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The 5 Best Fishing Poles for Kids

We tested the top kids' fishing poles from Zebco, Ugly Stik, Kalex, Plussino, and others to find the best
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Best Fishing Pole for Kids
Most of the testing poles have manageable handle lengths, but the Kalex (top) was significantly longer than the competition and smaller testers struggled with the design.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Our Top Picks

By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Friday May 12, 2023

Finding a great kids' fishing pole is more complex than you might think. We researched over 20 popular options before buying the top 7 for hands-on, side-by-side testing. We purchased every rod in this review and used them in multiple lakes with real kids to see which poles were the easiest to assemble and use. With a wide disparity in quality and useability, there is much to be learned from our insider experience. Read on to find out which poles are the best and which options left kid testers crying.

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Editor's Note: We updated our fishing pole review on May 12, 20023, with an eye for product availability and updates to pricing.


Best Overall Kids' Fishing Pole

Zebco Roam

Reel Style: Push button | Pole Type: Fiberglass
Easy to use
Simple design
Never failed
No accessories

The Zebco Roam has a 6 ft solid core, two-part fiberglass rod with a push-button reel. This pole comes with a 10-lb line pre-spooled and has a comfortable sponge-type grip that is easy to hold and an excellent diameter for kids. Kids love the easy-to-cast push-button reel, and the rod length was great for our 8+ years and older testers. This rod is the only option in the group that didn't result in a broken line or repeated requests for adult help. Little ones were able to cast the line repeatedly without a hiccup.

The Roam is 6 ft in length, which we think is probably too long for younger users to manage, and it didn't come with any accessories. But, given that most of the accessories included with some competitors were awful, this was a plus in our book. It is hard not to love this pole, and after much testing and headaches at the lake re-stringing and untangling other products we tested, we can't say enough good things about this impressive rod and reel. We recommend this fishing pole for anyone who wants to enjoy fishing without the hassle and the meltdowns form impatient and frustrated children. Plus, at 6 ft, your older child has plenty of room to grow and perfect their skills.

kids fishing pole - best overall kids' fishing pole
Nothing beats the Zebco Roam for ease of use and a quick start-up. If your child is old enough to wield the longer rod, and you don't mind buying accessories on the side, then this is the one to buy.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Budget-Friendly Pole

Ugly Stik Dock Runner

Reel Style: Spinning | Pole Type: Graphite/Fiberglass
Good price
Nice quality
Cheap line
No accessories

The Ugly Stik Dock Runner is a 3 ft rod with a 30-size spinning reel pre-spooled with a 6 lb line. It has a cork grip and is excellent for younger fishers or tight spaces like a dock or a kayak. The Dock Runner comes ready to use with no assembly required besides stringing the line, and you can feel it is of better quality than much of the child-centric competition in our lineup. Testers liked this pole's size and think it is easy enough to use after practicing the reel type, which is a higher degree of difficulty than the push-button reel. Smaller testers were also able to wield this pole without getting in the way of others or catching up on things nearby.

Given the reel style and design, a higher level of hand/eye coordination and muscle memory is necessary to effectively cast, which could elude some younger users. The pre-spooled line is also sub-par, and we experienced a high frequency of snapping and tangled lines with this setup. It also doesn't come with any accessories. However, we can overlook this given the poor quality of accessories we experienced in this lineup. Overall, this is a great wallet-friendly short pole for kids who can master the finger skill required to use the reel. It feels like it will last for several seasons and multiple children, becoming a well-used family favorite.

kids fishing pole - best budget-friendly pole
The Dock Runner is a nice pole with a spinning reel, but younger testers were less enchanted with this style reel that requires more practice.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Perfect for Tight Spaces

Zebco Dock Demon

Reel Style: Spinning | Pole Type: Solid core/Glass rod
Shorter rod
Nice quality
Included line breaks easily
Harder to use reel

The Zebco Dock Demon is a short rod pole with a spinning reel. This 30" solid core rod is perfect for kid anglers or where space is limited. It has a quality feel with EVA easy-grip handle, ball bearing drive, and a changeable left/right hand retrieve. Testers liked how easy it was to hold and cast without hitting other people or getting caught on bushes or rocks nearby.

