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Best Masks for Kids

We tested a variety of masks to help you find the best options for your children
Best Masks for Kids
By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Friday April 22, 2022
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Are you looking for a great mask for your kids? We researched a variety of types and styles before purchasing the top 16 options for hands-on testing. In an age where masks are often mandatory for everyday living, you'll need a well-fitting mask that is comfortable enough for your child to tolerate wearing for extended periods. We purchased each kid's mask in this review and had real children wear them for extended periods remarking on fit, comfort, quality, and overall wear-ability. This review will give you the information you need to purchase the best mask for your goals and child.

Editor's Note: We performed an update on April 22, 2022, for our children's mask review to ensure all products are currently available.


Best Overall Kids' Mask

Dropskip Kids Face Masks

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter No
Nose piece
Super soft silky feel
Filter pocket
No-lose adjustable ear straps
Can suck into the face
No included filter

The Dropskip Kids Face Masks is hands down the most comfortable mask in this review, especially if you want a maskless feel. This silky smooth mask is two layers and has a bendable nose piece, a small chin shelf, and a filter pocket. It has adjustable elastic ear straps with a silicone end to prevent the adjustable slide from falling off and getting lost. They feel thin, are 100% cotton, and come with a zipper laundry bag for quick machine wash cleaning and dying. This pack includes five colorful masks good for every day of the week, making them great for kids headed to school. While thin, these appear to be of nice quality with even stitching and no loose threads or stretched elastic. These masks look small but fit everyone during testing, from 5 years old to a smaller adult face. Our testers preferred these masks for outdoor activities (tennis, anyone?) where sweating and hot days prevailed.

While this option comes with a filter pocket, it doesn't come with filters. However, you can easily buy filters online for more layers. Also, the fabric is thin and has no structure, so without a filter, the material can suck into your face if you inhale sharply. Despite these minor hiccups, we love these masks. The silky feeling, adjustable features, and filter pocket help ensure that kids will wear them without complaint, even while running and playing.

Best Overall Kids' Mask
The DropSkip Face Mask is one of the most comfortable options in this review with 2 layers and a pocket for a filter.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Budget-friendly Pack

Gyothrig 6 Pack Masks

Moldable nose: No | Filter: No
Pleated coverage and fit
3 layers
Adjustable ear straps
No form-fitting features
No filter

If you want multiple layers without worrying about replaceable filters, the Gyothrig 6 Pack Masks is a budget-friendly option for kids going to school or doing daily activities. The Gyothrig is pleated like a medical mask and is a cotton/polyester blend. They are comfortable and somewhat fit your face as the pleats pull apart. They are colorful, have adjustable ear straps, and have no strange smell. The quality is impressive with consistent sizing, stitching, and overall fit and finish. They were highly breathable during testing despite the three layers.

This pack is a great value, but the masks are missing some critical features for form-fitting that help prevent air from escaping in gaps around the mask edge. There is no wire nose piece or chin shelf, though they fit snugly on most faces. The pleated design could be uncomfortable over time if the child has a highly defined bridge or prominent nose, making this a potentially better choice for those with a less developed bridge. While we wish these masks had a pocket for a filter, we appreciate they are three layers on their own, which means there is nothing else to buy or fiddle with. Last, these masks need to be hand washed and laid flat to dry, so you'll be without a mask if you wash them all at once. Despite these flaws, the pack solves the school week necessity for masks, and the colors and fit help ensure little ones will want to wear them.

Best Budget-friendly Pack
Kid testers felt the Gyothrig Face Masks were comfortable and felt nice on their face.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Bang for the Single Mask Buck

Maikoa Cartoon bears

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
Form-fitting features

The adorable Maikoa Cartoon bears kids' mask appeals to most younger testers drawn to the cute design, bright colors, and smaller fit. This cute mask comes with multiple layers, a filter pocket, and one activated carbon filter (more sold separately). We like the chin shelf, adjustable ear straps, and the moldable nose piece that provides a snug, safer fit without air gaps. It was one of the favored masks during testing, with more than one tester remarking how comfy it was to wear.

