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Best Sprinkler for Kids

Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Tuesday August 3, 2021
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Searching for a fun in the sun sprinkler for kids? We researched over 20 options before buying 10 of the top options for testing. We used each sprinkler side-by-side with real kids to see which options were the most fun and which have the features to stay fun for the long haul. Our review includes the inside details you need to find the best sprinkler for your kids and your budget.


Best Overall Sprinkler

Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl

Style: Spinning | Ages: 4+ years
Lots of water nozzles
Random squirting fun
Can run around or over
High-pressure water can sting

The Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl has a water spinning center with randomly flailing plastic tubes for excessive water fun in the sun. This cool sprinkler has a center swirl that peaked over 6 feet in our tests and water that shoots out horizontally over 10 feet! Kids loved the erratic behavior of the water tubes and the predictable deluge from the center. It proved useful for running around the edges and jumping over the center. Our testers agreed this sprinkler was the most fun and were reluctant to change it when it was time to test other products.

The only downside to this option is full pressure water in our tests caused some stinging when getting too close to the tubes. Parents can easily decrease this possibility by turning the water pressure down or keeping little ones at a distance. Overall, kids in our tests loved this wild Hydro Swirl and chose it repeatedly above the competition.

The Hydro Whirl has water coming and going in every direction.
The Hydro Whirl has water coming and going in every direction.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Inflatable for Parties

Boxgear Unicorn Sprinkler

Style: Inflatable | Ages: 8+ years
Giant size
Impressive spray pattern
Needs pump to inflate
Consistent water spray area

There's something about the giant Boxgear Unicorn Sprinkler that brings a smile to the face of everyone. Adults and kids alike were enthralled with this extra-large inflatable, and we can see it being a hit at adult parties as well as kids. This product has a water spout from the horn and stakes in the ground to keep it in place. It is quick to inflate using a pump, and ours worked well at keeping kids entertained and cooled in the hot sun.

This product requires a pump to inflate, which means you may need to make a secondary purchase if you don't already have one. It also has a narrow and consistent spray, which means some kids might get bored in short order, and some did in our tests. However, our testers still requested more time with the Unicorn and really enjoyed the rain-like cascade from the horn. We can see younger children preferring the predictability of the horn shower and think it makes a good selection for the younger set.

The horn on the Unicorn offers a consistent shower of soft water...
The horn on the Unicorn offers a consistent shower of soft water great for running, jumping, and standing under.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best on a Budget Sprinkler

Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant

Style: Spinning | Ages: 1+ month
Lots of water action
Super high water
Variable spray
High pressure can hurt the face
Spray is hard for toddlers

If you're ready for some wild and crazy fun, the Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant is the one you want to consider. This inexpensive powerhouse has an unassuming appearance we didn't initially find impressive. However, once we turned on the water, the fun began, and everyone went crazy. With up and out spraying action, as well as a semi-misting effect, this hydrant manages to soak anyone who comes near it. It has a high center fountain over 12 feet tall and a narrower horizontal spray to keep kids close to the hydrant. Our testers ran around and over the hydrant, and some even picked it up to shoot at their playmates.

This product has a harder pressure than the competition and may require fine-tuning the water supply to keep kids from getting stung by the harsh spray. The manufacturer recommends this for babies as young as one month, and we'd have to disagree with this given the potential for stinging water. While our older testers didn't seem to mind, younger users could find the pain of direct needle-like water undesirable. However, decreasing the water pressure resolves this issue, and once you find the sweet spot, everyone is soaking, happy, and thrilled with this tiny powerhouse of a hydrant.

The small Fire Hydrant is more fun than it looks with a center plume...
The small Fire Hydrant is more fun than it looks with a center plume over 10 ft tall and wild horizontal spray.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Soaker on a Budget

Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler

Style: Spinning | Ages: ?
Lots of water
quick moving
wide spray
High pressure
Flimsy feeling

The Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler is a small plastic spinning sprinkler for kids or lawns. This tiny little sprinkler looks unimpressive when you take it out of the simple plastic bag, and we were skeptical that it wasn't going to last or prove fun. Boy, were we wrong! This unassuming sprinkler is a super soaker with a widespread water pattern and so much water you can't help but get wet. During testing, kids loved this option because they could get cooled down quickly without even jumping over the unit.

