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Munchkin Precision Digital Review

A sleek, efficient warmer with minimal fiddle-factor, but not recommended due to heating temp
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Price:   $40 List
Pros:  easy-program, efficient and accommodates all bottle sizes
Cons:  heats at a very high temperature (much too high, in our view), reservoir can leak
Manufacturer:   Munchkin
By Lindsay Ellis ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 30, 2012
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  • Health/Safety - 40% 3
  • Bottle Heating - 30% 9
  • Ease-of-use - 20% 8
  • Ease-of-cleaning - 10% 6

The Skinny

The Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer was a top performer many aspects of our testing, but uses too high a heating temperature that we believe risks significant degradation of breast milk nutritional and/or immunological quality. While it was easy to program and use, and we feel it warmed our bottles efficiently, we don't recommend it due to the high heating temperatures utilized.

The Munchkin Precision Digital bottle warmer was discontinued in June of 2016.

Our Analysis and Test Results

As most of the warmers on the market today do, the Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer is designed to fit all shapes and sizes of bottles, which we found to be true. The timer is easy to use and adjust , it's back-lit for easy night time use and gives off an audible beep when the warming cycle is complete.


We found it capable of accommodating all sizes of bottles, as well as baby food jars.

This warmer was easy to program with a light-up digital display. If you feel the bottle is getting too warm or needs a little extra time, you can add or subtract time with the touch of a button.
We like the simple  back-lit timer on the Munchkin Precision Digital warmer.
We like the simple, back-lit timer on the Munchkin Precision Digital warmer.

When the cycle is done or it runs out of water, it beeps and automatically shuts off. We feel this auto shut-off is so important when it comes to safety.

At 3 minutes, it has a minimal cool-down time between being able to heat another bottle.

A few other convenience factors to note would be that has a lift-out basket for easy bottle or bag removal… we burned our finger tips one too many times to not find this to be a noteworthy feature!
We like that the Munchkin Precision Digital warmer can easily accommodate all sizes of bottles and breast milk storage bags.  Shown here with the extra-wide-based Tommee Tippee.
We like that the Munchkin Precision Digital warmer can easily accommodate all sizes of bottles and breast milk storage bags. Shown here with the extra-wide-based Tommee Tippee.
Also, like the First Years Nursery Bottle Warmer and The First Years Quick Serve this warmer heats with steam. However, there are NO frustrating vials to deal with. The Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer uses a reservoir system that you need only fill every three uses or so…so much simpler.


This big issue we have with this warmer, which we generally liked otherwise, was that the heating temperature goes well beyond the temperatures we found recommended in medical research for breast milk warming. As you can read in our article, Best Practices for Handling Breast Milk, breast milk quality starts degrading when heated to temperatures greater than 104 F or 40 C for sustained periods. While the bath water temperature is not the same as the milk temperature, the 199 F / 93 C bath water temperature we measured in our tests is simply too high to be safe in our opinion.

Our remaining dislikes are relatively minor.

Although we prefer the reservoir over the vials, it did leak a little for us after each initial filling. After one cycle, the leaking no longer occurred. So keep an eye out for this as it could pose a safety hazard. Munchkin does recommend that you unplug the unit when refilling the reservoir. Please refer to the complete manufacturer's instructions.

The Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer is sleeker than many warmers, but it is still on the large size (tall, not bulky). If you're pressed for space you might consider this.

Not recommended for use with milk storage bags.

As with most reservoir systems, their convenience comes with a little bit of a cost. As we recommend with the Munchkin Time Saver and Dr. Brown's Deluxe Bottle Warmer, we feel frequent (as in weekly) cleaning is necessary to keep any mold or mildew from building up in the reservoir. Again, please refer to your users manual for more on this.


Overall, we were very happy with this warmer's performance except for our very significant concerns that it heats at too high a temperature to preserve the full nutritional and immunological value of breast milk. The instructions made sense and were easy to adjust per our needs. We felt the heating time to be appropriate and consistent.

Average warming time:
4 oz. refrigerated bottle~3:30

5 oz. frozen bag~3:00 (Munchkin doesn't mention using milk storage bags in their instructions. When we tried it, the outer portion of the milk got extremely hot while there was still a frozen chunk on the inside. Plus it seemed to nearly melt our storage bag. We would recommend putting thawed milk into a bottle first.)

Bottom line: we don't recommend this warmer. Too high a heating temperature means too much risk of degrading breast milk quality.

Lindsay Ellis