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Best Baby Gates

We installed and tested baby gates from Evenflo, Summer Infant, Toddleroo, and more to find the easiest to install and most useful baby gates around
Best Baby Gates
By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Monday April 25, 2022
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Looking to start baby-proofing your home? We researched more than 20 baby gates before buying the top 9 competitors available today for extensive side-by-side testing in real homes. We tested each gate for stability, ease of use, and ease of installation. We included a variety of gate styles and types with different mounting methods and sizes using them across hallways, rooms, doorways, and other openings to bring you the details you need to find the best gate for your mobile baby.

Editor's Note: This review received an update on April 25, 2022. We performed a comprehensive review of products and award winners at this time.


Best Overall Baby Gate

Evenflo Barn Door Walk-thru Baby Gate

Dimensions: 29-43"W x 30"H | Mounting Type: Pressure
Color-coded self-closing
Great style
Solid feel
Doesn't fit all openings
Trip bar

During testing, the Evenflo Barn Door Walk-thru Baby Gate gate was a standout choice. Every now and then, a product comes along that is so superior compared to the competition that it stands alone and deserves more kudos and praise than the standard contender. This gate is that once in a review product. We were instantly impressed with the quick assembly, the one-hand operation, the color-coded closure, and the self-closing door. This option swings either way and can lock in place to prevent accidental baby escapes or be left to swing both ways. We like the satisfying soft clunk sound when it self-closes, so you know it's closed without visual confirmation. Most of the gate is natural wood and works with various interior designs. This gate will fit most average size doorways, and it stays put after you tighten the tension mounts. We tested this gate on bedroom and bathroom openings and were very impressed.

This product can be more expensive than some competitors (depending on sales). However, after testing, we feel it is worth the price if your budget allows it. This gate feels like it will last longer than cheaper versions, and the quality is higher than similar contenders. The closing can be somewhat loud if it self-closes, and it could potentially wake a sleeping baby. However, if you want a softer sound, you can guide the gate in place for a much quieter connection. Overall, we can't say enough positive things about this gate; we love it, and we think most parents will too.

Everything about the Evenflo is impressive including the red for...
Everything about the Evenflo is impressive including the red for open and green for closed color indicator so you can tell at a glance if the gate is secure or not.
Credit: Evenflo


Best Basic Gate

Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

Dimensions: 37.8-43.3"W x 30.5"H | Mounting Type: Pressure or Hardware
Simple operation
Wide gate opening
Doesn't fit all openings
Trip bar

The Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate is a straightforward, standard baby gate with a simple assembly that is easy to use. This option isn't an eyesore, even if it isn't stylish, and it won't clash with most decor. The Cumbor has pressure mounts and auto-close, lock-open, and two-way swinging. This choice includes an easy and secure latch system, and you can purchase extensions for wider openings. The pass-thru gate is relatively wide at 23.6 inches and works well for most average-sized adults to pass through, which is not true for all competitors. You can install this option using pressure mounts (suitable for non-critical locations) or hardware with wall cups for safety-critical areas like stairwells.

The Cumbor latch is fairly easy to use with one hand unlike some of...
The Cumbor latch is fairly easy to use with one hand unlike some of the competition that requires hand yoga to master.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

The Cumbo has a trip crossbar on the bottom that can create opportunities for accidental tripping. However, this feature is relatively standard for pressure-mounted options and something we saw in most competitors. Tripping can result in personal injury or the gate dislodging from the opening and potential damage to the wall or gate. Some users say their gate arrived missing parts, so you'll want to assemble your gate when you get it in case it needs to be returned. This gate is not suitable for all openings (it will not fit 35-37.8") as the extension panels' sizes limit the width it can span. We encourage measuring your space twice to ensure a good fit before buying. While it may not be perfect for every scenario, this gate is good at what it does, and if it fits your opening, we think you'll find it up to the baby-proofing task.

The Cumbor is a sturdy basic gate that is easy to install but we...
The Cumbor is a sturdy basic gate that is easy to install but we caution it will not fit all openings as the adjustability is based on the extension sizes and the limited widths they will provide. This is the only door in our testerhouse where this gate would fit.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Best Budget-friendly Basic Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate 

Dimensions: 29-38.5"W x 30"H | Mounting Type: Pressure or Hardware
One hand open
Safety lock
Narrow gate opening
It doesn't fit all openings
Trip bar

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate gets the job done and includes a JPMA and ASTM certification. This gate consists of a safety lock to increase toddler-proofing and feels durable and strong, with additional extensions available to increase the size of your opening is larger than average. It is lighter weight than some competition and easily moves if you use pressure cups instead of hardware.