This mask is thick, which can make it warmer if worn continuously. We worry children might pull the mask down if it gets too hot or hard to breathe while playing or on hot summer days. It is also a smaller mask, and while it fit our ten-year-old tester, we don't think it will fit all kids that age. Overall, it is a cute, higher-quality mask with no significant flaws and includes a filter pocket at a budget-friendly price.

Best Bang for the Single Mask Buck
Testers loved the easy to fit adorable Cartoon Bears mask.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best for the Most Layers

Venyss Masks

Moldeable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
Lots of layers
Filter pocket
Form-fitting features
Unlikely to fit kids under 8

The Venyss Masks offers an impressive number of layers. The masks (without filters) are three layers, and the included filters are five layers each. This combination makes the overall total an impressive eight layers! The best part is they remain highly breathable and retain their shape without pulling into your face when you inhale. These masks include a bendable nose piece, chin shelf, and adjustable ear straps. The filter pocket is a good size and easy to use. The masks are well-constructed, washable, and have a slight new clothes smell that is not offensive.

Given the sheer number of layers, these masks are somewhat warm and potentially not the best for summertime or exercise. Using them without the disposable filter could make them cooler and still provide three layers of fabric. These masks are on the larger side and would probably be best for children over 8. Also, we couldn't find any information on how to wash them, so you should probably hand wash and line dry to be safe. Because we had trouble finding great kids' masks with lots of layers, we were super excited by this product and think parents looking for the most layers possible will love these quality masks.
Best for the Most Layers
The Venyss Masks are sure to make parents happy with 8 layers of protection when you use the filters and 3 when you don't; that is the most of any mask in this review.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best for Older Kids

Meltblown Non-Woven Cloth Masks

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
Form-fitting features
Non-woven material
Won't fit smaller faces

The Meltblown Non-Woven Cloth Masks is a two-mask pack with twenty disposable, carbo-activated filters. The cotton masks include a filter pocket for non-woven material filters. This mask boasts an impressive seven layers of protection with a five-layer filter and two layers of cloth. Recent tests show more layers provide advanced protection against airborne droplets. We like the soft fabric of this mask, and the breathing valve on the front helps heat escape after filtration. In addition, this mask has form-fitting features like a nose clip, adjustable ear straps, and a chin shelf, making it customizable for fit with fewer potential air gaps.

These masks are on the bigger side and are a possible contender for older children (12+) or those with bigger faces. Even if the mask is on the larger side, it is still possible to get a great fit using the adjustable features, and it is less likely for the mask to suck into your face when breathing. In addition, the nose clip will prevent riding up into the eyes, and the chin shelf prevents bottom gapping. Overall, we like these masks, and our testers did too; checking all the boxes of the holy grail of masks, it is hard to go wrong with this mask if your child's face is the right size.

Best for Older Kids
Twin pack Melt-Blown Fabric with filter pocket and a valve is a good choice for older kids and teens.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Are Masks with Valves OK?
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using masks without "exhalation valves." Their recommendation is based on a specific kind of one-way valve that allows the release of unfiltered air from your mouth to the outside world when you exhale. This type of valve (typically found in construction-style dust masks) would defeat part of the reason for wearing a mask. The masks with valves in our review are NOT one-way "exhalation valves" with no filter. Every mask with a valve in our lineup has at least 1-2 layers of fabric for breath to pass through between the user's mouth and the outside world. Each mask of this type also contains a pocket for an optional filter. Using a filter increases the layers of fabric between your exhale and the world to 5-7 layers. All the masks in this review comply with CDC recommendations.


Great for Kids Who Hate Masks

Genovega Neck Gaiter

Moldable nose: No | Filter: Yes
Breathable, form-fitting fabric
Stiff filter
Few patterns

If your little one hates wearing a mask, you could try a product like the Genovega Neck Gaiter. This gaiter-style option is a tube of stretchy fabric that wraps around the face and head. This gaiter is form-fitting and prevents most air gaps from forming even when talking or running. This mask has a filter pocket over the mouth area and is machine washable. The fabric is moisture-wicking and stays cool in the hot summer sun. We like that it comes in a two-pack, so you have one to wear while the other is washing or being used by a friend or sibling.

Some testers don't care for this mask style's head-wrapped, claustrophobic feeling. Others like the style, but not the material of this gaiter, as it felt "strange" (polyester). This style isn't for everyone, but it was a favorite for some testers. If your child messes with their traditional mask or struggles with ear straps, we think a gaiter mask is worth trying. The filter on this gaiter makes it a unique standout amongst gaiters, which tend to be thin with a single layer.

