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Clek Foonf Review

Innovative seat with unique features that looks cool and is easy to install
Clek Foonf
Credit: Abriah Wofford
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Price:   $550 List | $549.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Anti-rebound bar, easy to install, steel frame
Cons:  Higher price, heavy, rethread harness
Manufacturer:   Clek
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team  ⋅  Dec 21, 2021
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#5 of 18
  • Crash Test - 35% 6.5
  • Ease Of Install - LATCH - 20% 9.8
  • Ease Of Install - Belt - 15% 8.2
  • Ease Of Use - 15% 5.4
  • Comfort / Quality - 10% 7.8
  • Weight / Size - 5% 5.0

The Skinny

The Clek Foonf is a cool convertible seat with innovative design features, making it a winner in our book. With features like an anti-rebound bar, steel magnesium frame, and GreenGuard Select certified Crypton fabric; it is easy to see why this seat impressed during testing. The Foonf has a ridiculously easy-to-install rigid LATCH system for the forward-facing configuration and almost equally trouble-free LATCH anchors for rear-facing that make installation practically foolproof. We love that the seat has additional features for safety, uses quality materials, and is one of the sharpest-looking seats around. This option is one of the most expensive seats in this review, so that it could be a no-go for those on a tight budget. However, if you can afford this high-end seat, it might just be the unique option you've been looking for. We love this seat, and it earned a Top Pick for Narrow Width in this review. We prefer this clek over the Clek Fllo.

Update — April 2017
Clek released an updated version of the Foonf convertible seat for 2017. Read more on the changes down below.

Editor's Note: We updated this review with more details about the multitude of tests performed within the metrics. This update happened on December 21, 2021.

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Clek Foonf
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Clek Foonf
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Pros Anti-rebound bar, easy to install, steel frameEasy to install and use, cozy comfort, nice qualityBest crash test results, rear-facing till 50 lbs, priceGreat crash test results, easy to use, attractive price, lighterBudget-friendly, better crash test results, narrow
Cons Higher price, heavy, rethread harnessAverage crash test resultsNot the best quality, harder belt installationHarder to install using the vehicle beltThin padding, harder to install, lower quality
Bottom Line Innovative seat with unique features that looks cool and is easy to installImpressive option with quality features and super easy installation parents will loveBest crash test results on a budget-friendly seat that lets little ones sit rear-facing for longerA lightweight, easy to use seat with excellent crash test result and priceInexpensive choice with impressive crash test results
Rating Categories Clek Foonf Britax Boulevard Cl... Graco Extend2Fit Britax Emblem Evenflo Tribute LX
Crash Test (35%)
Ease Of Install LATCH (20%)
Ease Of Install Belt (15%)
Ease Of Use (15%)
Comfort Quality (10%)
Weight Size (5%)
Specs Clek Foonf Britax Boulevard Cl... Graco Extend2Fit Britax Emblem Evenflo Tribute LX
Crash Test HIC Score 499.7 289 214 218 251.2
Crash Test Chest G Clip 33.4 51 40 42 42.7
Min/Max Rear Facing Passenger Weight 14 - 50 lbs 5 - 40 lbs 4 - 50 lbs 5 - 40 lbs 5 - 40 lbs
Min/Max Forward Facing Passenger Weight 20 - 65 lbs 20 - 65 lbs 22 - 64 lbs 20 - 65 lbs 22 - 40 lbs
Max Rear Facing Passenger Height 43" Child's head must be at least 1 in. below the top of the head restraint Child's head must be at least 1 in. below the top of the head restraint Child's head must be at least 1 in. below the top of the head restraint 37"
Max Forward Facing Passenger Height 49" 49" and the child's ears must be below the top of the head restraint. 49" and the child's ears must be below the top of the seat shell. 49" and the child's ears must be below the top of the head restraint. 40"
Measured Rear Facing Seat Weight 38.4 lbs 29.5 lbs 18.7 lbs 18.8 lbs 9.3 lbs
Measured Forward Facing Seat Weight 33.8 lbs 28.4 lbs 18.7 lbs 18.8 lbs 9.1 lbs
Width 17" 18" 19.6" 18.9" 17"
Recline Positions 1 Rear Facing
2 Forward Facing
7 4 Rear Facing
3 Forward Facing
1 Rear Facing
2 Forward Facing
1 Rear Facing
1 Forward Facing
Max Recline Angle 40° 51° 51° 42° 45°
Shoulder Harness Positions 6 14 10 10 4
Crotch Strap Positions 2 2 2 2 2
Built in Lock Off Yes No No Yes No
Anti-rebound Device Yes Yes No No No
Head Support Yes Yes No No No
Newborn Insert Accessory Yes Yes Yes No
No Rethread Harness No Yes Yes Yes No
Onboard Manual Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Level Indicator On Seat Line on Decal Ball in Tube. Ball in Tube. Line on Decal Line Molded onto Shell
Seat Lifespan 9 yrs 10 yrs 7 yrs 7 6 yrs
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 90 Days

