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Sense-U Baby v3 Review

A button wearable that is a WiFi connection and pairs with your smart device and base station, but only pairs with one phone
sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review
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Price:  $200 List
Manufacturer:   Sense-U
By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 6, 2023

#4 of 8
  • Set-up - 20% 7.3
  • Ease of Use - 20% 7.8
  • Expected Reliability - 25% 7.3
  • Monitoring Cababilities - 20% 6.8
  • Alerts - 15% 7.9

The Skinny

The Sense-U Baby v3 is a button-style wearable movement device that tracks movement that indicates breathing, and offers baby position alerts. This button pairs with a single smartphone and connects to the base via Bluetooth and the smart device via WiFi. The app is easy to use and is relatively reliable and straightforward. While we like the simplicity of this wearable and how easy it is to use, it does have higher EMF (equivalent to a Fitbit we tested), which could make it a dealbreaker for some caregivers. Overall, we think it is a good solution for parents who want movement monitoring when babies are young and already have plans for [best monitor | a sound or video monitor] for more details on what is happening in the nursery.
Alert color-coded base station
Decent reliability
WiFi connectivity
Parent unit alerts
Positioning information
Range issues
Some false alarms
Requires a smartphone
Only pairs to one phone
Editor's Note: We updated this Sense-U review on February 6, 2022, as a new addition to our best movement monitor review.

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sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review
This Product
Sense-U Baby v3
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Pros Alert color-coded base station, decent reliability, WiFi connectivity, parent unit alerts, positioning informationPortable, simple, vibration stimulus, no EMFBudget-friendly, portable, app-connectivity and alarmPortable, wearable, fewer false alarms, vibration rousing featureAlarm and lights, 2 sensor pads, no cords
Cons Range issues, some false alarms, requires a smartphone, only pairs to one phoneNo parent unit, harder to attach, shorter battery lifeBluetooth limited range, short battery life, requires a smartphoneLoud nursery-only alarm, hard to attach to sleeping baby, only monitors one thingNursery alarm, no parent unit, no sensitivity adjustment
Bottom Line A button wearable that is a WiFi connection and pairs with your smart device and base station, but only pairs with one phoneReliable clip-style wearable with a unique vibration stimulus and portable designA simple option that only requires a sensor and a smartphone that works fairly well despite a shorter battery lifePortable simplicity and vibration rousing make it an interesting option that is often on saleStraightforward option with two sensor pads but no parent device or adjustable sensor sensitivity
Rating Categories Sense-U Baby v3 Snuza Hero SE Monbaby Smart Butto... Levana Oma Sense Babysense 7
Set-up (20%)
Ease of Use (20%)
Expected Reliability (25%)
Monitoring Cababilities (20%)
Alerts (15%)
Specs Sense-U Baby v3 Snuza Hero SE Monbaby Smart Butto... Levana Oma Sense Babysense 7
Sensor Type Wearable Wearable Wearable Wearable Sensor Pad
Parent Unit Smartphone No Smartphone No No
Monitoring Type Movement, Position, Activity Movement Movement, Position, Activity Movement Movement
EMF (at baby) 2.5 No increase above ambient 2.5 .2 (lower than ambient) 1.1
Recommended Age roll-over alarm is for babies up to 6 months Not Listed Not Listed 0-6mo 0-12mo
Adjustable Sensitivity No No No No No
Wireless Mobility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Baby Alert No Yes No Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Our Analysis and Test Results

Sense-U is a high-tech startup company out of Silicon Valley in the United States.

Performance Comparison

sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - the sense-u is a clip-on style movement monitor that works well and...
The Sense-U is a clip-on style movement monitor that works well and had no false alarms during testing.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Expected Reliability

The Sense-U managed a better-than-average performance for expected reliability. This metric has a convoluted testing and research process. It is difficult to say with certainty how accurate this kind of monitor is as it will vary depending on the baby, circumstance, and user error.

During testing, we didn't experience false alarms for non-breathing, but we saw a report of this online in our research. Our unit occasionally reported that our baby was on his belly when he wasn't, but it didn't falsely report breathing activity. We had good connectivity with the base and sensor even when leaving the building, and both the base station and paired smartphone went off simultaneously when our little tester did roll over onto his tummy ( a position associated with an increased risk of potential SIDS in infants). We enjoyed having the base station and like that it allows monitoring in the house even if the paired smart device isn't present.

sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - set up for the sense-u was easy and straightforward using both...
Set up for the Sense-U was easy and straightforward using both Bluetooth and WiFi and includes downloading an app and starting an account.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Set Up

Setting up the Sense-U is easy, with only an app to download and a base station to plug in. It is easy to clip to clothing, and the sensor connects to the phone via Bluetooth so you can use it without the internet.

