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My Brest Friend Deluxe Review

A close fitting, supportive pillow for moms and babies of different shapes
My Brest Friend Deluxe
Credit: My Brest Friend Deluxe
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Price:   $48 List | $40 at Amazon
Pros:  Easy to use latch system, wide space for baby and mom, pocket
Cons:  Large to store, lower overall quality of materials
Manufacturer:   My Brest Friend
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Lindsay Selig  ⋅  Sep 26, 2018
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The Skinny

The My Brest Friend Deluxe has a close fit, back support, and attachment strap for impressive comfort for mother and baby. The wrap around style and buckle closure ensure that your baby can snuggle close without falling in a crack and lay comfortably while nursing. The shape and design encourage proper posture and latch which can give much need confidence for moms new to nursing. This pillow comes with a removable cover, Velcro strap attachment, and dual side support, so there is no need to make adjustments during feeding time. It has a pocket for nursing essentials or cell phones and remote controls. This pillow is larger making it a bad choice for those with limited space. We also think the materials could be nicer for longevity. However, the positives far outweigh these minor annoyances, and we think most women will enjoy the support enough to overlook them easily.

Our Analysis and Test Results

My Brest Friend, part of Zenoff Products, was invented by Andrew Zenoff. Andrew knew several nursing moms who complained of the discomfort and pain that nursing caused - everything from sore backs to lack of arm support. So he took their feedback and further information and created 50 prototype nursing pillows. With the help of a nursing moms' test group, Andrew was able to find his perfect pillow in the My Brest Friend.

Performance Comparison

My Brest Friend Deluxe offers strong performance at a reasonable...
My Brest Friend Deluxe offers strong performance at a reasonable price. It includes a very easy to use buckle system to secure a close fit and full body support.
Credit: Micah James

Nursing Comfort

What helped the My Brest Friend Deluxe win an award was its high performance in nursing comfort, which we deem most important. This pillow provides back support with its wrap-around style and pad and arm support, both of which are important for nursing mothers who regularly lean forward during nursing. The foam base provides a sturdy place for baby while nursing and even sitting up while being burped. One design flaw is the two bumps on either end of the pillow. These do not increase support for baby's head and can be confusing to a new mom who is worrying about where to place baby. We recommend you ignore them!

Thanks to the Velcro strap on the new My Brest Friend Deluxe...
Thanks to the Velcro strap on the new My Brest Friend Deluxe, securing this pillow is no longer a two handed job. Simply, keep the buckle at the desired length, wrap the pillow around your body, and tighten the pillow with the easy to use strap.
Credit: Megan Benedik

Ease of Use

The Deluxe is easy to use, fitting most women during most stages of their postpartum body evolution. It has an easy to situate close-fitting, O-shape with a dual buckle system with a quick-release Velcro strap, something unique to the Deluxe. While wrapping the pillow around your body might be annoying at first, it becomes a one-handed action quickly learned with repeated use. The Velcro alleviates the need to buckle and unbuckle the pillow as a mom can use one hand to take the pillow off.

My Brest Friend Deluxe offers the same  wrap-around back support of...
My Brest Friend Deluxe offers the same wrap-around back support of the original pillow.
Credit: Micah James

Buckle designs, in general, allow for a close fit and eliminate the need to remove a pillow from the lap while holding a baby who is very relaxed or sleeping after a feed. Instead of the pillow falling to the ground upon standing, or trying to balance your baby with one arm and while removing the pillow, you can carry the baby to the crib safely with two hands before removing the pillow from your waist.

A nice sized pocket on the My Brest Friend Deluxe gives mom...
A nice sized pocket on the My Brest Friend Deluxe gives mom somewhere to store a burp clothe or small water bottle. Is this addition necessary? No, but we found it helpful and a nice touch.
Credit: Micah James

The Deluxe has a large storage pocket to hold nursing items, which is great because must-have items like a burp cloth and nipple salve are always present. The sanity-saving back support on the My Brest Friend is wide, which means it is more cumbersome than its competitors.

After its fourth and final wash, the My Brest Friend Deluxe had a...
After its fourth and final wash, the My Brest Friend Deluxe had a zipper malfunction during it reconstruction.
Credit: Megan Benedik


The materials used in the My Brest Friend Deluxe are just average. The pillow doesn't seem to consider eco-health with a 100% synthetic polyester cover and a polyurethane foam pillow. Thankfully, the foam doesn't use flame retardant chemicals. The quality is only mediocre with a cover that ripped after its fourth wash and reassembly, which we believe is a sign that the material is not the best.

After months of use, the pillow did not decrease in height and maintained its original shape. But you do need to be careful with the foam. While the cover is easier to put onto the base than the back support, you need to be cautious because the foam feels like it will easily break if handled the wrong way. While we did not experience this, we found several reports of the foam degrading or peeling apart while removing the cover.

Assembling the My Brest Friend Deluxe after washing is easy thanks...
Assembling the My Brest Friend Deluxe after washing is easy thanks to its cover material. Simply lay the cover out flat, place the pillow inside, and zip it back up.
Credit: Megan Benedik

Ease of Cleaning

This pillow is not the easiest to clean and is quite time-consuming as the cover requires air drying. The entire cleaning process takes a good half a day, depending on your climate. Re-assembling the pillow is quick, but it fails to make up for the slow drying process. One upside is the cover does repel liquid well, so if you catch spills or spit up quickly, you can avoid washing your cover for more extended periods.

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Juliet Spurrier, MD and Lindsay Selig