To move the Regalo gate you need at least one hand and three steps...
To move the Regalo gate you need at least one hand and three steps with a pull back on the gray slide, lift the metal lock and lift the entire gate off the bottom rail to move.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

While some testers feel this gate is easy to assemble, others experienced missing parts and parts that didn't go together smoothly, and in our experience, it is one of the most convoluted in the groups. The walkthrough portion of the gate is surprisingly narrow at only 16" wide, and some adults may not be able to get through without turning sideways, which could be a deal-breaker. This gate has a typical trip bar on the bottom. The bar is typical in most gates, but this one is two pieces, and it isn't as stable as one piece. This gate only swings one way, and some users feel the latch is hard to use and can require two hands. While this option has a few issues, we think the price makes it an attractive option for many families, and most problems are apparent upon setup, and it can quickly be returned if it doesn't meet your needs.

The Regalo comes with two extensions but the lack of adjustability...
The Regalo comes with two extensions but the lack of adjustability means the gate won't fit every opening.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Great for Awkward Angles

Toddleroo Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

Dimensions: 38.3-72"W x 30"H | Mounting Type: Hardware
Stay open feature
Easy to use
Good for fireplaces
Must be hard-mounted
Angles may not fit all openings
Trip bar

The Toddleroo Deluxe Décor Baby Gate is a 3-panel straightforward gate that articulates to fit irregular or wider openings. This gate can also go around smaller fireplaces or wood stoves to protect little ones from hot surfaces or sharp corners. We like how easy this gate is to use with a one-hand operation and a simple button push/lift gate to move. The Toddleroo is lightweight for its size, sturdy, and once hard-mounted, it stays in place well. The gate opening is wide and easy to walk through, and the bottom crossbar is small and more straightforward to cross than some of the competition.

Pushing the button on the Toddleroo is simple and doesn't require a...
The Toddleroo latch is a push-button operation that is truly one...

The gate opening on this option only swings one way, and there is no "lock" to prohibit inquisitive, older toddlers from opening the gate. However, it does require pressing the button to open the gate, which is enough to prevent younger and less gregarious toddlers from getting through. We like this large gate and everything it has to offer, and it could be one of the only options that work for wider openings. While you need tools to screw it in place and it won't pressure mount, it does a great job solving the awkward angle or wider opening problem faced in some homes.

The 3-panel design of the Toddleroo makes it ideal for wide or...
The 3-panel design of the Toddleroo makes it ideal for wide or awkward angle spaces that need a barrier.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Best for Stairways

Summer Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate

Dimensions: 30-48"W x 32"H | Mounting Type: Hardware
Opens both ways
Must be hard-mounted for safety

The Summer Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate is a warm and inviting stairway gate that is easy to use and has a straightforward design. This option mounts to the wall using screws and has an attachment point you mount on the opposite wall or banister to lock the gate closed. This product is a hardware mount design, but the directions are good enough that installation isn't challenging, even if you typically find the task daunting. We think the latch is easy to operate even though it requires lifting the gate once it is unlocked. This gate is very adjustable, with two parts sliding against one another for a custom fit instead of extensions that can be somewhat lacking. The gate opening is broad, and it swings both ways for easy pass-thru.

The Summer Stairway gate latch/handle is a squeeze and lift...
The Summer Stairway gate latch/handle is a squeeze and lift operation, but the squeezing requires significant strength to release the latch preventing most children from being able to operate it. If you have any type of hand limitations, this could make using this option more challenging.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

You should limit the space under this gate when you mount it. Without the dreaded trip bar, little ones can potentially slide under the gate if you install it too high, which could be dangerous if you have stairs on the other side. Also, we don't think it is a good idea for a gate to open out and over stairs as this could accidentally happen if a baby places enough weight on the gate. However, most stairway gates share this design, and we like the look and feel of the finished wood gate and the easy latch that comes with it. If you want a hardware-mounted wood gate instead of the more common metal option, this is a good choice for you.

