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LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag Review

LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag
Price:   $138.00 List | $94.52 at Amazon - 32% off
Pros:  Easy to clean, cute pattern, a lot of carrying capacity
Cons:  Expensive, difficult to organize, plastic hardware
Bottom line:  Cute, practical, not worth hefty price tag
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Carry Method(s):  Tote Handles, Adjustable Shoulder Strap Stroller Clips
Weight:  1.5 Lbs
Dimensions:  11" D x 18" W x 12.5" H
Manufacturer:   LeSportsac

The Skinny

The LeSportsac Ryan is a large, lightweight diaper bag that offers the space you'll need to carry just about anything. The nylon fabric is durable and the "Zoo Cute" print is cute and fun. LeSportsac is a famous name brand that does not specialize in diaper bags so we were interested to explore their take on the age-old classic.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Natalie Hale

Last Updated:
April 29, 2015

There's no getting around it, the LeSportsac Ryan is a behemoth of a diaper bag. Of all the bags we tested, only the OiOi Messenger and BEABA Stockholm feature comparable amounts of real estate. The patterned nylon fabric is cute and easy to clean, but aside from being a part of the famous LeSportsac brand, the Ryan has little to offer in terms of extra value.

Performance Comparison

The LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag next to the included diaper changing pad.
The LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag next to the included diaper changing pad.

Storage and Ease of Use

The LeSportsac Ryan received a 5 of 10 in this category. It is the largest bag we tested, with the OiOi Messenger coming in close behind. Despite the large size, it only features 4 exterior pockets and 2 interior ones. It is bare bones in terms of what it has to offer for organization and closures and, like the BEABA Stockholm, it cannot stand upright without contents inside. The dark interior makes it difficult to keep track of what is inside the bag, a problem we found rampant in user reviews online. On the plus side, the cute animal-print pattern is good for disguising small stains and the Ryan is one of the few bags we tested that is hand-washable; only the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back and BEABA Stockholm openly offer this feature as well.

A closeup of the plastic hardware featured on the LeSportsac. As a rule of thumb  we prefer metal for its durability.
A closeup of the plastic hardware featured on the LeSportsac. As a rule of thumb, we prefer metal for its durability.
The plastic hardware on the bag seems like it could withstand a significant amount of abuse but we are always wary of any plastics due to the lack of durability. We are however, glad to see a complete lack of velcro on this bag. The zipper on the main compartment is helpful when it comes to keeping contents inside, but we do not like the gap between the zipper and the end of the bag. While it does allow you to reach into the bag without fully unzipping it, this space is also large enough to allow contents to spill out if it gets tipped over.

Where the Ryan really stumbles in this category is the lack of perks it has to offer. While it does feature multiple carrying options (fabric tote handles, stroller straps and an adjustable shoulder strap), its only other included accessory was a padded changing mat. The bag also lacks any metal feet to protect the bottom from wear and tear.


We awarded a score of 7 of 10 here because this bag is surprisingly lightweight. Only the Skip Hop Forma weighs less than the Ryan, which came in at a mere 1.5 pounds. Despite this, it was still not the most comfortable bag to carry. The rough nylon straps rubbed on exposed skin and caused a cute sweater to pill after wearing it for a long outing.


We awarded the Ryan a score of 4 of 10 for quality. The Ryan is made with 100% nylon fabrics. Nylon is durable in clothing and bags, but once it tears it can be cumbersome to repair. It lost points for the use of plastic hardware as well. Based on our tests, plastic hardware is just not as durable as metal.


Closeup of the "cute" nylon fabric print on the Ryan.
Closeup of the "cute" nylon fabric print on the Ryan.
Make no mistake, this is a cute diaper bag but it still only earned a 2 of 10 for style. We liked the daring animal print, but there is no way we would use the bag for anything other than a diaper bag. As the market is trending towards giving bags the ability to be disguised as a handbag or purse, the Ryan just didn't make the cut.

Best Applications

This bag is best for moms who need to carry a lot of stuff and are not worried about the juvenile look or keeping things super organized.


Very few accessories or added perks are included with the Ryan. Combined with a high price tag of $138, this bag offers very little compared to many of the others we tested. We'd recommend a bag like the Skip Hop Chelsea or the BEABA Stockholm when looking for a similar carrying capacity.


The LeSportsac is a kid-friendly bag, but you can definitely get more bang for your buck by investing elsewhere.

Other Versions and Accessories

LeSportsac offers the Ryan in the following colors and patterns: Army cheetah, Bahia Stripe, Black, Black patent, Contempo camo, Devotion, Dot O Fun, Flower, Flower Child, Lerugby, Patchouli, Supernova Lightning, Tuileries, Utopian, Wild at Heart, Zig Zag, Zoo Buddies, Latitude, Terra lightening, tested in "Zoo Cute".
Natalie Hale

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