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Best Swim Goggles for Kids

Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Monday March 29, 2021
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Are you looking for a great pair of kids' swim goggles? We purchased and tested over 10 top pairs to find the best of the best. Do your kids long for a cool set of goggles for underwater viewing, or do they just want to avoid eye burn from saltwater or pool chemicals? Ours did too! We had kid testers review each pair for comfort, leaking, and visual quality wearing each pair in the pool and on the shores to find the best goggle for every kid. Read on to find out which pairs win awards and which are still worth a look-see for some kids.


Best Overall Goggles

OMERIL Swim Goggles

Leaks: No | Tinted: No
Kid Adjustable
No sun protection

The OMERIL Swim Goggles come in a pack of two with a clear soft-sided zippered carry case. The goggles adjust on each side by the eyepieces with the push of a button and a pull of the strap, allowing older children to perform self-adjustments, saving parents from the repeated changes for a good fit. Testers report the goggles are comfortable and stay put during swimming and jumping. This pair is leak-free and provides a clear view of the underwater environment with no blurry vision or fogging experienced in our tests. Even after months of continuous use, our kids still rave and choose these goggles over competitors.

There isn't much we don't love about the Omerils. Perhaps the only drawback is their lack of tint or sun protection. Overall, we think these goggles are a great buy, and the pack of two gives you a backup if you lose or break a pair. Most kids and parents will agree they check all the boxes for a great pair of fun swimming specs.

The Omeril were a tester favorite winning points for comfort, no...
The Omeril were a tester favorite winning points for comfort, no leaks, and great visual clarity.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best on a Budget

Skoogles Kids Swim Goggles

Leaks: No | Tinted: No
Clear view
No leaks
Fun case
Smaller eye pieces

The Skoogles Kids Swim Goggles arrived in a cool car-shaped case that our testers loved. It has an easy-to-open and close zipper and helps keep goggles safe when traveling or not in use. These specs provide a comfortable fit, unobstructed view, and no water leaks during testing. We appreciate the simple design, and our testers gave a big thumbs up to their ability to stay on during play.

These tie-dyed goggles have relatively small eye openings compared to the competition. This design could cause trouble for older children or some with wider face shapes. While our testers didn't have any trouble, we think the design has the potential to create fit problems for others. Overall, we feel this wallet-friendly product is a good one to consider if you need a good pair of goggles and don't want to break the bank.

The Skoogles are leak-free and comfy with a budget-friendly price.
The Skoogles are leak-free and comfy with a budget-friendly price.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Tightest Budget Contender

Splaqua Kids Swim Goggles

Leaks: No | Tinted: No
No leak
Button adjustment
Can get foggy
Smaller eye pieces

The Splaqua Kids Swim Goggles are straightforward, basic goggles with one strap that wraps around twice for a forward pull adjustment process that allows kids to tighten the goggles in place and on their own. Our tests revealed no leaking, and users report that the goggles are comfortable compared to some of the less impressive competition.

The Splaqua occasionally suffered from random bouts of fog that we struggled to repeat or determine a cause for. They also have smaller eyepieces that might be uncomfortable for some with wide-set or larger eyes. Last, they can be harder to make bigger without an adult's help, but if only one child is using them, this shouldn't be a huge issue. Overall, we think these are a good swimming solution for younger children or those with smaller faces, and parents will enjoy the quick adjustment method.

Great in most ways the Splaqua scored big with testers for comfort...
Great in most ways the Splaqua scored big with testers for comfort and lack of leaking.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best for Swimming Laps

Speedo Hydrospex

Leaks: No | Tinted: Yes
Stays put
Harder to adjust

The Speedo Hydrospex are impressive goggles that stayed put no matter how we tried to dislodge them (jumping, diving, underwater acrobatics, and lap swimming). Testers liked the slight tint that provides sun protection without color distortion of the world or underwater vision. The goggles are comfortable and leak-free and a popular choice for many of our testers of various ages.

The Speedo goggles are more challenging to adjust than some of the competition, and we wish they had the push-button release we saw on some of the less impressive contenders. However, their design could be why we didn't have to tighten them as often as the competition, which we appreciated. We think these goggles are great for most children for any water-based activity, and the sun tint gives them a leg up on much of the competition providing better protection parents will love.

The Speedo goggles are perfect for all active kids who like to...
The Speedo goggles are perfect for all active kids who like to challenge a goggle's ability to stay put.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best for a Wider View

AqtivAqua Wide View

Leaks: No | Tinted: Yes
Not great for smaller or narrow faces

If you want a wider view or better peripheral vision, the AqtivAqua Wide View are the goggles for you. These tinted, wide-angle goggles have a comfortable fit and provide leak-free clear viewing with a broader field of view than the competition with smaller eye openings. Kids enjoy the cool look, and parents appreciate the easy push-button release for quick strap length adjustments.