The assembly and installation of the stairway gate are more...
The assembly and installation of the stairway gate are more convoluted than the competition which shouldn't be a surprise given that it needs extra stability and safety when used at the top of stairways.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Best Tall Gate

Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate

Dimensions: 28-48"W x 36"H | Mounting Type: Pressure or Hardware
Good for Houdini
Easy to use
Nicer looking
Narrow gate opening
Trip bar

The Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate is a nice-looking taller gate to prevent little ones from trying to go over. It can be pressure mounted in place or installed with hard mount screws. The gate is easy to install, easy to use, and sturdy using either installation method. We like how straightforward this option is, and the fancier curved top makes it somewhat more pleasing to the eye than a traditional gate you typically find at the big box stores.

The Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate has a slide latch you can operate...
The Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate has a slide latch you can operate with one hand and the gate only swings one way.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

This gate has a reasonably narrow opening, which could be challenging for larger adults or moving objects between rooms. It also has the standard trip bar along the bottom, typical in almost every modern baby gate. This gate only swings one way, and it has a top and bottom latch that requires a thumb shift and lift to operate, but it isn't hard to accomplish once you get a few turns under your belt. While this gate may not be perfect, it is a good-looking, easy-to-use option that can be the problem solver for escape artist toddlers or larger pets you're trying to keep away from your baby.

The Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a nice looking gate...
The Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a nice looking gate tall enough to keep avid climbers where they belong.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Excellent Stylish Alternative

Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Safety Baby Gate

Dimensions: 36-60"W x 32"H | Mounting Type: Pressure
Stylish design
Easy to use
Wider gate opening
Extensions make it less stable
Trip bar

The Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Safety Baby Gate is a stained wood and metal gate that is more stylish (depending on your decor) than most of the competition, fitting in with some home decor better than traditional metal or plastic gates might. It installs easily with pressure mounts and includes a small wrench to help turn the adjustment knobs on the mounting circles. Once installed, the gate is relatively stable, and the door opens both ways with one hand. It has a child lock you shift with your thumb to release the gate and then lifts up and off the floor crossbar to swing in the direction of your choice. This gate felt durable and was tested for over two years with giant dogs proving it can more than withstand the typical toddler without a problem.

The latch/lock on the Decorative Wood & Metal Baby Gate works...
The latch/lock on the Decorative Wood & Metal Baby Gate works with one hand but the bottom does rest over the top of the bottom rail requiring more attention to the precision placement and operation which is not found in the competition.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

This gate has a typical floor crossbar that can create a trip hazard if you aren't careful. However, this feature is standard on most pressure mount gates and many hardware mount options. Depending on the number of extensions you use, it can become somewhat unstable, so for wider openings, it could be easier for a hearty or active toddler to push it over. Also, the wood slats can break if enough force is put on them, though it is unlikely the average toddler can manage this feat without help from a canine pal. Overall, we like how this gate looks and its ability to stand the test of time with valuable features like a one-handed child-lock and swinging both ways. We think most families will find much to love with this high-end, stylish option that is arguably less of an eyesore than some traditional gates.

We like the look of the Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Gate that...
We like the look of the Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Gate that looks more like a piece of furniture than a baby-proofing device.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Perfect for Super Wide Openings

Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate and Play Yard

Dimensions: 192"W x 28"H | Mounting Type: Hardware/Self-connect
Very Wide
Narrow Opening
Heavy & Cumbersome
Trip bar

The Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate and Play Yard is a versatile gate that can be hard-mounted to the wall across a wide opening up to 192 inches wide, or it works as a play yard. The multi-panel gate system can be rotated and moved as needed, but it only comes with one set of hard mounting plastic brackets and screws if you plan to set it up in a single location. If you have a wide opening like those in homes with open floor plans, this could be one of the few baby-centric options that aren't super colorful or intended for pets. The opening on this gate swings both ways, and it has a lock that operates with one hand and some practice. There are also bottom turn-style safety locks to help further dissuade toddlers who sort out the top latch design (and some definitely will!).