Great for Kids Who Hate Masks
The gaiter style mask is a good choice for kids who don't care for traditional masks.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Great for Smaller Faces

Protection Respirators for Children

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
Fitted features
Filter pocket
Can get hot

The Protection Respirators for Children mask is a multi-layered mask with a filter pocket, activated-carbon filter, and valve. This mask has form-fitting features, including a chin shelf, moldable nose clip, and adjustable ear straps, which help provide a customized fit. Our testers liked the fabric's feel and that the mask didn't ride up or down when talking or moving their faces.

These kids' masks feel thicker. This thickness means more layers, but it gets hot, resulting in mask fiddling. They are also on the smaller side, and they aren't suitable for larger faces or older kids. However, if your child is ten or under and you're looking for a form-fitting mask with a filter and valve, this mask might be for you.

The Protection mask is a comfortable mask that fits faces well with...
The Protection mask is a comfortable mask that fits faces well with no air gaps.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Super Comfortable Cotton

CoRevival Kids Masks

Moldeable nose: No | Filter: No
Super comfortable
Soft cotton
Nose flap
Only 2 layers
No filter pocket

If your kids fight wearing masks because they aren't comfortable, the CoRevival Kids Masks are ridiculously comfortable (to our testers) and one to consider. This pack of two masks is jersey cotton that is ultra-soft and comfortable compared to the competition. The mask has a nose flap that lays across the nose bridge and adjustable ear straps for a somewhat form-fitting feel. The masks are breathable and don't suck into your face, and they have little arrows inside to help kids put them on correctly. We appreciate that they are machine or hand wash. These masks fit testers from around six years old to a narrow adult face.

These masks are only two layers and have no filter pocket. While not a deal-breaker, we like three or more layers, if possible. However, because these masks are so comfortable, we think some children who hate masks will love them enough to wear them no matter what. After hours of wearing them ourselves, we agreed with kid testers that these are some of the most comfortable masks we've tested.

While the CoRevival lacks a bendable nose piece, it has a nose flap...
While the CoRevival lacks a bendable nose piece, it has a nose flap of fabric that helps keep air gaps to a minimum.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Smaller Vent Kids' Mask

1+10 Cartoon Mouth Cover

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
Valve & 10 filters
Variety of patterns
Form fitting features
No plain options
Best for those under 12

The 1+10 Cartoon Mouth Cover kids' mask is a cute, washable mask with a filter pocket and ten disposable carbon filters. This mask comes in various adorable fabrics and consists of a valve on the front. In addition, this mask includes all the form-fitting features to attain a customized fit, so the mask doesn't ride up, slip down, or gap at the bottom or top. Testers liked the fit and felt it moved well when talking and heavy breathing during play, which resulted in less mask fiddling and removal during testing. Two cotton layers on the mask and five layers in the filter create seven layers overall.

This mask is on the smaller side, and while it fit our ten-year-old tester well, we suspect kids over 12 will find it too small even with the adjustable ear straps. Also, while it comes in various patterns, all are somewhat childish and might be embarrassing for older kids anyway. Nevertheless, this mask is a great option with quality features and a customizable fit that makes it an excellent choice for most younger children.

The Cartoon mask is a good choice for many kids with a variety of...
The Cartoon mask is a good choice for many kids with a variety of fabric choices, a filter pocket, and form-fitting features for a custom fit.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Plain but Functional

Easy @ Home Reusable Cloth Mask

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
Form-fitting features
Filter pocket
Generic looking

The plain Easy @ Home Reusable Cloth Mask might be dull looking, but it is better quality than some of the competition and well-constructed. It has a moldable nose piece, a chin shelf, and adjustable ear straps, which come together to create a snug-fitting mask with no gaps. This mask is larger than some competitors, making it an excellent option for older kids or kids who don't want something cutesy. It is comfortable and has a filter pocket that is easy to access, and comes in multi-packs so you can wash some while you use one.