Kids with narrow faces may not like these goggles as much, though the fit is dependant on so many factors it's impossible to say for sure. Younger kids' faces may also be too small or narrow for a proper fit, giving way to potential leaks. These concerns aside, we like the idea of better full-view vision, and finding goggles that offer this with comfort and clarity is a bonus. We think this choice is suitable for children who want to see more or ocean swimming where there is more stuff to see.

If peripheral vision is what you're after, then the AqtivAqua Wide...
If peripheral vision is what you're after, then the AqtivAqua Wide View might be what you're looking for.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Budget-friendly 2-Pack

OutdoorMaster Kids Swim Goggles

Leaks: Yes | Tinted: No
One strap leads to shifting
Small leaks

The 2-pack OutdoorMaster Kids Swim Goggles come in a plastic zip-lock style case that feels more like packaging than a protective cover. The goggles are budget-friendly and offer a pair for backup or a sibling or friend. We like the price, and kids like the comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, these goggles can leak, and while the leaks are small, it is enough to cause vision problems or let eye irritating chemicals inside. While these are not the top of the line goggles, we think they might work for some or temporary use for guests or a kids pool party.

The OutdoorMaster two-pack is perfect for siblings and pool parties.
The OutdoorMaster two-pack is perfect for siblings and pool parties.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Brand Name Leaker

TYR Swimple Goggles

Leaks: Yes | Tinted: No
Low price
Clear view

The Tyr Swimple has a surprisingly low price for a brand-name product, and they offer a clear view of underwater exploits. Kids like the fun tie-dye design, and the strap feels soft.

Unfortunately, during testing, the goggles leaked. More than most of the competition and enough that testers didn't wear them for long. They are also one of the most uncomfortable pairs compared side-by-side, and some testers tried to discard them before even getting in the water. Given the lower level of comfort and the leaking we experienced during testing, the Tyr just didn't stand up to the competition in this review.

The Tyr had occasional leakage problems in our tests, which hurt...
Testers preferred to us the Tyr goggles for watersport activities...


Cool Looking but Occasionally Leak

Aegend Swim Goggles

Leaks: Yes | Tinted: Yes
Sun protection
Cool look
Can leak
Blurry view

If looking good is what you're after, look no further than the Aegend Swim Goggles. Kids were instantly drawn to these mirrored glasses that look like cool motorcycle goggles or snowmobile staples. We like the mirrored tinting for sun protection, and some testers loved the distorted coloring and feel of what they swiftly dubbed "the 4th dimension."

Unfortunately for the Aegend, things took a swift turn for the worst once little ones hit the water. The goggles tended to leak in our tests, and this, combined with the heavy mirroring, created a blurry and distorted view of the underwater world. Given the potential for leaks and the blurry view, we aren't big fans of these slick-looking specs.

Testers loved the look and cool factor of the Aegend, but they lost...
Testers loved the look and cool factor of the Aegend, but they lost their luster when used underwater.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Not Recommended: Leaking and Blurry View

EverSport Kids Goggles

Leaks: Yes | Tinted: No
Cool Looking

EverSport Kids Goggles have a cool look with a wide lens design we thought would be good for improved visibility. They have a budget-friendly price and come in a 2-pack suitable for siblings or as a backup pair should you lose or break the first pair.

These goggles don't offer much in the way of improving water time activities. In our tests, the wide lens created visual distortion that kids thought was blurry at best and annoying at worst. The goggles also suffered from regular leaking, and kids thought they were uncomfortable. Overall, the Eversport kids were disappointing for parents and kids, and we believe there are better options in this lineup you should explore first.

The EverSport generally disappointed despite testers liking the wide...
The EverSport generally disappointed despite testers liking the wide view look of the eyepieces.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Not Recommended: Uncomfortable, Blurry Leaker

EverSport Goggles

Leaks: Yes | Tinted: Yes/No
Cool Looking

EverSport Goggles are similar to their kid counterparts but have mirror tinting on one pair and are slightly different in their design. Like their smaller cousins, these goggles look cool and are less expensive than some of the competition as you get two for a lower price.

These goggles are equally disappointing to the kid's version with leaking, blurry vision, and discomfort experienced in our tests. While we can see why and how little ones will gravitate to these goggles, our testing indicates they won't be happy for long, making these a product we don't recommend.

Blurry vision and consistent leaking in our tests make the EverSport...
Blurry vision and consistent leaking in our tests make the EverSport adult goggles a no-go in our book.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

We tested the top kid's swim goggles in the pool and on the shores...
We tested the top kid's swim goggles in the pool and on the shores to find the absolute best of the bunch.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Why You Should Trust Us

The swim goggle review is led by Senior Review Editor Wendy Schmitz, mother of two eager testers who spent ample time over several days testing kids swim goggles. Wendy chose options based on her experience as a mother and years of kid's swimming lessons, and her long history testing and rating baby gear for BabyGearLab. The products were rigorously tested hands-on at the lake and in the pool to determine how well they stood up against the competition during normal water activities for kids.

