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The 4 Best Bandages for Kids

We tested kid-friendly bandages from top brands like Welly, Band-Aid, Patch, and others to find the best.
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Best Bandages for Kids
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Our Top Picks

By Molly Bradac ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Tuesday May 2, 2023

Ouchies are no fun, but a kid-friendly bandage may make your child smile. Our review ranks this year's top 8 bandages ready to cover minor injuries. We researched the market before purchasing popular and compelling contenders for hands-on testing to determine our lineup. With bandages ranging in size, shape, and materials, we evaluated contenders for material comfort, durability, and more to determine the best option for every situation. Regarding bandaging needs, it's "safe" to say we've got you covered (figuratively and literally). We are confident there is a bandage in our lineup that can meet your goals and budget.

We believe that keeping certain products on hand is a good idea when you share your home with little ones. Round out your kit with a thermometer, the best vitamins for kids, sunscreen, and our favorite bug sprays for kids to cover your bases. Are you planning to head inside? The best masks for kids can help them avoid illness, and a baby humidifier can help combat dry air.

Editor's note: This bandage review received an update on May 2, 2023, with a review of product selection and pricing.


Best Overall Kids' Bandages

Welly Eye Love U Bandages

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: Yes
Comfortable to wear
Flexible and stretchy
Small gauze pad
Struggles to stay on fingers after handwashing

Move aside ordinary dressings and welcome the Welly Eye Love U Bandages. This top performer comes in fashionable, fun, eye-catching, kid-approved designs. The fabric looks and feels high-quality, plus they are flexible and stretchy, making them feel comfortable to wear on arms and legs. Welly products come in a travel-friendly, sturdy tin, which we consider a fantastic perk, instead of paper boxes that lack durability. So, throw the container in any backpack or diaper bag without fear of being broken or lost.

The gauze pad covering is smaller than some contenders, which isn't a big deal-breaker for minor cuts, but longer scratches will need a larger-sized bandage. Also, don't count on this bandage to survive handwashing, and if this is an essential quality to you, we suggest selecting a waterproof bandage. This fashionable bandage with storage tin is kid-friendly and worth consideration despite these factors.

kids bandages - best overall kids' bandages
The Welly Eye Love U Bandages offer high-quality fabric, fun designs, and good performance.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Best Budget-Friendly Pack

Band-Aid Bandages Family Pack

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: Yes
Multiple bandages of varying sizes
Perform well
The majority of bandages are skin-tone

The Band-Aid Bandages Family Pack is a budget-friendly choice providing an assortment of adhesive bandages (five different types and various sizes) at an affordable price. Indeed, this box includes bandages of all sizes and will come to the rescue for any "ouchie" (big or small) that your little one may encounter. We think the bandages perform well and are comfortable to wear.

Besides one box of Disney's character bandages that appeal to tiny tots, the rest are beige and less intriguing to most kids. But, if you want to stock up on bandage supplies, this option is an excellent addition to your home first-aid kit, covering various bandage size needs.

kids bandages - best budget-friendly pack
The Band-Aid Bandages Family Pack is ideal for those who seek quantity and variety on a budget.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Best for Waterproof Coverage

Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandages

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: Yes
Excellent durability
Thin and flexible
Challenging to remove
Leaves residue behind

The Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandages is a superstar waterproof choice for cuts, blisters, and more. They provide a 360-degree seal, protecting water, dirt, and germs from wounds. They are designed to stay on the skin while showering, swimming, or during bath time, and with a good seal during the application, this is typically the case. It even worked well on fingers and toes, a feat that challenges most non-waterproof bandages. Of course, to achieve a good seal, it is crucial to apply the bandage on dry, clean skin. The bandage is flexible and comfortable, the adhesive area is clear and thin, and the beige section is minimal. Together, these features make the overall bandage less noticeable.

The bandages' adhesiveness is incredibly effective, so pulling the bandage off can be slightly uncomfortable. Nexcare's website suggests rubbing baby oil or cooking oil into the adhesive area to help the bandage release from the skin. Unfortunately, after removal, we noticed leftover residue on the skin around the perimeter of the bandage. However, we highly recommend this helpful product if you seek an outstanding waterproof bandage in various sizes.

kids bandages - best for waterproof coverage
The Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandages are excellent at keeping water, dirt, and grime out.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Best for Eco-friendly

PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: No
No assorted sizes
Poor performance on fingers with handwashing

If you're eco-minded, you might like PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages. These fabric bandages are made of bamboo fiber and are compostable, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional bandages. The manufacturer claims the bandages are latex-free, paraben-free, breathable, and plastic-free. They are thin and flexible, move and bend with the skin, plus comfortable to wear. Besides the PATCH Natural, other options are available.