These masks are larger than much of the competition we tested but are still small enough for most kids and teens. They are not an adult size but could be too big for those under seven as the mask could ride up and into their eyes. It is also somewhat boring compared to the competition, but this could be a good thing if your child is too "cool" for kid-centric products. Overall, this mask has a lot going for it, but our testers weren't thrilled with the boring design. Alternatively, parents love the form-fitting features and the filter pocket for added layers.

While nothing brilliant to look at, the Easy@Home mask gets the job...
While nothing brilliant to look at, the Easy@Home mask gets the job done without being flashy making it a good choice for kids who don't like standing out.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


3D Multiple Layer Protection

Inscape Data 3 Layer Masks

Moldable nose: No | Filter: No
3D design
Adjustable ear straps
No filter pocket
Nos air gaps

For a 3D design that doesn't suck into your face, the Inscape Data 3 Layer Masks is a standout product. This multi-mask pack has three layers, including a middle non-woven layer and two layers of cotton with a waffle-type texture on the front and back. We like how the mask body sits away from the face and the adjustable ear straps to pull the edges close for limited air gaps. These masks fit nicely under the chin, can be hand-washed, and have no odor.

While we love the three layers on this mask, the lack of a bendable nose piece means more potential for air gaps around the nose and eyes. This design makes them less suitable for those who wear glasses and potentially allows undesirable air gaps. Our kid testers also struggled to put these masks on correctly, as the shape makes it hard to know which end is up. Also, this product comes in various sizes, so pay attention to the size when you order to avoid disappointment. Overall, these masks have three layers, and if they fit your child's face without air gaps, we think they could be a potential contender if you want something that doesn't suck in when you breathe.

The  Inscape Data Masks have a 3 D design that keeps the mask off...
The Inscape Data Masks have a 3 D design that keeps the mask off your mouth, but the quality is off on some of the options as the center stitching is wonky.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Multiple Pack with kid-friendly Designs

Woplagyreat Reusable Masks

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: No
Different patterns
Adjustable ear straps
Bendable nose piece
No filter pocket
Not very breathable

The Woplagyreat Reusable Masks is a pack of 4 masks for kids with various patterns for self-expression. We like the bendable nose, adjustable ear straps, and chin shelf for a more customizable fit. They are sized for children, have 3 layers, and are machine washable. The face layer is cotton, and the outer layer is polyester, with a non-woven inner layer between the two.

While we love that these masks are three layers, the inner layer is scratchy, and some testers felt they were itchy. We aren't sure why the outer layer is so soft while the inner is rough on the skin, and it feels like a design flaw, in our opinion. These masks are also harder to breathe through, and they have a terrible odor, even after washing. Because they are harder to breathe and smell, at least one tester got a headache while wearing one for about an hour. We think these are cute and appreciate the form-fitting features and three layers. Still, we worry little ones will avoid wearing them due to the lack of breathability we experienced during testing.
We like the fitting features and filter pocket on the Woplagyreat...
We like the fitting features and filter pocket on the Woplagyreat Reusable Masks but the weird smell and scratchy fabric weren't as popular with young testers.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Potential for Younger School Kids

Crayola Kids Face Mask

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: Yes
5 pack
Included wash bag
Bad "new" smell

The Crayola Kids Face Mask is a fun pack of 5 masks that includes a washable mask for every school day. The pack is designed to help little ones avoid using the same mask every day without washing for better mask hygiene. The pack comes with a zippered wash bag that should help prolong the life of your masks, so the ear loops and moldable nose pieces don't get damaged during washing. We like the nose piece, chin self, and adjustable ear loops that all help to provide a more custom, leak-free fit for little ones.

These masks are smaller and barely fit our 8-year-old testers, so they are probably best for younger children. Also, they smelled so bad when we opened them that our testers wouldn't even wear them for photos until we washed them, so we recommend a pre-wash (multiple times) before wearing one for a prolonged time. Overall, we think this is a potential multi-pack for younger children attending in-person school who need a new mask each day.
The Crayola masks are somewhat small and our 8-year-old testers...
The Crayola masks are somewhat small and our 8-year-old testers couldn't bend the nose piece and keep the chin shelf in place at the same time.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Fun Filterless Option

CIKIShield Face Mask

Moldable nose: No | Filter: No
Fun designs
Comfortable fabric
No adjustable features
Kind of thick

If quirky humor is your thing, the CIKIShield Face Mask comes with various fun face options that will bring a smile to others' faces. Most kids can find something to like in this ten pack of washable face masks with choices like mustache, bear face, or vampire's teeth. Testers thought the masks were soft on their faces, and the ear straps fit most testers well.