While you can operate this Regalo Super Wide with one hand, it is...
While you can operate this Regalo Super Wide with one hand, it is easier with two as the metal lock can fall back in place before you get a chance to open the gate.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

This wide-opening barrier has a very narrow walk-through gate, which many adults will find too small to pass through naturally, requiring a side step motion through the opening. Even a tester of only 120 lbs and 5'7" tall had to turn sideways to avoid hitting the edges while walking through. As a play yard, this product is small. Only stationary wee ones or babies learning to crawl will find the size suitable; older toddlers will be frustrated by the limited real estate and the lack of space for various toys. While this gate has a smaller opening and is better as a barrier than a play yard, we think it is one of the best options to cover a wider distance, and parents with an "open floor plan" problem will like what it offers.

The narrow opening on the Super Wide will make it challenging for...
When arranged as a play yard, the Regalo Super Wide is fairly small...


Best Portable Gate

Mesh Magic Gate

Dimensions: 72"W x 29"H | Mounting Type: Sticky hooks
Not stable
Two hand operation

This foldable Mesh Magic Gate is super tiny and can easily stuff into a diaper bag. If you use a removable sticky wall mount like a Command Strip, it can be easily set up and taken down in new locations without much hassle. It is somewhat stable depending on the situation, and it can fit much smaller openings than its full size if there is room to mount the corner further down the wall. The Magic Mesh also works without permanent holes or potential damage to walls if used correctly. It also has the lowest price in the group, making it a practical, cost-effective solution for many situations like travel or visiting with relatives.

The Magic Mesh attaches to the wall using stick-on hooks and you...
The Magic Mesh attaches to the wall using stick-on hooks and you need to remove the elastic hook from the plastic hook to move through the gate.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

This gate takes some time to set up, with some assembly required. It is also not the best at keeping Houdinis inside and is best used when a parent is nearby to monitor the situation or if it's blocking a non-dangerous space. While not perfect for all conditions or openings, and we wouldn't suggest you use it near stairs, we think it can be helpful for temporarily blocking areas when away from home as long as you can provide supervision as a backup.

Installing the Magic Mesh isn't tricky, but it also isn't overly...
Installing the Magic Mesh isn't tricky, but it also isn't overly sturdy and probably shouldn't be used above stairways or to block your baby from dangerous areas. We recommend supervision with this gate.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

Some of the gates we purchased, installed and tested for our...
Some of the gates we purchased, installed and tested for our comprehensive baby gate review.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

Why You Should Trust Us

We've been testing all kinds of baby gear for over 10 years, buying and testing each product hands-on and with real families and little ones. We bring you the details and information you need to make the right buying decision for you and your family with an unbiased analysis. Each baby gate in this review was assembled and used by Wendy Schmitz, mother of two and Senior Review Editor for BabyGearLab since 2014. The gates were tested side-by-side for stability, ease of use, and installation before being used in-situ for an extended time with kids and pets alike.

The Regalo Easy Step requires some assembly and includes screwing...
Many of the gates, like this Summer Decorative Gate, Come with a gap...

Analysis and Test Results

We performed various tests for ease of use, stability, and installation, rating each gate compared to the competition for everyday use to give you an idea of how well the gates perform in the real world under normal circumstances.

With enough determination, bigger toddlers or mischievous little...
With enough determination, bigger toddlers or mischievous little ones will likely be able to master the escape with the Magic Mesh as it isn't the sturdiest of options.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Stability encompasses how well a gate stays in place and whether or not little ones can manage to knock it over or potentially injure themselves trying to knock it over.

The Magic Mesh Gate is arguably the least stable of the group we tested, and a hearty toddler can potentially breach it with determination to push it down or slip through the sides. Also, many of the pressure-mounted gates can become unstable the more extensions you add. Depending on your child's strength or determination, the gate can be pushed out of place, so we don't recommend them for stair protection. The most stable gates use screws to attach to the door frame, stud, or wall (drywall anchors). The Toddleroo Deluxe Décor Baby Gate is stable when installed correctly, though the three-panel design can create the opportunity for the gate to shift as you walk through it. Still, it will stay connected to the mounting points. Several gates can be mounted using hardware, making them more stable than pressure mounting; these include Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate, Summer Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate, Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate, Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate, and Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate and Play Yard. The best pressure-mounted gate is the Evenflo Barn Door Walk-thru Gate, which feels so secure it feels hardware mounted. Ours didn't shift or even slightly move over several months of use with children of various ages.