The line that comes with this reel was problematic in our testing and regularly snapped without reason. We can't imagine it holding up to a real fish when it struggled to stay in place with a bit of underwater plant life, but you can buy a higher quality line, and you'll be all set without the worry. Also, this reel style is more challenging for kids to master, and some of our younger testers got frustrated using it, preferring the push-button style reel instead. Overall, we like this shorter, quality fishing pole, and if you buy some higher quality line, we think older kids with a desire to learn fishing and a little patience will appreciate the shorter length and the easy-to-use rod.

kids fishing pole - perfect for tight spaces
Kids liked the look and feel of the Dock Demon, but the spinning reel takes more practice to master and younger kids might get frustrated before they figure it out.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Quality Pole and Reel

Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit

Reel Style: Spinning | Pole Type: Telescopic
Higher quality
Telescopes for easier transport
Harder to use reel
Long handle

The Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit comes unassembled with a rod, reel, extra line, and accessories. This rod comes well packaged in several boxes with bubble wrap, unlike any other contenders we tested. The pole has an EVA handle that feels good in the hand, and the reel spins smoothly. This rod telescopes in to ease travel in the included travel bag. Little testers liked the rod, and Dads did too.

This rod doesn't fit in the included carry bag with the reel attached, and it isn't practical to remove it every time you go to the lake. It also comes pre-spooled with a thin line that quickly snapped and caused more than one occurrence of kid frustration during testing. Last, the handle is oddly long, even for a grown man, and young kids may struggle to hold and operate it. However, these minor concerns aside, we think this is one of the best quality products in this review. Switching to a higher-quality line will solve most of your troubles, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a quality, solid-feeling reel.

kids fishing pole - best quality pole and reel
The length of the Kalex handle could cause problems for little kids when they catch a fish and need to hold on while reeling it in.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Kit for Kids

Plussino Kids Fishing Pole

Reel Style: Push Button | Pole Type: Telescopic
Padded case
Ease push-button reel
EVA handle
Lower quality
Misaligned eyelets

The Plussino Kids Fishing Pole is a one-and-done fishing kit for kids. It also includes a padded carry case with a spot for everything, including a small tackle box with bobbers, weights, and lures. It features a push-button style reel and a telescoping rod. Our testers liked the size, and the push-button style is a favorite with new anglers. The kit provides enough stuff to make kids feel like legitimate professionals and is enough to get little ones started on the path to fishing.

While kid-friendly and comes with loads of accessories, none of it is of outstanding quality, and it feels like it won't last very long, especially if you have good luck at the local pond. The pole's eyelets are off-center, which impacts casting and reeling in, and the button feels like it could break if used for more than a handful of outings. The carry bag is nice, but the accessories are all sub-par, and while the bobbers in this kit actually bob, they aren't the best. However, it is easy to see why our testers liked this setup, and we think it may be a good choice for getting little ones excited about fishing (especially the super young), but there are better poles to be had elsewhere for a lower price. We recommend this for kids who aren't sure they want to fish and will enjoy playing with all the accessories.

kids fishing pole - best kit for kids
The Plussino kit is better than the similar ODDSPRO thanks to the EVA wrapped handle and a more solid feeling button.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Good Kit but Harder to Hold

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole

Reel Style: Push Button | Pole Type: Telescopic
Easy push button
Padded carry case
Misaligned eyelets
Lower quality

The ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole is virtually identical to the Plussino above, except for color pattern and handle style. It comes with a padded carry case, a small tackle box, various weights, bobbers, lures, and a push-button reel. The telescopic rod is easy to use, and the size is perfect for young children.

We ranked the twin of this model higher because the EVA handle on the Plussino is easier to hold onto than the broken plain handle on the ODDSPRO. Both kits have the same carry case, accessories, reel, and telescopic rod. Other than the handle style and name embossed on the pole, there are no differences between them. We aren't a big fan of either, and the quality is subpar, but if having a kit with everything included will get your child jazzed about going fishing, we'd choose the Plussino for the better handle.

kids fishing pole - the oddspro was well-liked by testers, but it didn't feel like it...
The ODDSPRO was well-liked by testers, but it didn't feel like it would last for long if you manage to catch your share of fish.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Not Recommended: Disappointing in Every Way

Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Reel Style: Push Button | Pole Type: Telescopic
Came with tackle
Carry case
Faulty tackle

The Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box is an attractive, all-inclusive kit that parents might consider as it seems to include everything you'll need to get your little one up and fishing. It has a telescopic pole, push-button reel, and lots of bobbers, weights, and lures in a small tackle box that comes in a zipper close carry bag.