Our Analysis and Test Results

New Foonf for 2017

The updated version of the Clek Foonf has increased padding and protection around the crotch strap. This new padding is available for purchase separately from the seat to bring an older Foonf up to date. We tested the seat with the new buckle pad and found that the scoring remains the same. Below are photos of the buckle padding on the newer Foonf (below left) and the older version (below right).

The Clek harness is somewhat stiff and harder to use, but certainly...
The Clek buckle and chest clip were similar in difficulty level as...

Clek is derived from one of the world's largest automotive suppliers. Clek strives to create innovative and safe products that think outside the box from the usual gear. Their safety seats are manufactured in North America.

Performance Comparison

Crash Test

The Clek Foonf has a mixed bag of crash test data. The important thing to understand is that this seat, like all the others in the review and on the market, meet or exceed the Federal safety guidelines outlined in the FMVSS 213, and so, therefore, are considered safe.

Data from sled crash testing is recorded from the head and chest sensors in the crash test dummies used in each seat during testing. Our testing is designed to the same specifications as those used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in their testing for an accurate side-by-side comparison. Some seats have test results that seem to indicate that the seat offers an additional margin of protection with fewer G-forces than the average values recorded. Clek has G-force data for the chest sensor that is lower than all of the other seats we reviewed, and chest sensor data that is second to the highest in this review, but is still half of the maximum allowable amount.

The comparison charts below show the sensor data recorded for each seat in this review side-by-side for simple comparison.

We buy two of each product and send one to MGA for crash testing...
We buy two of each product and send one to MGA for crash testing. MGA is the same crash testing facility used by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA).
Credit: MGA

The chart below shows the test data from the sensors in the test dummy for the Clek (shown in black), including the crash test data for the seat that has the least amount of G-forces recorded in the head sensor for additional information (shown in green).

The Foonf's HIC result os over twice that of the best in the group...
The Foonf's HIC result os over twice that of the best in the group Essentials by Britax Allegiance with 186.
Credit: BabyGearLab, MGA Research
Credit: BabyGearLab, MGA Research

The Britax Allegiance head sensor recorded a lower amount of G-forces in crash testing than any of the other seats in this review. The Clek has the lowest recorded G-forces for the chest sensor. You can see how this result compares to the competition in the chart below.

Forward facing LATCH is the easiest way to install the Clek thanks...
Forward facing LATCH is the easiest way to install the Clek thanks to the rigid LATCh system
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Install - LATCH

The Clek earned a perfect score for ease of installation.

It has a relatively unique (for the group) rigid LATCH anchor system that is ridiculously easy to use because it doesn't require any tightening.

The Clek is the only seat in this review to offer a rigid LATCH...
The Clek is the only seat in this review to offer a rigid LATCH system that makes installation very easy with no straps to tighten
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Installation of this seat using the LATCH system forward-facing will leave you wondering why all seats do not offer a rigid LATCH design. Adjusting the anchors to pull out from the base is easy and the clips can be attached to the vehicle simultaneously, or one side at a time. Depending on your vehicle, both are easy, or one might feel better than the other, but whichever method you choose that is essentially the end of the installation process.