This feels like a cheap product; while ours held up nicely over the two months of summer we used it, we do wonder how long it will last as the plastic is thin and the unit sits sort of wonky. We suspect a misstep by a larger child will result in a broken sprinkler. Otherwise, we love what this option has to offer and think kids looking to get soaked or who have loads of friends will love this little bomb of a sprinkler.

There is so much water coming from the Kadon, you'll be soaked in...
There is so much water coming from the Kadon, you'll be soaked in minutes of running around this little sprinkler.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Best for Bouncing Fun

Trampoline Sprinkler

Style: Spray | Ages: 10+ years
Great way to cool off
More reasons to use the trampoline
Creates slippery surface
Trampoline takes time to dry

If your kids are bored with their current jumping apparatus, the Trampoline Sprinkler can breathe new life into a forgotten toy. This simple hose design zip ties to the trampoline netting frame, providing a splish splash rainfall inside the jumping circle. The kit comes with a water flow adjustment connector, zip ties, and hose. This sprinkler is simple in design but provides significant water fun. If your kids like to jump and enjoy the water on a hot day, this solution is one you can't pass up. Our testers were sold from the word go and gave it 50 stars!

The setup for this product is more involved than any of the competition, and you'll probably want to do before you tell your kids you have it, as patience isn't great in the younger set. Also, it does make the trampoline surface slippery, and the odds of falling increase with use, so it is best to go slow and limit the jumpers to avoid clashing bodies. Overall, our testers thought this was a great way to enjoy a trampoline, remarking that "if you don't own this, you haven't lived!"

Turn your trampoline into a virtual water park with this cool...
Turn your trampoline into a virtual water park with this cool Sprinkler made just for trampolines.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best for the Younger Crowd

Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat

Style: Spray | Ages: 1+ years
Lots of water
Good for toddlers/non-swimmers
Limited spray pattern
Can get boring for older kids

The Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat has a large play mat surface with a water-filled ring that provides a light spray from holes at regular intervals. The ring inflates from the water and creates a very shallow pool for toddlers and babies to splash in (with supervision). Our testers, even the older crowd, enjoyed the splash pool and the refreshing spray of water from the ring. The spray is never stingy, and the wetness never ends as the pad is continuously refilling. We fit four kids from 8-10 inside with room to spare.

This pad is best for younger kids as older children will likely want to run and jump, which could cause slipping. The limited spray pattern and slippery pad surface limit those who like to stay on the move. That said, even our older testers wanted to wind down on the pad as the sprinkler testing drew to a close, and we can see this simple option being a family favorite on a hot day.

The Splash pad is great for toddlers and the older crowd looking for...
The Splash pad is great for toddlers and the older crowd looking for a gentle way to cool off in the water.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Fun for Groups

Wet N' Wild Kids Hydro Hoop

Style: Spray | Ages: 3+ years
Big hoop for multiple kids
Easy setup
No action
Same spray pattern

If you're hosting more than two kids, the Wet N' Wild Kids Hydro Hoop could be the solution to your "we're so bored" summertime blues. This hoop has multiple small sprinkler heads sticking in various directions providing an individual spout for multiple kids simultaneously. With no movement in the hoop, this is a good option for those looking for predictability with running and jumping in mind. There is no more fighting over the spray with so many ports, and the lack of wild flailing means no more "ow, my eye!" problems while playing.

With the same spray pattern, this sprinkler could get dull for older or more adventurous children who desire a more random water pattern. Our testers initially liked it but swiftly shifted to other options after realizing that "that is all it does." Despite the potential for the wild and crazy kids to lose interest, this is still an excellent option for kids who enjoy predictability over adrenaline, making it a good choice for the merry-go-round lovers in your life; the rollercoaster folks might need to look elsewhere.

The Hydro Hoop offers several spigots for multiple users with...
The Hydro Hoop offers several spigots for multiple users with consistency that timid children might prefer.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Good for Parties

GoFloats Giant Inflatable Fire Hydrant

Style: Inflatable | Ages: Not listed
Adjustable pressure
Quick-release nozzle
Forever to inflate
Sort of dull for older kids

The GoFloats Giant Inflatable Fire Hydrant is a fun, novelty inflatable with a center spray that shoots up and falls much like rain. The design is fun and harkens back to when fire hydrants cooled off urban neighborhoods in the scorching summer heat. We liked the straightforward design and the included adjustment attachment that lets the user decrease or increase water flow as desired right at the hydrant without a trip to the water faucet.