This mask lacks adjustable or form-fitting features like nose clip, chin shelf, or adjustable straps. This means it could result in air gaps or a poor fit. Some testers also disliked the thicker cloth straps compared to the thin elastic straps on the competition. Also, they lack a filter pocket and may not offer as much protection as some of the competition. However, they are very thick, which could be hot and provide more protection than single or double-layer masks. Overall, we think these masks are fun and suitable for occasions where social distancing is possible. Still, they wouldn't be our top choice for close quarters or places where social distancing is unlikely to be enforced.

Fun and entertaining the CIKIShield masks are thick but lack...
Fun and entertaining the CIKIShield masks are thick but lack adjustable features or a place for a filter.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Best Disposable

WAVE Disposable Face Masks

Moldable nose: Yes | Filter: No
Three layers
Non-woven layer
Air gaps

The WAVE Disposable Face Masks are basic disposable masks you typically find in hospitals or doctor's offices. These masks offer three layers of protection, a pleated design for customization, a bendable nose clip, and latex-free elastic ear straps. The box of masks includes 50, making them an economical mask solution you can easily toss when the day is done.

These masks don't compare to the competition with fewer layers, no filter, and more significant air gaps. The ear straps are also somewhat long and will likely require knotting for a good fit for younger children. While we don't think these are the best long-term solutions for kids to wear daily or regularly, we believe they are good to have on hand to give to guests or friends who may show up for events sans masks. We feel these inexpensive masks are a less confrontational way of enforcing a mandatory mask policy around your family and home without spending a lot of money or fighting with friends and family.

The WAVE disposable mask is a good mask to have on hand for friends...
The WAVE disposable mask is a good mask to have on hand for friends or family who might forget their mask or as a backup.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Disappointing Quality

Burlway Cotton Masks

Moldable nose: No | Filter: No
Multiple layers
Wide coverage
Air gaps
Thick, uneven ear straps
Subpar quality

The Burlway Cotton Masks is a dual-layer cotton mask with plain styling and a generic design. These masks have fabric ear straps and soft face covering with extensive coverage over most of the lower part of the face.

In our opinion, these masks aren't the best quality, with parts sticking out of the packaging and an unfinished ear strap that irritated testers. They also lack a filter pocket and only have two layers of fabric, so they don't offer the same level of protection as the competition in this review. They also lack any form-fitting features, which resulted in air gaps under the chin and by the nose. Overall, we think there are better masks to be had no matter your goal, even if your goal is only comfort.

The Burlway masks don't fit well and are poor quality compared to...
The Burlway masks don't fit well and are poor quality compared to the competition with loose stitching and unfinished ear strap ends.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Why You Should Trust Us

BabyGearLab has been testing products for babies and kids for about 8 years. This team is led by Senior Review Editor, Wendy Schmitz, a mother of two who has been with the team since 2014. Wendy's boys contributed to testing by graciously wearing each mask for long periods during play, exercise, car rides, camp, and more. They compared each product for comfort, fit, breathability, and movement when talking or being active. Their feedback helped influence ranking and Wendy's expert analysis of mask construction, quality, durability, and potential longevity.

The Burlway straps have loose stitching that didn't last through...
Some masks have larger filter pockets that make changing filters easy.

Analysis and Test Results

We purchased each mask and tested them side-by-side and face-on to compare the competition. We considered various metrics designed to help parents find a mask their child will willingly wear without fighting. Our testers included little ones from 4-11 years old.

Kids thought the Protective Respirator mask was a comfortable mask...
Kids thought the Protective Respirator mask was a comfortable mask that didn't shift much when talking or playing.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Fit and Comfort

The overall fit of a mask can impact how effective it can be at doing its job and whether or not your child tolerates or voluntarily wears the mask. Three main features influence a mask's fit and comfort the ear straps, a moldable nose piece, and what we call a chin shelf. After much testing, we think some of the best masks offer all three.