All this sounds pretty cool until you open the case and get a good look at the supplies. The rod is hard plastic and will not bend if you catch a larger fish. The bobbins are "open" and fill with water quickly, making them useless for fishing. However, the most significant problem is that the pole we purchased came broken. Our young tester didn't even get to cast the reel once, which was hugely disappointing as it was the pole he was most interested in, thanks to all the accessories. Luckily, we had multiple poles to test, so our day wasn't a total bust, but most folks will likely end up with a single broken pole and a very sad child. While we can't say that all rods will arrive at their destination broken, we feel the quality is so bad that most of the poles will likely break in short order, making it a setup we don't recommend.

kids fishing pole - the lanaak pole is very low quality with a hard plastic rod that...
The Lanaak pole is very low quality with a hard plastic rod that came with a broken reel, disappointing testers who were excited about the accessories it came with.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Tip: Fishing can be a fun experience, and to maintain your younger child's interest, keep it positive, simple, and short. As your child grows and their attention span lengthens, increase the fishing time. We also suggest researching which lakes near you have been well-stocked with fish, increasing your chances of catching something and encouraging child engagement.

kids fishing pole
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Why You Should Trust Us

With a long-time fisherman's help, our kid testers used each pole side-by-side and hands-on at multiple locations over several weeks. While fishing might appear to be a straightforward sport, we learned how much there is to learn and how having the right gear can be the difference between fishing fun and ultimate failure. We tested each pole for quality, ease of use, child-friendliness, and more. With more than 10 individual tests, including assembly, line paths, reel smoothness, handle length, and more to determine winners and rank.

We've been testing gear for babies and kids for over eight years. This review is led by Senior Review Editor Wendy Schmitz. Wendy is a mother of 2 boys who were game for fishing fun and ready to give each product its opportunity to shine in the water.

Testing the top fishing poles for kids is a winning summer job for...
Testing the top fishing poles for kids is a winning summer job for just about any kid.
We tested 7 of the top poles on the market with several kid-centric...
We tested 7 of the top poles on the market with several kid-centric poles and other smaller rods suitable for kids.

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased and tested popular fishing poles for kids in our quest to find the best. Our testers took notes on their experiences with each product and gave feedback on ease of use. These tot testers weren't shy about condemning the disappointing and less than inspiring rods while vying for the opportunity to use the more straightforward, higher-quality poles.

kids fishing pole - taking the lanaak out of the package only to discover it is broken...
Taking the Lanaak out of the package only to discover it is broken could be one of the worst things to happen on a child's first fishing trip.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Some of the poles in our review come pre-assembled, unlike many adult fishing poles that require adding the reel to the rod or spooling the line to build your setup. None of the group needed line spooling, but given that much of the provided line was terrible and easily snapped, you'll likely still want to buy some line and learn how to spool.

Of those that required assembly, the Kalex Kit was easy to set up with little effort, which is impressive given that ours lacked a detailed manual. Perhaps the manufacturer assumes everyone knows the process or pole setup. However, we suspect some parents will be as new to fishing as their children, and assembly skills/knowledge will elude them (as it did some of our testers). For those parents, we suggest sticking to the Zebco products, as they come pre-assembled, or the Plussino, which is almost ready to use after threading the line through the eyelets and adding accessories.

kids fishing pole - the plussino and the oddspro both have telescoping rods with eyelets...
The Plussino and the ODDSPRO both have telescoping rods with eyelets that do not align and this could cause a problem with a fish on the line.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

While choosing an all-inclusive kit is appealing, especially for parents who know nothing about fishing, the kits in this review were low quality, in our opinion. We believe you'll save yourself frustration, time, and money by purchasing supplies separately. While two kits in this lineup worked well enough during testing, they likely won't last through the summer of regular fishing, and all of them had something subpar included in the set. Issues like the misaligned eyelets we encountered during testing could become problematic if you catch an actual fish and put stress on the line reeling it in.

