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Best Cabinet Locks

The Vmaisi Magnetic Locks can be turned off by moving the lever on the...
Credit: Abriah Wofford
By Wendy Schmitz and BabyGearLab Review Team
Tuesday May 18, 2021
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Finding a great cabinet lock doesn't have to be a trial and error experience. Using our extensive review of the top 10 options available today, you can discover which products are the best for your situation before you buy. If your little one is starting to crawl, then it's time to up your childproofing game with cabinet locks and this review is what you need for the details on how each option installs, how easy they are to use, and whether or not they keep little ones from opening the things they shouldn't. We believe there is something for everyone and every budget in this lineup of great options.


Best Overall Cabinet Locks

Vmaisi Magnetic Locks

Style: Magnetic | Travel: No
Key simplicity
Can turn off
Potential to lose key
Leaves holes if hard-mounted

The Vmaisi Magnetic Locks is a pack of magnetic locks that install adhesive or hard-mounted. This kit includes 20 locks and 2 magnet keys and can be used on drawers, cabinets, and some types of closet doors. These locks are totally concealed, so there is no unsightly lock on display. The keys work well, and installation comes with a guide to ensure it aligns properly. We like that you can turn off the magnet if you don't need the lock or need a reprieve. They worked well in most locations during testing. This set comes with good step-by-step directions and a template for easier installation.

The biggest issue is the potential to accidentally lose the key required to open the lock. If you misplace the keys, there is no way to open the lock without order and waiting for a replacement key. Also, using the adhesive means it could fail if a determined toddler pulls hard enough. Overall, we love how easy these locks are to use and hidden from view and don't allow pinching. We recommend placing keys where they won't get lost and buying backups ahead of time just in case they do.

The locks are held in place with adhesive stickers.
Vmaisi Magnetic Locks come with 2 keys to easily open the magnets...


Best Budget-friendly Locks

HoneyBull Magnetic Locks

Style: Magnetic | Travel: No
Easy to use
Can turn off
Potential for lost keys
Adhesive can fail

The HoneyBull Magnetic Locks are budget-friendly magnet locks for cabinets and drawers. The locks come in a set of 14 locks and 2 keys. The locks are adhesive installation and come with a template for easier installation alignment. We like that these locks can be turned off when not needed, and you can remove the adhesive with no lasting impact on the location. Magnet locks prevent potential pinching injury, and we had no difficulties during testing.

The adhesive on these locks, like all adhesive, can fail, which could provide access to areas baby should be. There is also the chance you could misplace the keys, which would result in no access to the cabinet for anyone. We recommend keeping backup keys in a designated safe location to avoid cabinet downtime. Overall, if you need magnet locks and are ready to keep track of keys, this is a good option on a budget.

Like other magnetic locks, HoneyBull Magnetic Locks can be turned...
The cabinet box is where you place the latch of the HoneyBull...


Great for Travel or Temporary Use

Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock

Style: Sliding | Travel: Yes
Frustrating design
Limited uses

The Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock is a sliding lock that works on a double handle or knob design doors and cabinets. This lock is a temporary option and leaves behind no holes or adhesive residue. The lock comes in two parts, and they slide together to create the lock, and one end has a pinch release. It is plastic, lightweight, and good for travel.

This lock is challenging to use and requires two hands to operate. Some testers felt it was frustrating to use and would prefer it as a temporary solution instead of something they have to deal with daily. It also has limited uses as it only works for cabinets with knobs and or handles. Overall, we don't think this is a great overall solution for most applications, but we think it is a great travel tool to help create a safer area for your baby when you aren't at home and can't set up a more permanent solution.

The Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock is suitable for any two...
To unlock the Skyla Homes - Multi-Purpose Child Lock you need to...


Best for Versatile Locations

Vkania Child Proof Kit

Style: Strap | Travel: Maybe
Versatile uses
Adhesive installation
Toddlers might solve it

The Vkania Child Proof Kit is a kit of strap locks and outlet covers. The outlet covers are plastic two-prong covers, and the straps are adhesive attachment straps good for cabinets, drawers, toilets, ovens, and more. These straps are super versatile and can keep trashcans and diaper pails closed to tiny explorers. Installation is quick and simple with adhesive backing, and they can be adjusted to fit various size needs. In our tests, we found these to be useful in almost every room.