The only way the DropSkip masks could be better is a third layer of...
The only way the DropSkip masks could be better is a third layer of fabric outside the filter pocket.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The most comfortable mask in the group is the DropSkip Mask. These masks are silky smooth and so skin-friendly. They include a bendable nose piece and adjustable ear straps. You almost can't feel them on your face. However, they will suck into your face if you are breathing hard or sharply. Despite this problem, kids still chose these masks for outdoor activities like tennis camp and hiking. Other good-fitting masks include the CoRevival Masks, 1+10 Cartoon Mouth Cover, and Maikoa Cartoon bears. The CoRevival Masks are somewhat different than the competition as they have a nose flap of fabric instead of the wire bendable nose piece. This style may not work for all users, but our testers thought it was super comfortable during outdoor ice skating, and the air gaps were minimal. Instead of molding to the nose via wire, the fabric flap lays across the nose like a sheet on a bed.

The 1+10 Cartoon Mouth Cover fits well moldable nose piece, chin...
The 1+10 Cartoon Mouth Cover fits well moldable nose piece, chin shelf, and adjustable straps, making it a comfortable mask to wear for longer periods.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

A moldable nose piece is a metal component incorporated into the mask, usually some kind of bendable wire, that allows the wearer to form the mask around their nose to prevent gaps that could let in air. It also creates a somewhat customizable fit and helps prevent glasses fog. We believe moldable nose pieces are essential for preventing masks from moving up on the face and into the eyes, a problem we experienced with some of the larger masks and some without the wire nose piece. Fabric rubbing on your child's eyes is likely to result in mask fiddling and removal.

The Venyss Masks include all the great features for a snug fit like...
The Venyss Masks include all the great features for a snug fit like a bendable nose piece, chin shelf, and adjustable ear straps.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

A chin shelf, a term we believe we coined, is an extra bit of fabric sewn to the bottom of the mask that brings the mask closer to the face and fits under the chin in a more form-fitting way (see photo above) to help limit potential air gaps. While not 100% necessary, we found that the masks that included a chin shelf were largely considered more comfortable by our little testers. They also help prevent gaps for air to get in and stop some of the upward movement that can happen as kids talk, move, and play. In addition, we saw less continuous mask adjustment with the masks that included a chin shelf.

The Burlway strap on the left has an unfinished edge that testers...
The ear strap on the DropSkins (far right) include a silicone end...

Adjustable ear straps help create a more custom fit that allows the mask to fit more faces than a stationary ear strap. In our tests, users liked the adjustable straps because they were thinner, less noticeable, and more comfortable and let them adjust the mask as tight or loose as desired. This feature also prevented the need for a mask with fabric covering from ear to ear and instead only covers the area right around the mouth, which can be cooler and less claustrophobic to some kids. We also like that the adjustability helps provide some distance between the mask and your mouth.

Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The DropSkip Masks also include a silicone end to prevent the plastic adjustment slider from falling off; something we imagine will come in handy for little ones who like to play with their masks and might otherwise pull off the slider or lose it. This feature is unique to the DropSkin in our tests. Masks with thicker, adjustable cotton straps were not well received by testers and included those on the Burlway Cotton Masks and the CIKIShield Face Mask.

All of the masks seen here have the form-fitting features we prefer...
All of the masks seen here have the form-fitting features we prefer for a good fit that should create a gap-free, comfortable mask-wearing experience.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

We recommend looking for masks that include all three of these componentsand have comfortable materials that feel good on the skin. While you can still find a great mask without these components, it is more challenging without a lot of trial and error, as our testing indicates.

This gaiter style mask lacks form-fitting features, but the stretchy...
This gaiter style mask lacks form-fitting features, but the stretchy fabric and head wrap design help decrease air gaps, and the filter pocket allows for a five-layer filter for additional protection.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The exception to this rule is the "gaiter" style of mask, which is essentially a tube of fabric that rests around your neck and pulls up over the lower portion of the face going around the back of the head. Traditionally, gaiter-style masks were for winter outdoor activities or riding motorcycles but have seen a rise in popularity as the need for masks has increased. This style is comfortable for most kids and comes in cooling fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. You can also arrange it into a variety of head dressings, which is appealing to some kids. The gaiters in our tests had fewer air leakage gaps than most of the competition, as they were typically more form-fitting, fit a wider variety of face shapes and sizes, and some even offer SPF. The downsides are some kids will mess with them a lot, some studies indicate they are potentially less effective, and poorly fitting gaiters can have significant air gaps. Some children also feel claustrophobic with something around their entire head, and depending on the fabric, they can be hot. All that aside, one of our testers still prefers a gaiter-style mask over all of the competition, and the Genovega Neck Gaiter is the only one he didn't repeatedly touch while wearing, and it comes with a filter pocket.