The Clek recline range is clearly defined on the side of the seat base

The photos above show the seat without the recline attachment (above left) and with the attachment (above right). This part is entirely separate and will need to be stored elsewhere when not in use (rear-facing attachment only); as will the anti-rebound bar.

Forward-facing is more straightforward and doesn't require any extra steps while rear-facing involves the addition of a base recliner and an anti-rebound bar, but either direction will leave you feeling like it was too easy and you must have missed a step, only you didn't. Rear-facing does not offer rigid LATCH but is still easier than most seats in this review. There is almost no movement in the seat with the rigid LATCH anchor, and it always feels secure no matter what car we tested it in (4 various models). The anti-rebound bar adds to the feeling of security, and it is the only seat in this review that did not tip toward the vehicle seat back when pushed because the bar makes this virtually impossible. Overall, we can't imagine a seat being easier to install.

The Clek Foonf has the highest weight limit for rear facing...
The Clek Foonf has the highest weight limit for rear facing installation out of all the car seats we tested. This means baby can stay rear facing up to 40 pounds. Rear facing installation is the safest riding position for baby no matter what their age and it is recommended that baby stay rear facing as long as the seat indicates it is safe to do so.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Install - Belt

The Clek continued to impress in the ease of installation using the vehicle belt by once again earning the second-highest score.

The LATCH system was created to make installation easier and more foolproof, but with the Clek, even the belt installation is relatively foolproof and hard to mess up.

To gain access to the rear facing belt path on the Clek, you will...
The belt lock off on the Clek seat is harder to use than some, but...
The rear facing Clek Foonf has a recline adjustment attachment and a...
The photos above show the rear-facing belt path that includes lifting the seat bottom to access the path.

The Clek forward facing belt path isn't as convoluted as it looks
The forward facing belt path and belt lock off on the Clek are...
The forward-facing installation of the Clek Foonf for kids over 2...
The photos above show the forward-facing belt path.

The downside to this seat is similar to some of the others in that the belt path is under the seat bottom and somewhat requires the seat to be dismantled. The pathway is in a different location depending on if it is forward or rear-facing, but both require moving seat part around to thread the belt. Installing rear-facing is done by pulling up on the seat bottom to thread the belt and access the belt lock-off. This process is relatively easy, and the bottom stays up, so you have a clear view and don't have any parts in your way. The belt lock-off is one of the easiest in the group to use, and our only caution is you will need to double-check that you have the belt as tight as it will go before you close the lock-off or you will have to start over. If you get the belt too tight the lock off won't close. Rear-facing is once again a little more convoluted, and it requires putting on additional parts, so you'll need to allow time and space for that.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is the one category where the Clek didn't shine as much as the competition.


The Clek buckle isn't the greatest, but it isn't the worst either. The Clek is stiff in comparison, but not as stiff as some of the group. The chest clip is marginally better, and while not our favorite, it doesn't cause pain to operate and fingers of just about any size will be able to manage it without difficulty. Tightening and releasing the harness is relatively easy with a button that is hidden and deep near the foot of the seat (below left), but still reachable and easy enough to find and use. The strap to tighten is also located at the foot of the base and pulls smoothly.

The harness release button on the Clek is on the foot of the seat...
The headrest on the Clek is not a harness height adjuster and moves...

The Clek does not have a non-rethread adjustment option. This feature is a shame given that the seat costs so much and has an adjustable headrest (above right) like those models that do have a no-rethread harness. The harness rethreads with a double hook in the back and threads through slots in the back of the seat shell. It is a little harder than some of the other rethread seats because the shell is thick and the seat is heavy. The shoulder straps have six height positions and two crotch positions to help ensure a proper fit.

LATCH Storage

The forward-facing LATCH is rigid and retracts into the seat base when not in use. The rear-facing connectors store under the seat bottom cushion which pops up. The tether clips to the back of the seat, and the strap rolls up and comes together with hook and loop closure. The LATCH storage does keep the straps and clips out of the way.


The fabric on this seat is not supposed to be removed and is spot clean only. While the material fits the seat bottom and back nicely with a look we liked, it is unfortunate that you can't launder it in some way. The fabric is a material that Clek says is resistant to spills and stains, but it remains to be seen how well this will wear over time.

