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Storksak Bobby Review

Little bang for your buck
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storksak bobby diaper bag review
Storksak Bobby
Credit: Storksak
Price:  $195 List
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Manufacturer:   Storksak
By Natalie Hale ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 29, 2015
  • Storage/Ease of Use - 40% 5.0
  • Comfort - 30% 3.0
  • Quality - 15% 7.0
  • Style - 15% 8.0

The Skinny

The Storksak Bobby is a beautifully disguised diaper bag. We loved the fine quilted stitching, detailed interior, and host of accessories. It is definitely passable as a purse, which is great for moms who would rather have one bag for everything than switch the contents between a diaper bag and a purse.
High capacity
Passes as a purse
Stiff handles that do not lie flat when not in use

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Storksak Bobby is a beautiful bag. We found many moms online raving about its chic, simple style. The insulated bag and pacifier holder are accessories moms will appreciate. The only other bag to offer a pacifier holder was the BEABA Stockholm. Like the Skip Hop Chelsea, the look of the Bobby allows it to masquerade as a purse while still operating as heavy duty diaper bag.

Performance Comparison

storksak bobby diaper bag review - the bobby and included accessories. not shown: pacifier holder.
The Bobby and included accessories. Not shown: pacifier holder.
Credit: Natalie Hale

Storage and Ease of Use

The Storksak Bobby is a tricky bag to pack and keep organized and thus we awarded it a score of 5 of 10 for the category. It boasts five interior pockets, four of which are separated by elastic in the main compartment of the bag. However, it is difficult to keep things organized despite the separate compartments because everything seems to blend together. The three exterior pockets are nothing remarkable either, and although the two drink holders accommodate the different bottles we tried, our grown-up water bottle is a tight fit.

We are glad to see the Bobby is capable of standing upright on its own, even when empty. We think this ability really helps maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the bag. We were also glad to see metal feet featured on the bottom of the bag to protect the fabric.

storksak bobby diaper bag review - packed to the brim with our testing items for mom and baby.
Packed to the brim with our testing items for mom and baby.
Credit: Natalie Hale
The closures on the Bobby function well and give us no trouble. We like that the main compartment on the bag zips closed completely. Sadly, the Bobby does utilize velcro for attaching to a stroller, and to secure the included changing mat, which is a pain and will likely wear out as lint and other fabrics get stuck to it.

The Bobby and its accessories are wipe-clean only. The black exterior hides stains well and the lighter fabric interior is surprisingly easy to spot-treat.

To balance out some of the pitfalls, the perks included with this bag are actually quite numerous. Some of our favorites are the cotton changing pad, an insulated mini-bag, and a matching pacifier case.


We did not find this bag to be comfortable to carry and it received a score of 3 of 10. The handles are stiff and unable to lie flat against the bag when not in use (such a nuisance), and the heavy canvas shoulder strap irritated any exposed skin while in use. Only the OiOi Messenger was equally as uncomfortable to carry. It was the heaviest bag we tested, weighing in at 2.8 pounds with all of the accessories included.
Handle detailing. These handles are firm and never lay flat against...
Handle detailing. These handles are firm and never lay flat against the bag. Great for keeping them clean or carrying the bag but a bother any other time you use it as they just get in the way.
The adjustable and removable shoulder strap also features velcro...
The adjustable and removable shoulder strap also features velcro stroller straps, which are shown here. Although fairly easy to use, we really dislike velcro for its ability to stick to everything, not to mention the noise it creates.


Despite the performance shortcomings, this product is made quite well and received a 7 of 10 for quality. The stitching and seams are tight and we found few loose ends of strings in the quilted pattern. The nylon fabrics and the sturdy metal hardware should perform well over time. Where the Bobby stumbles is in the stiff handles and canvas shoulder strap; we found these to be cheap, money-saving solutions on an otherwise quality made bag.
storksak bobby diaper bag review - closeup of the sturdy metal hardware on the bobby.
Closeup of the sturdy metal hardware on the Bobby.
Credit: Natalie Hale


storksak bobby diaper bag review - closeup of the fabric and detailing. we loved the quilted look and...
Closeup of the fabric and detailing. We loved the quilted look and cute bows. The fabric is a true black, the lighting when we took this picture happened to bleach out the color of the bag.
Credit: Natalie Hale
This bag is right on point in terms of style and we awarded it an 8 of 10 for style. Much like the Skip Hop Forma, it features the chic quilted pattern that has begun to take over the handbag market. The minimalist bows on the front of the bag are darling and add subtle femininity to a very simple bag.

Best Applications

This bag would be best for a mom who wants a professional looking diaper bag that can double as a purse.


With a list price of $195, this was the most expensive bag we tested, yet it does not offer nearly as many features as some of its less expensive counterparts, such as the Skip Hop Chelsea or the Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel.


Make no mistake, the Storksak Bobby is a very stylish bag with some good features to offer, and it also boasts high ratings on Amazon for style. However, the pricing and lack of features and carrying-comfort make it a challenge for us to recommend to our readers. Based on our testing, you'd be better off selecting a bag with better value, like the Skip Hop Chelsea, to maximize your spending.

Natalie Hale

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