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Blessed Nest Organic Nesting Review

Easy to use, high quality option for straightforward breastfeeding
Blessed Nest Organic Nesting
Credit: Micah James
Editors' Choice Award
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Pros:  Entirely organic, mold-able, easy to clean, portable
Cons:  Expensive, heavy
Manufacturer:   Blessed Nest
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Lindsay Selig  ⋅  Sep 26, 2018
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  • Nursing Comfort - 35% 9
  • Ease of Use - 35% 8
  • Material - 15% 10
  • Ease of Cleaning - 15% 5

The Skinny

The Blessed Nest Organic Nesting Pillow won our award for Editors' Choice in part because of its small, easy to use, flexible and supportive shape as well as the company's attention to providing a pillow made from top of the line materials. Blessed Nest excelled in every metric we tested including nursing comfort, ease of use, materials, and ease of cleaning. Its fill is unique with organic, pesticide-free buckwheat hulls that interlock to provide firm support, yet move around and mold to change shape as needed. The hulls also offer excellent airflow and breathability so that mom and baby are less likely to get overheated. Although heavier than other pillows in our review, its small size makes it very portable, easy to use and is a perfect example of why simple is sometimes better. Without buckles to fuss with mom can focus her full attention on the baby. Though you will pay more than double for this pillow, the value is there in quality, eco-friendly materials, great functionality, and versatility. Some moms report using this pillow for comfort during maternity, for laptop support, and even a bean bag for older children giving it a versatility not seen in every option. We highly recommend the Nest.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Blessed Nest began with two friends, Heather Anderson (Founder, President) and Donna Wirth (Vice President, Sales). Donna gave birth via c-section, and her newborn was hungry and frantic while she was frustrated in pain with typical nursing-specific pillows that failed to provide sufficient support and a good fit. Heather used her knowledge from fashion, interior design, and sewing with Donna's 15+ years experience in children's clothing to create a functional, supportive, easy to use, and healthy nursing pillow.

Performance Comparison

Credit: Micah James

Nursing Comfort

The slight crescent-shape of the Blessed Nest can fit moms nicely straight across the stomach, angled to the right or angled to the left side. This versatile positioning provides plenty of support no matter how the baby is feeding. However, in our testing, taller women felt the pillow was too short to support both elbows with the pillow straight across their stomach.

The material allows for the pillow to get close to mom's body while...
The material allows for the pillow to get close to mom's body while feeding.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

The fill is 100% organically grown and processed buckwheat hulls that creates flexible supportive because you can move the fill to elevate a specific side while baby feeds. The buckwheat helps the pillow mold to the baby's body while feeding. The Nest provides additional support for smaller infants that require extra help.

With a very portable size, support, and adequate arm space for...
With a very portable size, support, and adequate arm space for nursing, the Blessed Nest is a good choice for a mom who wants to nurse in many locations and for many months.
Credit: BabyGearlab Staff

For newborns, the pillow's surface can be made smaller and the pillow higher, by lifting it up by one end and shaking the hulls to the bottom, then wrap the extra fabric along the zippered seam.

Nesting Pillow can conform from a small to larger size depending...
Nesting Pillow can conform from a small to larger size depending upon your baby's size and development.
Credit: Blessed Nest

Ease of Use

The Blessed Nest has no pockets, straps, Velcro, or cushion options. We find this simplicity and smaller size make it easy to use. The Nest was a go-to pillow for the women in our tests, especially for moving from room to room. The buckwheat hulls adjust to mom and baby creating a strong, flat surface that doesn't shift but is easy to rearrange. This pillow is easy to use when sitting in a chair, on the floor, or in other locations. It can support baby in a traditional nursing hold, football hold, and for twins.

Take a look at Blessed Nest Perch for other inventive ways to use the Nesting Pillow during maternity, while nursing, and beyond.

This pillow is another that can be moved as you feed baby, however...
This pillow is another that can be moved as you feed baby, however it works just as well straight on.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Testing reveals this is the best pillow for moms post-cesarean. Its shape is gentle on incisions while still providing a close fit. And, because it doesn't wrap around the entire body, these moms can easily place and remove the Blessed Nest without turning or struggling with buckles. It fits women of various sizes well, and the combination of buckwheat with the crescent shape allows it for molding to bodies of most sizes.

Organic, pesticide-free buckwheat hulls that make up the fill of the...
Organic, pesticide-free buckwheat hulls that make up the fill of the Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow.
Credit: Blessed Nest


All Blessed Nest fabrics are certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). The inside pillow is 100% organic cotton canvas fabric from a US mill with organic, pesticide-free buckwheat hulls. The exterior Blessed Nest Organic Nesting Pillow Slipcover is 100% organic cotton twill print with organic-cotton French terry. Although this pillow complies with TB-117, it does so without flame retardants. No other product in our Nursing Pillow review comes close to the standards of the Blessed Nest.Take a look at their company's Safety Guide.

Despite awesome eco-friendly materials, the cover can feel rough initially, but after a few uses, it tends to soften. However, don't expect a plush and cozy exterior. While plush surfaces are divine, we value support for the baby over a plush cover that causes the baby to sink.

The Nesting Pillow features an organic cover as well as pillow...
The Nesting Pillow features an organic cover as well as pillow filled with organic, pesticide-free buckwheat hulls.
Credit: Megan Benedik

The pillow lost some height during our testing with a shape that is initially stiffer but loosens with continual use. This support evolution seemed to adjust to growing babies and their changing needs of support.

Ease of Cleaning

This pillow should not be machine-washed or submerged in water as this will cause the buckwheat hulls to disintegrate much like oatmeal, which compromises the supportive integrity of the pillow.

Unlike the interior pillows of the Boppy Bare Naked and the Boppy Nursing Pillow which can be machine-washed and dried, the Nesting Pillow can only be spot cleaned with mild soap. Luckily, the cover repels liquids so the interior pillow may not get as dirty as it would if it absorbed them. They also recommended placing it in the dryer on medium for 20 minutes once every few months to keep it sanitized and free of dust mites.

The Blessed Nest's slipcover fits snugly on the pillow but is loose enough so that reassembling it is hassle-free. The exterior slipcover can be machine washed and dried.

Manufacturer Video

Putting the slipcover back onto the Nesting pillow took mere...
Putting the slipcover back onto the Nesting pillow took mere seconds. After zipping the pillow in the cover, simply pad the hulls down to their rightful place and you're ready to go.
Credit: Megan Benedik

Juliet Spurrier, MD and Lindsay Selig