This bandage product has a few downsides. It is costly, does not last long on fingers after handwashing, and PATCH doesn't offer assorted sizes. However, if you seek an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bandages, we think this option is worth the price of admission.

kids bandages - best for eco-friendly
The PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages are compostable and may appeal to those who seek an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bandages.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Great for Cartoon Lovers

Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Band-Aids

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: Yes
Adequate performance
It doesn't last after handwashing
Plastic lacks comfort

If you think your tiny tot may find comfort in seeing their favorite team of superhero pups, purchase Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Band-Aids. In addition to this theme, there are many other popular characters to select from. The bandage has a plastic feel, is somewhat stretchy, and is breathable (thanks to tiny holes).

Unfortunately, like most non-waterproof bandages, this option doesn't survive long on fingers after handwashing. Also, the plastic feel isn't as comfortable as the fabric bandages. Nevertheless, this affordable pack is kid-approved and, we think, ready to cheer up any cartoon-loving tot with cuts and scrapes.

kids bandages - nickelodeon's paw patrol band-aids are plastic and may appeal to...
Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Band-Aids are plastic and may appeal to children who are cartoon fans.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Best for Neon Colors

All Terrain Neon Kids Bandages

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: Yes
Larger size with 360-degree adhesive area
It doesn't survive handwashing
Lacks comfort

The All Terrain Neon Kids Bandages will fit the bill if you want to make a fashion statement by wearing bold colors. In addition, the manufacturer claims these bandages are gluten-free for those who need to avoid this ingredient. While testing, we noticed that they have good adhesion. The larger sizes have a 360-degree adhesive area surrounding the gauze pad, helping it lay flat on the skin, but the smaller bandages in the box do not.

We think the bandage's plastic outside is not as comfortable as fabric competitors, and they don't last long on fingers after handwashing. However, this product is a win if bold colors are your jam.

kids bandages - the all terrain neon kids bandages are plastic and add a pop of color.
The All Terrain Neon Kids Bandages are plastic and add a pop of color.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Decent Fabric Choice

Solimo Bandages

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: Yes
Larger and wide
Soggy when wet
Not as comfortable on the leg
One-size option is large for small cuts

The Solimo Bandages are large and wide compared to other competitors in our lineup (besides the Band-Aid Family Pack), and it sports a medium skin-tone shade. While testing, it stayed put on arms and legs, even after multiple showers and outdoor activities.

As a fabric bandage, this option is soggy when wet and takes some time to dry. Although soft, it is not as comfortable, and the one-size option is too big for minor cuts. Therefore, we suggest purchasing the assorted size option. Despite these drawbacks, you may consider this option if you seek a fabric bandage with a medium skin tone.

kids bandages - the solimo bandages are wider than most contenders, except some...
The Solimo Bandages are wider than most contenders, except some options in the Band-Aid Bandages Family Pack.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Good for the Tightest Budget

Ouch Essentials Kiddo Care

Latex-free: Yes | Assorted Sizes: No
Design variety
Adequate performance
Not as stretchy
Plastic lacks comfort
Gauze pad leaks water after handwashing

With a selection of fun designs, the Ouch Essentials Kiddo Care offers great quantity at an affordable price. We are sure there is a bandage here with eight different patterns to select from that should please any kid audience.

The bandages work, but their quality and material did not overly impress us. The plastic is less comfortable to wear and lacks stretch. In addition, the bandage is not ideal for wet environments as the gauze pad soaks up water and leaks when squeezed. However, after hand washing, while wearing a bandage on our hands, it did not unwrap and began to fall off as much as other contenders. We recommend this option to those on a tight budget who want various designs from which to select.

kids bandages - besides providing the widest range of design options, the ouch...
Besides providing the widest range of design options, the Ouch Essentials Kiddo Care are run-of-the-mill standard bandages.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Important: Please follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and consult with your pediatrician if you have any questions regarding how bandages should be used, applied, and changed.

kids bandages - each contender in our lineup experienced hands-on testing and...
Each contender in our lineup experienced hands-on testing and side-by-side comparison.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Why You Should Trust Us

BabyGearLab has the expertise and knowledge (thanks to a decade of testing) to help recommend products to meet your needs for baby-related gear and toys. Leading our review is Molly Bradac, Senior Review Editor and nanny with over 14 years of experience. Each product in our review was researched, purchased, and rigorously tested hands-on to find the best and identify critical differences using a side-by-side comparison.

