technology, we think it is easiest and yet still effective to skip the hardware-mounted devices in favor of adhesive. The Safety 1st kit includes screws for the cabinet locks. The Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety Kit also requires the use of permanent holes and screws. This design takes installation effort to a new level and requires tools making them less user-friendly.

Outlet covers that require keys are harder to remove for parents and...
Outlet covers that require keys are harder to remove for parents and kids and keeping keys nearby could be challenging depending on how many covers and keys you have.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Another factor is the outlet covers that require a key to remove. All outlet covers work well in our experience and are hard to remove, even for an adult. We aren't sure what benefit the key provides other than having assistance with removal, but it seemed like a hassle to keep the key nearby and within reach during testing. No matter how hard you try, you can't keep a single key near all covers, and if you lose the key, it is hard to remove the cover. This design is a flaw in our opinion and, at best, just a pain.

We prefer the magnet locks to the pressure design or external strap locks in many of the kits for cabinet locks. The magnet locks are out of sight out of mind for little ones, and while they require a key to unlock, it is easier to keep the key in the kitchen for all locks than it is to keep an outlet key in every room you have an outlet when the kits only provide one. We also like that the magnets don't allow the cabinet or drawer to open at all. The pressure locks allow the doors to open enough to fit a finger inside to press the top of the lock to disengage and open the door. This design means little ones can often fit their hand inside the cabinet or drawer, and it can pinch or shut on them as it won't open further. The Babee Base Baby Proofing Set includes 8 magnet locks and 2 keys that might cover an entire kitchen depending on size and cabinet contents. The Inaya Child Proofing Kit, Safety 1st, and Dreambaby include pressure locks.

Strap locks can be very useful given their versatility, but some are...
Strap locks can be very useful given their versatility, but some are easier to open than others and because they aren't hidden from view little ones will want to try their hand at opening them.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

While strap locks are useful, versatile, and work well in situations where other locks don't, we don't like them for drawer or cabinet locks as children are drawn to playing with them. Many are fairly easy to open given time and patience. If you need a toilet or trash can lock, these are the way to go, but they wouldn't be our top pick for locations that work with a magnet lock that, in our opinion, is both easier and more effective.

The YourBaby Baby Proofing Kit includes a toilet lock preventing...
The YourBaby Baby Proofing Kit includes a toilet lock preventing accidental opening of the toilet.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


While some of these kits boast rather large numbers of gadgets, we caution you to really look at what they have to offer and assess your home situation before buying. More isn't always better if it includes a bunch of stuff you'll never use. The Inaya Child Proofing Kit boasts many items, but close investigation reveals mostly outlet covers and corner protectors. This might be a good choice for a living room where coffee tables and outlets for electronics will be in higher supply, but it may not have enough cabinet locks or straps to get the job done for a kitchen.

Overall, we think it is unlikely that any single kit will solve all your childproofing needs. It is best to assess each room in your home, looking for what specific needs you should address. How many cabinets and drawers do you need to lock? How many can stay open for exploration? How many outlets are low to the ground versus at countertop height? Is there a need for a more versatile strap for lids and doors that need locks but cabinet locks won't suffice? Once you've assessed your room needs, you can review which kit will best help you reach your proofing goals. You may need several kits or more than one of the same kit, so be open to several purchases to get the job done with adequate coverage. The smallest kit in the group is the Family Care that only includes straps and corner guards. This kit is unlikely to work for kitchens or bathrooms and is best viewed as an add-on kit instead of a standalone choice. Alternatively, the Babee Base Baby Proofing Set and Baby Defence Complete Home Baby Proofing Kit offer the most in number and versatility of items so that depending on your home's size and your needs, one or the other could potentially be all you need.

Some of the strap locks are almost too easy to release as they slide...
Some of the strap locks are almost too easy to release as they slide forward and could potentially be figured out by curious toddlers.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


While any childproofing gear can appear to be effective on first blush, trust us, until a toddler gets their hands on it, you'll never really know. In our experience, some little ones will accept the smallest inconvenience as a giant bump in the road, and they will go no further and accept that they shall not pass this point. However, other toddlers will see every obstacle as a challenge, and you can almost hear them saying, "Hold my bottle, I got this…" This second kind of toddler will sort out every babyproofing obstacle you put in place, and you'll soon find yourself with a master Houdini on your hands that you can't stop no matter what you try.

In our experience, the doorknob covers are better at stopping...
In our experience, the doorknob covers are better at stopping parents than toddlers and even if they work at first will eventually become useless.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

As parents, we've wrestled with childproof doorknob covers to the point of high frustration only to have an 18-month-old casually open the same door as if the cover didn't exist. The point? No matter how well protected you think you've made your home, depending on your child, it can all fail if given enough time and motivation.

Therefore, we recommend you check your gear frequently to ensure the adhesive is still in place, the corners are securely snug, the cabinet locks can't be pulled open or pinched shut, and all straps are a struggle to take off. While we did not experience any product failures during testing, we can see how some products could fail over time, given an obstinate and savvy toddler looking for adventure.

Potential Hazards
Babies traditionally find small or unique items intriguing. This means they might be drawn to new or novel items like corner guards or outlet covers. If your baby or toddler is overly interested in any childproofing gear, including picking at parts or solving the "undo puzzle," we strongly suggest you replace any damaged or dysfunctional gear to avoid potential hazards or failures related to design or child manipulation. We believe adult supervision is crucial for little ones, even if you have childproof components properly in place.

Some straps are easier to use than others and while they need to...
Some straps are easier to use than others and while they need to stop curious toddlers they also need to be easy enough for adults to use the bathroom.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Also, keep in mind that you don't want gear that is so hard to use that even you can't manage it when you need to. A toilet lock strap you can't open quickly enough could lead to trouble for everyone!

We prefer the simple press in place outlet covers to those that...
We prefer the simple press in place outlet covers to those that require a key to remove.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


After significant research and testing, we don't think there is a one-and-done option for every home. Depending on your needs or your home's size, you may want to purchase multiple kits or products to get the job done. Alternatively, you may find that one simple kit is all you need with leftovers. We suspect that while one or more of the kits in this review might work in your home, you'll likely need to add on one or more other products, so be ready. This review helps provide the information you'll need to find the right starter kit for you and your family.

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