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Levana Oma Sense Review

Portable simplicity make it interesting but the higher price and loud alarm should be considered
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Price:   $125 List | $59 at Amazon
Pros:  Portable, wearable, fewer false alarms
Cons:  Price, nursery only alarm, potentially scary for baby
Manufacturer:   Levana
By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 17, 2020
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The Skinny

The Levana Oma Sense is a wearable movement monitor that has an audible alarm for when the baby's movements go below the preset threshold of normal. This portable option is easy to use, less bulky than older models, and has a simple user interface anyone can use right out of the box. However, this type of monitor has a very loud alarm that emits from the device itself. Think loud smoke detector type of sound intended to alert parents in another room or through an audio monitor. However, this sound can be upsetting and will definitely wake a sleeping child which is disruptive for both of you. Should the alert be a false alarm, everyone will be disappointed. Also, the price is higher than similar options with identical features making this option a second in comparison.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The name Levana comes from the Latin word, "levare" which means "to lift" a newborn child. Levana is also the Roman goddess of childbirth. Two reasons the company chose it's name. Levana has been around for almost 20 years designing products to help families.

Performance Comparison

The Levana has a loud in nursery alarm akin to a smoke detector.
The Levana has a loud in nursery alarm akin to a smoke detector.


Traditionally wearable monitors have been more reliable than the sensor pads that go under a baby's mattress. Because the baby wears the device it is impossible for them to roll out of the field of coverage like the sensor pad models. This device seems to be similar to others like it with fewer false alarms and restless nights of getting up to check on a perfectly fine infant. The problem here is when and if there is a false alarm you now have a very loud alarm going off inside your baby's nursery which is not adjustable and could be upsetting for your little one who might have been in a deep sleep and is now awake and crying. While we can all agree a crying baby is better than one having any kind of breathing issue, it is something you should consider before choosing your wearable monitor. There are others that do not have an alarm in the nursery and one that even vibrates on baby's belly to help rouse them gently from sleep so the alarm never sounds.

With one button for on and one for off  there isn't much to this simple monitor.
With one button for on and one for off, there isn't much to this simple monitor.

Ease of Use

The Levena couldn't be easier to use than it is. With a simple on/off button and the ability to turn the alarm off it is as easy as it gets. This monitor clips onto your baby's diaper near their tummy in a way similar to phone holsters or old fashioned beepers. With no other features or functions, this one is great for anyone afraid of technology or worried about set up.

To set up the Levana you only need to clip it in place and turn it on.
To set up the Levana you only need to clip it in place and turn it on.

Set Up

Set up for the Om is super easy. There really is none. There is no pairing as it is standalone and there is nothing to connect to like wi-fi, parent unit, or a personal device.

The Levana is small and comes with its own carrying case making it suitable for easy travel.
The Levana is small and comes with its own carrying case making it suitable for easy travel.


The Om is one of the most portable options out there and it comes with a carry case if you need to take it on travel. This device doesn't require any kind of special mattress or hard board beneath the mattress like sensor pad monitors need which makes it perfect for nights at Grandma's or on the go. All you need is a baby and something to clip the monitor to and you are good to go.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

This monitor has more EMF than similar competitors with a reading of 1.3 V/m in our tests. We measured the EMF from the device right next to since this is where your baby's developing body will be. This is over the ambient EMF in the room of 0.4 V/m. Similar wearable devices in this review had EMF readings of 0.7, which is only slightly over the EMF that naturally existed in the testing room. While the reading isn't terribly high, similar options have lower readings so why would you spend more for something that has more EMF?

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