Remove, peel, and press to seal the Nexcare Clear Waterproof...
Remove, peel, and press to seal the Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandages on the skin, offering 360-degrees of protection.
The Solimo Bandages are wider than most of the competition.
The Solimo Bandages are wider than most of the competition.

Analysis and Test Results

To evaluate performance, we put each kid's bandage to the test. We wore them for an extended period to assess how they handled real-life activities (handwashing, showering, swimming, and physical activity). We also compared them side-by-side to evaluate the size, material, adhesive, and comfort.

kids bandages - bandages can use fabric or plastic material.
Bandages can use fabric or plastic material.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Material Comfort

Some bandages use fabric, and others use plastic; both have pros and cons. For example, fabric bandages tend to have more flexibility, making them more comfortable to wear, but they can feel wet to the touch and take longer to dry after water exposure. On the other hand, while plastic bandages may not feel damp after water exposure, they do not offer as much stretch, making them a poor choice for areas that frequently move.

While testing, we noticed a few fabric competitors offered flexibility, stretch, and comfort, such as the Welly Eye Love U Bandages and PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages. These bandages were nearly undetectable while wearing and ranked higher in our lineup for comfort.

Some plastic options, like Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Band-Aids and Ouch Essentials Kiddo Care, were not as comfortable. Interestingly, the Solimo Bandages are fabric, yet they lack comfort, perhaps due to the size and bandage location during testing.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but if you suspect your child may notice material comfort (as some sensory-sensitive kids might), we suggest starting with fabric bandages. And, if you are unsure, the Band-Aid Bandages Family Pack offers bandages of varying materials.

kids bandages - bandages can vary in shapes and sizes, and we suggest having a...
Bandages can vary in shapes and sizes, and we suggest having a variety on hand.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Bandages come in all shapes and sizes. What size you use will depend on the size of the injury and the body part that needs the bandage. However, not every box offers assorted sizes, leaving you with a small cut and a giant bandage or an extensive abrasion and a small bandage. For this reason, we think keeping a wide range of bandage sizes on hand is good to increase the likelihood that you'll have what you need when you need it.

Among the competition, the Ouch Essentials Kiddo Care and PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages are the only brands in this lineup that are one-size bandages.

The Band-Aid Bandages Family Pack offers the broadest range of sizes, with Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandages coming close. However, no matter what style or size you choose to keep in stock, we think it is wise to keep waterproof options on hand.

kids bandages - bandages will encounter all sorts of variables, and depending on...
Bandages will encounter all sorts of variables, and depending on your needs, you may want to select one that stands up to the test.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Depending on where you place a bandage, it may or may not get a good seal, especially when adding friction, water, dirt, sweat, and oil. The kind of activity also contributes to the ability of a bandage to stay put and do its job; active children might need more frequent bandage changes or replacements.

Nearly all of the non-waterproof bandages in our lineup couldn't survive on fingers after handwashing, as the friction and water caused the bandages to loosen and fall off. However, these bandages typically stayed put when applied to larger surfaces, like legs, arms, and torsos, even in semi-wet conditions.

The Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandages excelled in durability and held up in all conditions on locations like fingers, toes, knees, and elbows. This product is the best for covering cuts and scrapes that need protection from water and grime. Also, if your little one will be playing in or around water, this choice can help keep minor scratches and cuts free from outside moisture.

Tip: Not too Tight
Take special care not to wrap bandages too tightly, as this can reduce or prevent circulation.

kids bandages - the welly eye love u bandages come in a handy, sturdy tin.
The Welly Eye Love U Bandages come in a handy, sturdy tin.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


All children experience bumps, scratches, and cuts during childhood. Although "boo-boos" are never fun, a cool or unique bandage can lift spirits and provide a germ-free barrier to help wounds heal. We consider bandages a household staple and suggest keeping a collection of different bandages on hand for these unforeseeable accidents. Our top options include various popular kids' bandages that help keep "boo-boos" clean and ready to heal. You never know what you'll need, so keeping multiple types and sizes on hand for every boo-boo life brings is best.

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