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Babymel Amanda Mini Review

Cute bag but for short outings or older, potty-trained kid(s)
Babymel Amanda Mini
Credit: Babymel
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Price:   $100 List
Pros:  Stylish, lightweight
Cons:  Small capacity, uncomfortable shoulder strap, velcro stroller straps, expensive
Manufacturer:   Babymel
By Natalie Hale ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 27, 2015
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  • Storage/Ease of Use - 40% 4
  • Comfort - 30% 7
  • Quality - 15% 8
  • Style - 15% 8

The Skinny

Babymel discontinued the Amanda Mini diaper bag in May of 2017.

The Babymel Amanda Mini is just that, a darling little diaper bag. We loved the look and feel but it simply could not carry the load we needed. This bag would be great for a mom who wants to limit the amount of stuff she can carry to only the most important items. The quality materials and cute look left us wishing the bag was just a little bigger. That being said this is definitely one of the best disguised diaper bags of the group we tested. Very few people we encountered thought it was meant for carrying stuff for baby!

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Babymel Amanda Mini is a demure, lightweight bag. We loved the hidden insulated bottle pocket and easy to clean fabrics. What set the Amanda Mini apart from the group was its petite frame. It made the LeSportsac Ryan and OiOi Messenger look like behemoths when compared side by side!

Performance Comparison

The Amanda Mini and changing pad.
The Amanda Mini and changing pad.
Credit: Natalie Hale

Storage and Ease of Use

The Babymel Amanda Mini is bare bones in terms of storage and ease of use, which is why we awarded it a score of 4 of 10. It is not meant to carry more than the absolute essentials for mom and baby. Its petite size is great for moms that want to limit just how much they have to carry; in fact, some of us need that due to lack of self restraint. The bag is made of a softer polyester fabric that is easy to wipe down and occasionally spot treat. Its polyurethane backing makes it rigid enough to stand upright when items are stored inside. Otherwise, when empty, it will typically flop over.
We could only fit a small wipes case, 2 diapers, a onesie, nursing...
8oz Comotomo bottle in the insulated pocket of the Babymel Amanda...

Our favorite pocket on the Amanda Mini is the exterior, wipe-down, insulated zippered pocket discretely hidden on the side for a bottle or snacks. Internally, there are five open pockets, one zippered pocket for smaller items, and a main compartment that zippers completely closed. Though it should not be difficult to maintain organization in the Amanda, we found ourselves constantly digging for items in the middle pocket. Like the Petunia Pickle Bottom, BEABA Stockholm and Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back, the Amanda's main compartment zips completely closed. This is an important quality of a diaper bag that is often subject to bumpy car rides and being turned over in a stroller's undercarriage. Main carry capacities are via an adjustable shoulder strap and velcro stroller attachments.


Credit: BabyGearLabStaff, Babymel Amanda Mini
The Amanda is light at a mere 1.5 pounds, but its shoulder strap is uncomfortable, as such it earned a 7 of 10 in comfort. The only bag lighter in this review round-up is the Skip Hop Forma at 1.4 pounds. Though a negligible difference, the Forma received a higher score in comfort (8 of 10) because its fabric-based straps feel better on the shoulder.

The adjustable should strap of the Mini suffers from frequent slippage out of its setting and requires readjustment often (this is something online reviewers tend to complain about as well). In addition, the canvas strap can be quite irritating to bare skin and will leave marks if worn for a long period of time.


The Amanda Mini received an 8 of 10 in quality. It is well made with even and tight stitching, metal hardware that tolerates heavy loads, and zippers that remain on their tracks. One detail regarding this bag's structure is the use of polyurethane backing over the polyester exterior. Our other major hang up is the use of Velcro on the stroller straps as it is noisy and will ultimately stick to soft or fine fabrics.
Closeup of the fabric and stitching features on the Babymel Amanda...
Sturdy hardware and zipper closeup of the main compartment.
Velcro stroller straps of the Babymel Amanda Mini in action...


The Babymel Amanda Mini is a cute, smaller bag that flies under the radar as a diaper bag and looks more like a day-to-day purse. Its cute minimalist floral design and silver metal hardware earn it an 8 of 10.

Best Applications

This bag will work best for those with older children who tend to need much less in terms of supplies on hand as a mom of a baby or pre-potty trained toddler.


The Amanda Mini is a good bag, but for the same price we think you can find an equally darling bag with a lot more space, such as the Skip Hop Chelsea for around $30 less.


Though a well-disguised and adorable diaper bag, we feel that given the Mini's smaller size and uncomfortable shoulder strap, there are better bags out there its price tag of $100.

Natalie Hale