We like the way the seat fabric on the Clek is tucked into the shell...
We like the way the seat fabric on the Clek is tucked into the shell offering a smooth transition and sleek look
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The Clek impressed us with its assembly and the innovative design features that help make it a unique seat.

The fabric on the Foonf is like none other in the group. It is soft and plush, and it seems like the passenger would be less likely to sweat in this seat as the fabric feels breathable. The fabric is GreenGuard Select Certified Crypton fabric that Clek claims provide permanent protection against stains, moisture, and odor-causing bacteria. It is also the only seat to claim to be free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. The padding under the fabric is a very firm foam covered in thick fabric. The foam is not cushy and comfortable in a traditional sense, but it still feels like it would be comfortable in a similar way to a high-quality mattress. We could not feel any bumps or ridges under the seat, and there is no infant insert with the Foonf.

The back of the Clek is nice looking without a mess of straps and...
The back of the Clek is nice looking without a mess of straps and spaces
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The shell on the Clek is a hard plastic surrounding a metal frame. It is mostly smooth and self-contained with a little bit of open webbing on the lower portion that might be harder to keep clean. The seat has a tidy look with everything in its place and nothing swings or flails about when you move it. The foam on this seat is Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). This foam is less brittle and stiff than the more commonly used Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam and is more environmentally friendly and doesn't off-gas; we prefer the EPP foam over the EPS for these reasons. All foam areas on the Clek use EPP with the exception of the backrest which is polyurethane.

The bottom of the Clek is smooth with no sharp edges that might...
The bottom of the Clek is smooth with no sharp edges that might cause damage to the seat
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Clek has a very nice overall fit and finish that looks good compared to the majority of seats. It has the look of a tailored piece of furniture as opposed to a slipcover look shared by much of the competition. The fabric is somewhat fuzzy by design, and we wonder how well this will wear over time, but it looks nice when new. The seat bottom has no protruding edges or sharp corners that could potentially damage the vehicle seat.

The Clek weighs over 38 pounds in the rear facing configuration and...
The Clek weighs over 38 pounds in the rear facing configuration and closer to 33 for forward facing. The weight difference is the angle adjustment pad and the anti-rebound bar
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The Clek is the heaviest monster in the group. As much as we love this seat, we can't help but remark honestly on how stupidly heavy this seat is. With the angled bottom, steel frame, and anti-rebound bar for rear-facing installation, this seat is over 38 lbs.

For forward-facing, it is a bit lighter at just under 34 lbs. None of the other seats in the review come close to being this heavy. The Foonf, however, is one of the narrowest seats we tested at 17 inches wide. This width somewhat makes up for the heft of this seat, but on the bright side, you shouldn't have to move it often. It also means you can potentially fit three across in most vehicles if you need many safety seats in the same car. However, keep in mind the Clek seats are bulky from front to back, and rear-facing could take up more space in a vehicle than other convertible options. With this in mind, we recommend buying from a retailer with a generous return policy like Amazon so you can make returns if the seats don't fit in your car as expected.

Should You Buy the Clek Foonf?

This high-quality seat has a steel frame and unique design compared to much of the competition. It is easy to install, has an anti-rebound bar, and is comfortable. This seat is heavy but narrow, has some better crash test results, and has a super simple non-rethread height adjustment. We like the rigid LATCH and that it can sit facing backward longer, up to 50 lbs. All these factors make the Foonf a seat we'd recommend to a friend. On the downside, this seat is ridiculously heavy and not one you want to use on travel or if you need to move it frequently. Also, it is expensive, and it may not be a fit for all budgets.

What Other Convertible Car Seat Should You Consider?

While the CLek is a favorite of more than one BabyGearLab mom, it isn't necessarily for everyone. If you want the best in crash test results, the Graco Extend2Fit is one to consider. This seat is less than half the price of the Foonf, and it has better results in crash testing and ease of use. Alternatively, the Britax Emblem has a better crash-test analysis, is far easier to use, will save you money, and is significantly lighter. However, it isn't as easy to install or as narrow. As you can see, it depends on your priorities, and comparison might be what you need to break the tie.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team

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