kids fishing pole - the dock demon comes with subpar line that regularly snapped in our...
The Dock Demon comes with subpar line that regularly snapped in our tests resulting in a tangled and mismanaged line that required regular parent help.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Ease of Use

Interestingly, not all of the poles were easy to use, especially for those who lacked prior fishing knowledge. Our assumption that a layperson could pick up any old fishing pole and start fishing was foolhardy at best, especially depending on which pole we tried. While some of our testers knew a thing or two about fishing and had no trouble putting reels on rods and running lines, others couldn't identify which end was which and definitely couldn't figure out how to cast without losing the fishing line or snapping and tangling it. If you aren't a fishing master, we recommend keeping this in mind when purchasing a pole.

kids fishing pole - the zebco roam is the easiest, most straightforward option in the...
The Zebco Roam is the easiest, most straightforward option in the group and works right out of the box.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The most straightforward fishing pole to use, hands down, is the Zebco Roam. This pole was super simple for inexperienced parents and newbie little anglers. It comes fully assembled, with a higher quality line than most of the competition that didn't snap or tangle in our tests. The push-button reel and casting were easy enough for even our youngest tester to master quickly. Just run the line through the eyelets, add a weight and a lure, or perhaps a bobber, and you're on your way to a great day of fishing. Easy-peasy. We cannot overstate how straightforward this pole is and how much our testers enjoyed it.

Our testers preferred the push-button reel style over the spinning...
Our testers preferred the push-button reel style over the spinning reel as it takes almost no practice to master.
The ODDSPRO is a push-button pole kids liked for its ease of use and...
The ODDSPRO is a push-button pole kids liked for its ease of use and included accessories.

The Plussino (above left) and ODDSPRO (above right) were close seconds with telescoping rods and attached reels. They have push buttons for easy casting and are the perfect size for eager young anglers. Unfortunately, the quality isn't excellent with these products, but our kid testers liked them and, like many children, felt the case and tackle boxes were ultra-cool.

kids fishing pole - the dock runner is a great size for kids and testers liked the cork...
The Dock Runner is a great size for kids and testers liked the cork handle, but the spinning reel takes patience and time to master.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Depending on the child's age, the spinning reels in this review are far more challenging and have a higher learning curve than the competition. We found the Kalex to be the easiest of the spinning reels, and we had the least difficulties with this pole. However, the handle is oddly long, and our younger, shorter testers didn't care for it and felt it was harder to cast as they repeatedly hit themselves in the forearm. The Zebco Dock Demon and the Ugly Stick Dock Runner are similar in design and size to the Kalex but have shorter easier-to-manage handles. After mastering the more intricate finger dexterity and mind-muscle control required for casting this reel style, they are easy to use, but both came with a cheap line that repeatedly tangled. However, you can always purchase a higher quality line, and we encourage that no matter which pole you select.

Some testers felt the spinning reel wasn't worth the added learning curve and effort. Younger testers were easily frustrated and frequently threatened to quit altogether with these poles. Other parents feel this reel style is the only way to fish and believe children would be more motivated to master it if they were never exposed to the push-button reel. Overall, we believe the push button is the way to go if you want to engage kids early and keep them interested. There is always time to learn more complex things as they progress and develop better control. The push-button ruled the day with kids of all ages during our testing. The spinning reels were "cast" aside quickly and early.

kids fishing pole - fishing with kids can be fun and provide lasting memories of an...
Fishing with kids can be fun and provide lasting memories of an afternoon well-spent bonding, even if you never catch a thing.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


After much discussion with experienced anglers and personal research, we chose several popular kids' fishing poles for hands-on testing. Unfortunately, we were surprised that most of the kid-centric products were extremely poor quality, had unimpressive features, and were easy to break (one arrived broken). This stark reality means selecting a functional pole suitable for children was more challenging than we expected. Our review provides helpful details so you can find the best rod for your child and their experience or interest level. Plus, you can avoid some of the disappointments we experienced. So, don't get "caught" with a sub-par fishing pole! Take advantage of our recommendations and experience fun fishing with your budding angler using a child-friendly pole that can last through the fishing season and potentially beyond.

Wendy Schmitz

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