The base station can be plugged in anywhere and connects to the device via WiFi.

sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - the sense-u base station is a nice addition that provides additional...
The Sense-U base station is a nice addition that provides additional alarm coverage in the home using WiFi.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Only works on one smart device
Unlike other app-related devices that allow you to log in from several different devices, this monitor only works with the device it has been paired with via Bluetooth. This design means dad and mom will have to use the same device for monitoring which could be problematic if one is home alone without the paired device. WiFi connects the sensor to the base station.

sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - attaching the sense-u to clothing is easy and our tester wasn't...
Attaching the Sense-U to clothing is easy and our tester wasn't bothered by the unit or able to remove it.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

The Sense-U is easy to use and performed well in this metric. It has a straightforward design, and the app is relatively intuitive, with cartoon positions showing your baby's position.

The initial screen interface includes connectivity information, the baby's breathing rate, "feeling temperature," and room temperature. The menu on the right consists of adding devices, managing devices, sharing, help, and other basic controls. The base station offers color-coded alerts.

It is very portable and suitable for travel and only requires internet and an outlet if you choose to use the base station.
sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - the monitoring features of the sense-u all appear on the main screen...
The monitoring features of the Sense-U all appear on the main screen when you open the app.
Credit: Genaveve Bradshaw

Monitoring Cababilities

This monitor does a little more than motion which indicates breathing, but it doesn't include sound or video. It doesn't lose points for this, but it is worth mentioning if your goal was a one-and-done product.

The Sense_u can show your what position your baby is in to help you avoid stomach and side sleeping. It also monitors temperature and breathing rates. It has some adjustability for how much time it takes, with no indications of breathing before an alarm will sound. You can also connect it to a Sense-U video monitor for video and sound monitoring or smart sheets for growth tracking. Sleep tracking and growth monitoring are accomplished by accessing stored data which requires a monthly subscription.

sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - the app for the sense-u shows the baby's position with an...
The app for the Sense-U shows the baby's position with an easy-to-understand cartoon visual.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


This sensor and app had a reasonably good range in our tests for Bluetooth. We could leave the building where testing took place and remain connected. Alerts include a vibration and sound alert on the smartphone and an audible and light alert on the base station. The non-breathing alarm has some adjustability on when it will alert.

There is no in-nursery alarm and no vibration on the sensor itself to stimulate the baby into breathing. The alarm will repeat if not silenced and is stopped when you hit the okay button. You need to adjust your phone volume accordingly, and we recommend the highest volume when monitoring. With the volume off, it did vibrate, but this is unlikely to rouse a parent at night. With the volume up, it was about 60dB on the phone and 55 dB on the base station.

sense-u baby v3 movement monitor review - the sense-u has lovely packaging but a higher emf reading at the...
The Sense-U has lovely packaging but a higher EMF reading at the baby unit than much of the competition.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)

The Sense-U had higher EMF readings during testing than much of the competition in this review. While the level is similar to our tests of wearable fitness trackers, it could be a concern for some parents as this unit sits directly on your baby.

While the jury is still out on the possible health effects of EMF, we think it is good to err on the side of caution without being paranoid. Only you can decide for your child how much is okay with you.

Should You Buy the Sense-U v3?

Depending on your monitoring goals, the Sense-U can be a great addition to your monitoring lineup. It is a straightforward, wearable button that is easy to set up and use that monitors movement that indicates breathing and if your little one has rolled over. While this monitor will require WiFi and an app download for your smart device, we think most tech-savvy parents will be up and running fairly quickly.

What Other Movement Monitor Should You Consider?

If you want a simple wearable monitor to alert you if your baby has stopped breathing but isn't worried about other tracking or you don't want to use your smartphone, the Sense-U might be more than you need. The Levana Oma Sense is a clip-on wearable that does nothing but alert to the lack of movement that indicates breathing. It is budget-friendly and easy to set up and use. Alternatively, the Monbaby Smart Button v3 is a similar button style to the Sense-U that uses Bluetooth technology, thereby negating the need for WiFi and saving you almost half the price of the Sense-U.

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Wendy Schmitz

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