These are not the most attractive locks as they are big and white and draw the eye. They are also somewhat challenging to unlock if you have any finger dexterity trouble. Like all adhesive, there is a chance this lock could fail with enough persistence from persistent toddlers. Overall, we love how many uses these locks have and think it is a budget-friendly choice for those who have needs outside of only cabinets and drawers.

The Vkania straps can be used in a variety of locations where only...
The straps on the Vkania straps attach to the other side and can be...


Best for Keeping it Sylish

Heoath Baby Proofing Latches

Style: External Latch | Travel: No
Simple design
Adhesive can fail
Limited use

The Heoath Baby Proofing Latches are adhesive latches that work on any location with two sides of equal height, but mostly cabinet doors. They are black and somewhat stylish, blending in with some decor and looking less like babyproofing that stark white locks. We like the quick adhesive attachment and think the design is one many parents will appreciate for looks and convenience.

As with any adhesive product, the stickiness can fail, so you'll want to avoid leaving littles alone for too long. It is also not a one-and-done solution as it has a very particular niche and won't work for all your needs. We love the look and feel of these locks, and while they will only work in some situations, we think parents concerned with style will appreciate what these latches bring to the table.

The Heoath Baby Proofing Latches are stylish and nice-looking for an...
The side of the Heoath Baby Proofing Latches unlocks with a squeeze...


No Tools Required Strap

Betertek Adhesive Safety Latches

Style: Strap | Travel: Maybe
Easy to install
Versatile uses
Adhesive can fail

The Betertek Adhesive Safety Latches are plastic straps that can be used in various locations. These straps are somewhat adjustable and install with adhesive on each end. The straps are simple to install and work well. During testing, we liked that they can work in so many places and parents enjoyed the versatility they offer.

These straps are not the prettiest thing you'll have in any room and are not a good choice if looks are important to you. Also, adhesive can fail if your toddler tugs hard enough or long enough. Some inquisitive toddlers might also be able to sort out the press and slide detachment process, so that you may need a backup option as your child ages. Overall, if your needs are varied and you want a one-and-done solution, then these straps could be a good fit with 10 in each pack.

The Betertek Adhesive straps work well on a variety of surfaces.
The Betertek Adhesive straps unlock by sliding the button forward...


Magnetic Lock Alternative

Eco-Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Style: Magnetic | Travel: No
Key to open
Can turn them off
Possible lost keys
Adhesive can fail

The Eco-Baby Magnetic Cabinet Lock are cabinet and drawer locks that utilize a key magnet. These magnets work well and are hidden, which keeps your home uncluttered and prevents little ones from locating a puzzle to solve. Unlike traditional pressure latches, they prevent partial cabinet openings that can cause potential pinch injuries. We like the ease of magnet locks, and the key use is a no-brainer for quick, one-handed access. You install the locks using adhesive stickers and they include a template to help you align the sides. This set has subtle butterfly stickers to indicate where you should place the key to unlock the magnet if you are worried about remembering where to place it. This set includes 12 locks and 2 keys.

Losing the magnet keys means you won't be able to access the cabinet or drawer. You might consider keeping backup keys in a safe/alternate location just in case you find yourself without the keys it came with. Also, any adhesive can fail, and gregarious toddlers might gain strength or weaken the adhesive over time, causing the lock to fail and gaining access to the off-limits space. However, despite these minor hiccups, we love the way magnet locks look and function and think they are the best choice for curious toddlers as they are out of sight, and out of mind.

The Eco-Baby Magnetic Lock comes with a template to help make...
The Eco-Baby Magnetic locks are easy to install and use and are...


