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Pure n Gentle Ultra Review

Lackluster and doesn't live up to its name
Pure n Gentle Ultra
Credit: Micah James
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Price:   $0.33 List
Pros:  Few leak, price
Cons:  Low absorption, misleading name
Manufacturer:   Valor Brands
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team  ⋅  Jun 5, 2014
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  • Absorbency - 40% 3
  • Leakage - 25% 6
  • Comfort - 15% 2
  • Health - 10% 1
  • Eco-friendly - 5% 1
  • Durability - 5% 3

The Skinny

The Pure 'n Gentle Ultra diapers were discontinued in September of 2015.

Pure'n Gentle Ultra is a modestly priced diaper that is primarily found online. They sell for lower than average price, which puts them in the same class as the name brand Huggies Snug & Dry, and lesser known brands like Cuties. With an overall score of 33 out of 100, it did not fare well in comparison to the other diapers we tested; it tied for 22nd place out of 24 with Walmart's White Cloud. Given its low score for absorption in our tests, and unimpressive scores all around, we do not recommend this diaper. There were several diapers that scored better; including one of our Best Value choices, Cuties, which earned a 49 overall and is cheaper, and Target's Up & Up that came in 6 points higher with a 39 and was the cheapest diaper in our tests.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Pure 'n Gentle is a basic diaper with a middle of the road price each on average. It boasts soft materials, a perfume and dye free liner, and stretchable grip tab closures. It appears to be a diaper primarily found online, and claims it can compete performance wise with more expensive name brand diapers. It has a soft cover, breathable sides, and something it calls a "Dry Web (TM) layer" (it was not immediately clear from the information available online what this was exactly).

Performance Comparison

Absorption and Leaks

Pure n Gentle had a fairly low absorption score in our tests, with a 3 of 10, and a just above average score for leaks with a 6. It wasn't the worst diaper we tested for either metric or even for the scores combined, but it wasn't anything to get excited about either.

For absorption, a score of 3 was definitely in the bottom third of the diapers we tested; Cuties, Snug & Dry, and Fisher-Price Happy Days all scored better and sell for similar prices. Only one diaper more expensive than Pure n Gentle scored below a 3, and that was green diaper Andy Pandy with a 2. Thus proving it wasn't hard to score above a 3 in these tests no matter what the price. Pure n Gentle tied with Up & Up, and White Cloud in this metric, both store brand diapers carried a cheaper price tag. One of our Best Value picks, Cuties, scored a 6 in this metric and cost around $0.20 /diaper. Our Editors' Choice, BAMBO Nature received a great score, with a 9 of 10, but costs more.

The absorption test for Pure n Gentle Ultra (left), Nature Babycare (middle), and Cuties (right) are shown below. The larger green area indicates more surface moisture; less green indicates better absorption.

The leak score in our tests was a 6 of 10, and that put it in the top third of the diapers we tested. Several diapers had lower scores in this metric (both cheaper and more expensive), but few had such a high leak score coupled with such a low absorption score making this diaper somewhat of an anomaly. In its price range, Kirkland Signature Supreme and Nurtured by Nature both had 5 for leaks, and a 4 and 5 for absorption respectfully. Making them diapers that probably function better overall. Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive was the first diaper price-wise to score at least a 6 in this metric, but it had a higher price to go with that number. If leaks are your hot button, one of our Best Value picks, Earth's Best Tender Care, had the highest score of all diapers tested with an impressive 9 of 10.

Comfort and Durability

Pure n Gentle continues to dull in our comfort and durability test categories. With scores of 2 and 3 for these metrics it tied with Nature Babycare for being equally uninspired. While the marketing boasts "ultra soft" cover, breathable side panels, and "deluxe leg gathers" for a great fit, we felt it didn't compare favorably to the other diapers we tested.

Credit: Micah James

For comfort this diaper received a 1 out of 5 for softness of fabrics, which was the lowest score possible and tied it up with Walmart's Parent's Choice. It gained 2 points for the side and back elastic feeling comfy, but it lost points for its 'deluxe" leg cuffs that our testers felt were coarser than the other diapers we looked at. Even in its price range it did not score well with most diaper scoring a 4 or better.

It's durability test score was slightly higher, with a 3 of 10. But, it was still the lowest score for this metric of the diapers in its price range with the exception of Kirkland Signature Supreme diaper which also scored a 3. In summation, if you want a durable diaper, this gentle offer might not be the best choice no matter what your budget is.

Eco and Health

Showing up to the diaper tests earned this diaper a score of 1 for eco-friendliness. It is not marketed as a green diaper, nor do they make claims of being eco-friendly. Without claims to the contrary, we were left assuming that they failed to meet any of our test's benchmarks for an environmentally friendly diaper. With no mention of renewable resources, or chlorine free processing, we were not able to give it any points for this metric.

Most of the traditional diapers we tested scored similarly with only a few gaining an extra point or two in this area. Notably, Target's Up & Up diaper got an extra point for being chlorine free, as did Kirkland Signature Supreme. In general, if you want a higher eco score, you have to look at green diapers, and the first price-wise to score higher was Nurtured by Nature with a 4. However, being green did not ensure a better score; Seventh Generation Free & Clear and Babyganics Rear Gear only earned 2 points in this category.

With a name like Pure n Gentle, we sort of expected to see the moniker reflected in the diaper itself. When considering baby health, we feel less is more; meaning less additives, less of known allergens, and less chemicals equals better for baby's skin and developing systems. While an Amazon description of this diaper claimed it had a "perfume and dye free liner", we had trouble corroborating this and we also were disappointed to see the qualifier word of "liner". If a diaper is going to be "pure", and omit certain things from the liner, why not the whole diaper? This diaper left us feeling disappointed and misled by the name. It is not truly pure (at least not in the sense we feel most consumers will assume), and therefore we suspect it may not be gentle either. Without claims to the contrary, we assume they use chlorine, dyes, perfume, and latex to make the diaper. This resulted in a diaper that earned no extra points for health, giving it a score of 1 of 10 in our tests.

Best Applications

Budget conscious parents looking for a gentler diaper are likely to be drawn to this diaper. With a name that implies a product safer for baby it is hard not to be drawn to the Pure n Gentle Ultra. However, given the lackluster performance of this diaper, and the fact that the name is misleading, it really is not the best diaper for parents with these goals in mind. If you are on a budget and looking for something truly gentle for babies skin, Up & Up or Kirkland Signature Supreme are both better options. Not only did they score higher for health and eco, but they performed equally well or better for leaks and absorption. They are both in a similar price range as Pure n Gentle, with Up & Up coming in significantly less and Kirkland just a little more per diaper on average.


This is simply not a diaper we would recommend. With scores that failed to impress in just about every metric we tested besides leaks, the diaper just didn't stand out in any category that most parents and babies are interested in. Further, the misleading name bothered us as it implies something, even indirectly, that isn't true about this diaper, and we don't care for products that try to gain favor by deceptive means. If you are on a budget, one of our Best Value winners Cuties scored 16 point more overall with a 49 of 100. If you are looking for a diaper good for baby, and were misled by the name of this diaper, we suggest you try Nature Babycare, which earned a 5 of 10 for health and an impressive 10 for absorption in our tests. If you have a sensitive skin baby, or are just looking for a truly pure and gentle diaper, this is not a diaper we recommend.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team