This hydrant took a long time to inflate, even using an electric pump. Our testers struggled to remain patient waiting for full inflation to happen, so we recommend inflating it the night before you plan to use it when they are sleeping. Also, our older testers thought it was somewhat dull as the spray doesn't fall very far from the hydrant and is relatively consistent. However, we think some adult or toddler parties with a related theme could benefit from a novelty item such as this. Our toddler and grownup testers rather liked the raindrop feel of the spray, even if adventurous kids moved on quickly.

The Inflatable Fire Hydrant offers a great tall shower that is...
The Inflatable Fire Hydrant offers a great tall shower that is something to celebrate.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Most Adorable

CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle

Style: Spinning | Ages: 3+ years
Random water spraying
Needed tools to remove from hose
Fewer nozzles/less water

The CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle is an adorable turtle similar in functionality to the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl with a center spinning plate and wild swinging water tubes. The sprinkler itself is funnier than we thought it would be, and testers liked catching and directing the tubes at their playmates. The center water plume is tall, and the flailing tubes spread water at least 8 ft around the turtle for lots of running area.

Unfortunately, this sprinkler was difficult to remove from the hose, and we eventually had to use two pliers to twist it off. This complication dropped its appeal down to almost nothing for parents, and while kids loved it, they also loved the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl, which is similar, bigger, and more fun. If you can't resist the turtle shape, we hear you but have some tools on hand for when the fun is over, or it could stay stuck to your hose all summer long.

The Turtle is adorable and fun, but we did have trouble getting ours...
The Turtle is adorable and fun, but we did have trouble getting ours off the hose without tools.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Possible Fun for Toddlers

Sprinkle Splash Palm Tree Pad

Style: Inflatable | Ages: 1+ years
Lots of water
Good for toddlers
Hard to setup
Not tall enough

The Sprinkle Splash Palm Tree Pad has a lot going on with a splash pad, water ring, and spray from the middle and top of the tree. Younger testers were enthralled with the tree and lighter water spray. It creates a fun, shallow pool for sitting and splashing without the random or crazy spraying claimed by some competitors.

This option is hard to set up and took several attempts to get the air and water levels right to coax the tree to stay standing. We failed half of the time to get it right. It also isn't as tall as you think it will be, and only those under the age of about four will fit under the tree. While kids were intrigued by the design of the tree and excited about this one, the execution didn't hold anyone's attention for long, and the falling tree just grew tiresome to our testers. We think this could be potential fun at a beach-themed party if you manage to get the tree to stay upright.

The Palm Tree was a disappointment for most users and were never got...
The Palm Tree was a disappointment for most users and were never got it to stand up on its own.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Simple screw-on sprinklers are the easiest to set up and the...
Simple screw-on sprinklers are the easiest to set up and the quickest way for fun to start.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Why You Should Trust Us

BabyGearLab has been testing products for babies and kids for over eight years. We purchase and analyze products side-by-side with the competition to give you an insider scoop on what works and what doesn't. For the sprinkler for kids review, Senior Review Editor Wendy Schmitz and her two sons led the team with a variety of testing helpers from the neighborhood. The sprinklers we tested one after another, and the kids ranked them in order of fun and how long they liked playing with them. We gave extra credence to the products the testers asked to use repeatedly.

The Hydro Swirl has a spinning top plate and water tubes that thrash...
Everyone in our test group loved the Jasonwell Unicorn, which is...

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased the top sprinklers for kids and put them through a side-by-side testing process with real kids to determine which sprinklers are more fun than the competition.

Even using an electric pump, the Hydrant took far longer to inflate...
The Hydrant comes with a pressure regulation adapter that is super...

Ease of Setup

Using sprinklers for kids is easy, but setting them up varies depending on the style. If you're looking for a straightforward screw on your garden hose and get playing, then you'll have several great options from which to choose in this review. These products offer quick setup times, and you won't have kids pacing in the wings waiting for the water fun to begin as you might with the inflatable options.

The CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle required tools to remove from...
The CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle required tools to remove from the hose in our tests.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Our favorites are the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl, Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant, and the Wet N' Wild Kids Hydro Hoop. The CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle is easy to set up but the most challenging to remove from the garden hose. You had to use two pliers to get ours off the hose.