We had testers attempt to make their own goggle adjustments to see...
The Skoogles come with a zippered, soft-shell carrying case in the...
No matter how cool a pair of goggles look, leaking was a no go and...

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased and tested 10 of the top swim goggles for kids. These products were tested side-by-side by multiple testers of different ages to determine which are the best of the bunch and don't make the water fun cut.

Comfort is uber important when it comes to goggles, ranking just as...
Comfort is uber important when it comes to goggles, ranking just as important as being leak-free n the minds of our testers.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Swim goggles should be comfortable and almost feel like they aren't even there. If your child is uncomfortable, they will be frustrated using the goggles and are likely to skip them altogether or complain. We looked for easily adjustable goggles that went around the entire eye without crowing or placing pressure on it. We assessed the straps and nose pieces' design and whether or not kids could make changes to the size by themselves. As experienced parents know, "Can you tighten these goggles?" is a mantra of many little ones over the summer.

Testers were not big fans of the single strap design on the...
Despite its other charms, the Speedo goggles were harder to adjust...

We preferred the options with button push adjustment, and so did our kid testers. They liked two straps over one, so the goggles shifted less while swimming and jumping, and they liked wider eye openings over small but didn't seem fond of the really wide choices like the Eversport goggles.

The Omerils were considered top of the line for comfort being worn...
The Omerils were considered top of the line for comfort being worn both in the water and out.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Those given the comfort thumbs up from testers were the Omeril, Speedo, and Skoogles. The most uncomfortable products were the Eversport Kids (with the super-wide eye openings and the OutdoorMaster Goggles with the single strap design that pulled hair and shifted during swimming and underwater activity.

The EverSport Kids goggles leaked more than the competition in our...
The EverSport Kids goggles leaked more than the competition in our tests, making them the least favorite in the lineup.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Being leak-proof is arguably the most important feature for a great set of goggles, but only about half of the specs in this group are truly leak-free. We had multiple kid testers wear each goggle pair during water activities like jumping, cannonballs, paddle boarding, swimming, Marco Polo, and underwater diving for objects to see how well each stood up to the types of fun kids typically engage in while participating in water play. Overall, sadly, we were disappointed. We did not expect that about half of the goggles would leak. Some products managed certain activities well and not others, while only about half managed to remain leak-free no matter what we threw at them.

Even diving and cannonballs couldn't dislodge the stuck like glue...
Even diving and cannonballs couldn't dislodge the stuck like glue Speedos, remaining leak-free even when hitting the water hands-free.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The best goggles were the Speedos that excelled at lap swimming and dock jumping. Kids also loved the Omeril options that stayed put with no leaks underwater for long periods and after acrobatic front flips from the pool's edge. The Skoogles and the Splaqua also remained leak-free under regular use. In our tests for leaking, the worst in the group were the EverSport products and the Aegend, which were popular with testers out of the water but dubbed as "garbage" after water testing.

The EverSport mirrored goggles leaked around the edges in our test...
The EverSport mirrored goggles leaked around the edges in our test, but we think they might leak less on children with wider face shapes.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Having a clear view underwater without eye sting is at least part of the reason why kids like wearing goggles. Foggy, blurry, or strange underwater visual effects when wearing goggles will impact your child's desire to wear them. We assumed the "wide" view lenses would be popular and offer an increased peripheral vision that would make them popular choices with testers.

The EverSport kid's goggles wider view caused underwater distortion...
The EverSport kid's goggles wider view caused underwater distortion giving a blurry and unrealistic view for most testers.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

However, our testers felt that most of the wide view options, the EverSport in particular, were blurry underwater and had noticeable distortion that caused strange visual changes underwater. Perhaps this style doesn't play well with the way light reflects and refracts off the water, but most of them were disappointing except for the AqtivAqua Wide View. The Aegend were blurry, and the mirroring of the lenses resulted in surreal visuals that kid testers called "the 4th dimension." Most managed to remain fog-free, but the Splaqua would fog up for no reason we could determine as it only happened occasionally and out of the blue.

The Omerils provided a clear view with no blur or fog to speak of.
Kids liked the tinted lenses of the Speedo and felt it improved...

The best for visual clarity are the Omeril (above left) and Speedo (above right), which both offer clear views above and below the waterline with no distortion or blurring in our tests.

We had loads of fun testing the 10 top swim goggles for kids for...
We had loads of fun testing the 10 top swim goggles for kids for this review.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


We can say with certainty that not all kids' swim goggles are the same after much fun and testing. We noticed significant differences in how the goggles performed and whether they kept water from reaching little peepers. Our kid testers used every pair of goggles in our review, putting them through a rigorous testing process to give you insider details to help you choose the right pair for your child. Whether you want a little sun protection, easy to adjust straps or the ultimate in leak-proof lap swimmers, there are goggles for every child in this roundup of impressive competitors.

Wendy Schmitz