Potential Strap Versatility

Goodv Adhesive Adjustable Strap

Style: Strap | Travel: Maybe
Simple install
Can be used for lots of things
Not attractive
Adhesive can fail

The Goodv Adhesive Adjustable Strap are strap locks suitable for almost anything with two sides. This kit works with cabinets, drawers, trash cans, toilets, closets, and more. It comes with 10 straps and includes adhesive for installation. The straps are adjustable, and you can cut them to suit your needs. We like how easy they are to install and the variety of uses you can apply them to.

Strap-style locks are always on display, and they aren't great looking. They can also be a draw for toddlers who like to figure out puzzles. Given that adhesive can fail, we worry that excessive strap play or pulling could result in lock failures over time. However, straps have their uses and can function to protect things that no other lock styles can. So, while they may not be your go-to choice for every space, they might be a great selection for a toilet or trash can lid where other locks simply can't work.

The Goodv Adhesive Adjustable Straps can be used in a variety of...
The unlock on the Goodv Adhesive Adjustable Strap is a slide switch...


Old-fashioned Spring Pressure

Vmaisi Latches

Style: Spring Latch | Travel: No
Straighforward functionality
Potential for injuries
Hard mount for best security
Frustrating to use

The Vmaisi Latches is a traditional cabinet lock that uses a pressure hook to connect the door to the cabinet body. Cabinets and drawers open just wide enough to fit your hand and finger inside to press the latch down to open the cabinet. They work fairly well, and the functionality is straightforward. You can install these with adhesive, but using hardware would be more secure.

The latch requires hardware and tools to install (for best security). Also, there is a potential for pinches or hurting hands as the cabinet doors open partially so you can reach the pressure switch. This means they can also be shut or slammed on little hands trying to open the door. Older and more industrious toddlers might figure out the pressure switch with some keen observation skills of groups utilizing the locks. While these locks are effective enough, they aren't our favorites as they could lead to potential crying and aren't as effective as the magnet options.

The Vmaisi Latches are more traditional pressure latches that allow...
The Vmaisi Latches can be installed with adhesive or included...


Side by Side Cabinet Locks

Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock

Style: Cable Loops | Travel: Yes
Good for travel
Quick install
Harder to use
Not attractive

The Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock is for cabinet doors that open side by side. It works best on cabinet handles but will also work on some pull knobs. It has an indicator that lets you know when it is locked, and it is a temporary solution that leaves no marks behind when you are done using it. This pack comes with 6 locks.

This lock is bulky and relatively unsightly. It is also one of the more challenging options in the review to use. You will need two hands to operate this option. Our testers felt it was the most difficult lock in the group to use and not something they'd want to use daily. This might be a potential choice for travel use or locking cabinet; you rarely need to open in areas where style isn't a concern.

Safety 1st has updated its cabinet locks. The new version is called the OutSmart Flex Lock and it features a new large decoy button for toddlers while the functional buttons are hidden beneath a flexible surface. We are linking to the new style in this review.

The Safety 1st Lock has a color coded indicator so you can see if it...
Many testers felt the Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock was...

Some cabinet locks are more stylish than others and we particularly...
Some cabinet locks are more stylish than others and we particularly liked the look of the Heoath Baby Proofing Latches if a hidden lock won't work.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Why You Should Trust Us

Bob Wofford, Senior Review Analyst, and father of 7 children, led this review. Bob has been a central figure for all BabyGearLab testing in the last 8 years, including car seats and strollers. Bob selected the cabinet locks tested for this roundup considering ease of installation, ease of use, and how well they work to keep children out of locked spaces. Mother of 2 and Senior Review Editor, Wendy Schmitz analyzed the cabinet lock test result and created the write-up. Wendy has been a valuable team member since 2014.

The Skyla is a good travel option that is temporary lightweight and...
Strap locks can be used in a variety of places traditional cabinet...

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased and conducted hands-on testing of 10 cabinet lock contenders for this review. We analyzed each lock for ease of installation, how useful and easy they are to use regularly, and whether they can stand up to savvy toddlers who often are masterful Houdinis.

Safety First
While the manufacturer designs each product in our review to keep little ones from breaching forbidden areas and accessing the contents within, you still need to use your powers of observation and closely monitor your child to ensure that tiny explorers avoid contact with any truly harmful items. Even the best childproofing solution has the potential to fail under just the right circumstances.