The Kadon unit is so lightweight and thin that it was hard to get it...
The Kadon unit is so lightweight and thin that it was hard to get it to sit flat on the ground.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler requires the assembly of several parts, and the cheaper plastic means you need to pay attention to the threading to get a solid connection, but once assembled, it was easy to get on and off of the hose in our tests. It is a lightweight unit compared to most of the competition, and we did have trouble getting it to sit flat on the driveway; maybe grass would have been better. It still worked well, but it is important to note.

The Palm Tree has parts for air inflation and water inflation that...
The water hose connects to the bottom of the tree and fills the...
Droopy Palm Trees can be fun for a short while, but overall, this...

Alternatively, the inflatable options take longer to prepare and set up. These choices require some patience for children and parents alike as they need some tending to while inflating and some arrangement or staking down when ready to use. While not difficult, it takes time, and we suggest purchasing an electric pump to save yourself some effort and your lungs some pain. We used an Intex Pump for our tests, and it worked well. Once inflated, some of the products have water chambers you also need to fill, which takes even more time. The hardest inflatable is the Sprinkle Splash Palm Tree Pad, which requires air inflation of the tree and fronds, water inflation of the inside and outside rings of the splash pad, and threading the hose to finish off the connection. A lot is going on with this product. The easiest is GoFloats Inflatable Fire Hydrant, which requires pumping with air, connecting the hose, playing. The Boxgear Unicorn is similar, but you may need to stake it down depending on your chosen play area.

The Trampoline Sprinkler comes with a water pressure adjustment...
The Trampoline Sprinkler comes with a water pressure adjustment valve for better control of the amount of water it sprays.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The Trampoline Sprinkler requires some forethought, planning, and more setup than the average sprinkler. You'll need a few things before you begin. In addition to a trampoline with surrounding safety net poles, you'll benefit from scissors and a good underlayment to avoid a giant mud hole when all is said and done. This hose attachment system requires zip-tying (ties are included) the flat hose to the poles, which takes time and effort. This process isn't difficult unless someone tries to jump simultaneously, which is a problem we did experience.

There is more than one way to have fun with the water horn of the...
There is more than one way to have fun with the water horn of the Unicorn.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Generally, there are two types of sprinklers for kids, a consistent, predictable spray or a random, somewhat frenetic spray. Both spray types have dedicated fans and potential uses. However, for the most part, we found that younger children, and little ones just looking to cool off or play, enjoyed the more predictable sprays or the models that mimicked rain, including the GoFloats Inflatable Hydrant, and the Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat.

The Obuby Splash Pad and the Palm Tree offer a shallow splashing...
The Hydro Loop can provide even more fun if you dare to pick it up...

Toddlers also love the playmat as well as the Hydro Hoop and Boxgear Unicorn. These product styles offer gentle water velocity and less in-your-face water needle punches.

While younger kids may not like the intensity of the Hydro Swirl...
While younger kids may not like the intensity of the Hydro Swirl water tubes, other users might find the challenge of close-up play fun.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

During testing, older and more adventurous kids preferred the erratic pattern of the Hydro Swirl and the Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant, which offer a random pattern and water spraying in multiple directions at once. In short, you know your child best, and it could take some experimentation to find the perfect fit, but we believe the hectic nature and harder pressure of the Hydro Swirl are too much for toddlers unless the water pressure is low enough that the tubes barely move.

While testers absolutely loved the fire hydrant, we don't think it...
While testers absolutely loved the fire hydrant, we don't think it is a great choice for toddlers unless you turn the water pressure way down to avoid stinging spray in the face.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Similarly, the Smaller Hydrant requires lower pressure before it is suitable for younger children, as more than one tester commented on the "stinging" effects of the water shooting upwards on full pressure. The manufacturer suggests this product for children 1+ years, but we'd respectfully disagree as it is far too frenetic and potentially stinging for little ones that young. Alternatively, the soft shower pour of the Inflatable Hydrant was enjoyed by most users as long as they weren't hoping to jump over anything.

No childhood summer memories are complete without running and...
No childhood summer memories are complete without running and jumping through some well-place sprinklers.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


What is more fun than a water whirling sprayer to jump through in the hot summer sun? Our kid testers had loads of leaping fun during our hands-on testing and comparing the contenders in this lineup before selecting their favorites and must-have products to beat the heat for summer fun. We think your child will find a favorite in this review and believe the award winners are a great place to start your adventure.

Wendy Schmitz