Not all of the gates have truly easy to use latches and the Regalo...
Not all of the gates have truly easy to use latches and the Regalo options were some of the least user-friendly in the group.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

Ease of Use

Ease of use testing includes how easy the gate is to go through it, unlatching it, locking it open/closed, or opening it. Some of the latches can be operated one-handed, and others cannot. Some have narrow gates that are challenging to pass through, while others have gate openings wide enough for dads carrying toddlers to pass with ease.

The Cumbo and Toddleroo gates are some of the easiest in the group to use, with a wider opening to walk through, one-handed latches, and relatively quick setups. The Summer Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate is also easy to use for a stairway gate, as those tend to be more challenging thanks to stronger safety concerns. The Summer Decorative Wood & Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Baby Gate and the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate are more challenging as you need to unlock the gate and lift it to move it. The Evenflo Barn Door has a one-hand latch and self-closes so you can walk through and let the gate go so it can do its thing with a satisfying clunk.

The Regalo Easy Step has a very narrow opening and we worry most...
The Regalo Easy Step has a very narrow opening and we worry most adults will have difficulty moving through the gate without bumping the sides (tester here is 5'7 and 130lbs).
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate is a more complex option to use with a clumsy assembly and a lock/latch that claims to be one-handed but is far easier with two. This model's narrow gate makes it challenging for the average adult to walk through and near impossible for larger parents. It isn't going to work if you are carrying something that hangs down low. Also, because the gate comes in multiple pieces you assemble, it has a rickety feeling not shared by the competition.

The Regalo is the only traditional gate in the review to come in...
The Regalo is the only traditional gate in the review to come in multiple pieces and require assembly prior to installation. While not difficult, it seems unnecessary as the competition found alternatives to making parents build their own.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz

Ease of Installation

How easy a gate is to install varies from gate to gate and seems to be a primary reason parents return gates to retailers. While none of the gates are impossible to install, and many manufacturers offer videos to help users, some still require a little patience or tools to finalize the installation. The gates are either pressure mounted or hard mounted using screws that come with the gate, and the Magic Mesh uses stick-in-place hooks. Pressure mounting can cause damage to paint and walls over time, but hard mounting puts permanent holes in the wall. What type you need and its impact on your home will be up to you and the gate you choose. We believe hard mounting is safer for stairways and entrances into potentially dangerous areas as pressure-mounted gates are more likely to fail under the weight of pushy toddlers. However, the occasional failure might be acceptable in areas where little ones are being monitored and can't get hurt by anything on the gate's opposite side. Most damage that gates cause can be easily repaired with a trip for some supplies to the hardware store.

Wide Gaps?
Several gates come with wide gaps in the top that make the gate appear broken or misaligned. This design is intentional and fixes itself when you install the gate properly. While disconcerting at first, it is not a flaw, and there is no need to return the product.

It is important to follow all instructions that come with the gate...
The Magic Mesh gate comes in an easy to transport size you can take...

Pressure mounted gates like the Evenflo Barn Door, Cumbor, or the Summer Decorative Wood Gate are quick to set up and use and relatively stable depending on the location. Wider gates and gates at the top of stairwells require hard mounting to function safely. The Summer Deluxe Stairway Gate and the Toddleroo by North States mount on the wall with screws and are relatively easy, but you will need some tools to get the job done. The Magic Mesh Gate is the most complicated installation as it requires more assembly than the competition. Still, its portability makes it unique in this review, and the installation is something you'll need to tolerate if you require something for travel. The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate is also challenging to install as it is the only traditional gate that requires "building" before the setup, with at least five parts you need to assemble before you try to mount it in place. If you loath putting something together, then this is not the gate for you.

We purchased and tested each gate to compare and rate them...
We purchased and tested each gate to compare and rate them side-by-side in a home environment.
Credit: Wendy Schmitz


Selecting the best baby gate is traditionally a must-do gear item for home baby-proofing once your baby is on the move and beginning to explore. Whether you have concerns about your child taking a tumble down the stairs or preventing the exploration of utensils and cleansers, it is often easier to block access to a specific area instead of locking cabinets or potential danger zones. Unfortunately, not all gates work well or do what they claim, and finding the right gate for your needs and opening could be more challenging than you think. Once you determine your goals and the sizes you need, you'll be on your way to choosing the best gate for your needs in our lineup of impressive contenders.

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