The pressure latch requires the cabinet or drawer to open slightly...
The pressure latch requires the cabinet or drawer to open slightly, which in our experience, leaves room for potential injuries as little hands can get smashed or pinched trying to circumvent the lock.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

The style and type of cabinet and drawer lock you choose will largely depend on your situation and goals. Some of the options are fairly interchangeable and will work in various locations, while others are more specific ad will only work in a few select situations. A great example of this is the Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock. With two loops to wrap around cabinet handles, this design works well for dual open cabinet doors that each have a loop handle. It won't work for any other application, including if your cabinet drawers have a simple round pull knob instead of cabinet handles. While it is still a potential option and one you might find suitable for travel, its range of uses is minimal, and its method of use is more convoluted and involved than the more simple options that also work in more situations.

This is an example of the magnet lock key you place on the outside...
This is an example of the magnet lock key you place on the outside of the cabinet door or drawer to release the hidden magnet lock o the opposite side.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Alternatively, the magnetic lock options are harder to install; some require tools, though most are adhesive attachments. However, once installed, they are the easiest to use, assuming you keep your key in a known location. We love how simple it is to get the key and open the door one-handed without the potential for pinching hands in the doors, which often occurs with the compression latches that allow the cabinet to open a crack so you can press the release with your finger. The simplicity of the magnetic options, the Vmaisi Magnetic Locks, is what makes them our favorite style. The magnets can also be turned off if you no longer need them or need a temporary break.

The flexibility of strap tyle locks is part of what makes them so...
The flexibility of strap tyle locks is part of what makes them so versatile, but the adhesive means you need to keep closer tabs on stronger little ones with dedicated personalities.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The strap-style locks are also easy to use and do not require keeping track of a key to operate. These straps are versatile, working in various locations, from oven doors and toilet lids to keeping cabinets closed and drawers closed. They have simple adhesive installation and can be operated with one hand if you have the dexterity. While not ideal, as adhesive can fail and industrious toddlers might discover how to use them, they are easy to use and install, making them a parent favorite in many locations.

While the majority of child proofing in this  roundup installs using...
While the majority of child proofing in this roundup installs using adhesive, we worry that adhesive can fail under the right circumstances. Given this, we think you should use caution and avoid leaving children completely unattended even when employing the use of locks to avoid dangerous accidents.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


While most determined toddlers will figure out most childproofing eventually given enough time and motivation, some of the locks are more effective than others. The magnet locks are really impossible for a child to open, at least until they figure out the key secret and learn where the key is kept. The pressure latch variety can be sorted out eventually, though smaller children will likely accept it as a no-go area. The latch can be pressed down by any hand with almost any strength, so some toddlers may be able to manage it. Also, if you tug hard enough and are persistent, we've seen this style of latch fail during ordinary use. The strap style is probably the easiest option for a child to figure out and thwart. The straps require some dexterity and smarts to get them to open, but in our experience, toddlers have nothing but time and excellent problem management skills when it suits them. Trust us. Eventually, your toddler will be able to open childproof pill containers and doorknob locks swifter than you can. This sad truth means that a strap with a press button or squeeze side lock will be no problem for a little one who really wants to see what is on the other side.

No matter which option you choose, we encourage you NOT to rely on its efficacy and instead use it as a time buffer for parental supervision. By this, we mean don't take a nap thinking your child lock will stop a toddler from accessing chemicals or a hot oven (other dangerous locations). Instead, allow the lock to give you some extra time to get to your puzzle-solving Houdini or to pee in another room quickly.

Credit: Abriah Wofford


Childproofing is a mundane but important task every parent must undertake to some degree. While creating a safe space is the best first-line defense to protect your child from danger, you're probably going to need some cabinet locking backup help to create a safer home for your crawling new explorer. Finding a great cabinet lock or versatile latch for areas like toilets and ovens can help you keep little ones safe, for those moments when you might get distracted or need to use the toilet. We've done the testing for you in this review and believe our selection of great options includes a lock for most needs and budgets.

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