The masks seen here all include a valve that theoretically helps...
The masks seen here all include a valve that theoretically helps release the build-up of warm exhaled air. Since they also include a filter, exhaled air still gains the benefit of filtration.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Beyond the features related to fit and comfort, we think there are many other features to consider before making a purchase. Without discussing the efficacy of masks or their level of protection, we think it is a good idea to look for masks that include the ability to add a filter and potentially have a valve component for easier breathing.

Activated carbon filters and the 5 layer filter design included with...
Activated carbon filters and the 5 layer filter design included with many of the masks we tested provide more layers of protection.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Many activated-carbon filters on the market potentially provide more protection against airborne particles than going sans filters. Whether or not they can protect you from specific viruses is still being assessed by scientists. We prefer masks with additional layers of filtration/fabric. Most of the masks in this review include a filter pocket, and many came with multiple disposable filters as part of the purchase. The more layers, the better when it comes to masks.

Many of the masks sport multiple layers that are increased with the...
Many of the masks sport multiple layers that are increased with the addition of a disposable filter, assuming there is a filter pocket.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Currently, studies indicate that multiple layers are better, and filters are safer (even if only because they provide more layers). A combination of the two with a good fit is best. Most filters are listed as "PM 2.5," which means they can trap Particulate Matter (PM) that is smaller than 2.5 micrometers. While these filters may not capture specific viruses, the filters are 3-5 layers, which recent studies show increases your protection from the moisture droplets that carry viruses. The mask with the most layers in this review, including a five-layer filter, is the Venyss Mask. This mask is three layers without the filter and is eight layers using the included filter! Some of the pockets were large and easy to use like that on the Easy@Home mask, while others were somewhat harder and took some finagling.
While little testers struggled to determine if the valves were...
While little testers struggled to determine if the valves were useful, adults with similar style masks feel they make a difference.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

A Note About Valves

In this review, several of the kids' masks have a round, button-style plastic component on the mask's front/side. This little gadget is supposed to make breathing easier by releasing the hot air we exhale. When placed over the filter media, it allows for the intake and exhaust of filtered air. None of the masks in this review allow unfiltered air to escape the masks, as you might find in a traditional construction-style dust mask. Even without a carbon filter in place (which are 2-5 layers), all of the masks we tested have 1-2 layers of fabric between the wearer's mouth and the outside world. If you wear the mask with a filter in place, you will have 3-7 layers between your breath and the outside world, both when you inhale and exhale air.

In our tests, kids couldn't distinguish between the masks with or without a valve. Or at least they weren't able to articulate their experience. However, when adults wore the masks, the valve did seem to provide easier breathing and prevent the buildup of hot air inside the mask. We liked every option with a valve, but older testers enjoyed the Meltblown Non-Woven Cloth Masks. In comparison, younger testers chose the 1+10 Cartoon Mouth Cover and the Protection Respirators for Children. Valve or no valve, all products in our review pass exhaled air through at least one layer of fabric before it escapes the mask, unlike a construction-style mask where the exhaled air is not filtered (the CDC does not recommend these types of masks).

While most kids are not big fans of wearing masks, we were able to...
While most kids are not big fans of wearing masks, we were able to find some comfortable options they preferred over the competition, like the CoRevival that is super soft and fits well.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Wearing a mask is now a part of regular life for many kids. Whether picking up groceries or returning to school and other activities, kids often wear masks away from home. Our tests show that kids prefer comfortable masks for long periods without hindering breathing, talking, or playing. Finding the perfect mask for your child can make the difference between cooperative compliance and repeatedly saying, "Put your mask on." Because kids are generally more active than adults, finding an excellent mask for physical activities is essential. We believe our hands-on, side-by-side testing helps you find the right mask for your child and budget.

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