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Diaper One-N-Done Review

Innovative diaper pail alternative perfect for small spaces
Diaper One-N-Done
Credit: Abriah Wofford
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Price:   $19.00 List
Pros:  Affordable, minimizes odor in nursery, easy to use
Cons:  No diaper storage, minimal capacity
Manufacturer:   Diaper One-N-Done
By Abriah Wofford ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 20, 2020
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The Skinny

The Diaper One-N-Done is a unique product in that it can either be an alternative to keeping a diaper pail in your nursery or an addition to your current diaper disposal system. The One-N-Done says it all in the name. It is a diaper pail device that is meant to hold only one diaper at a time, to keep messes contained while changing baby. After that, you must tie up the diaper and wipes and toss the whole package in a larger bin, whether that be a dedicated diaper pail, the kitchen trash, or in the garage. Regardless, the tied plastic bag helps minimize the odor of the diaper wherever you choose to place it. So, while this is not a very traditional method of disposing of diapers, we think it has its advantages. The price is very low in comparison to the level of convenience it can provide, and there is very little to complain about.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Diaper One-N-Done company was started by a mom that was tired of dealing with large bags of stinky diapers. After trying out a few alternative methods, she took the best parts of the various systems and combined them into the One-N-Done. The pail became popular among friends and that is when the company was born. This diaper pail is currently the only product they offer.

Performance Comparison

Removing the bag and replacing it with a new liner is a very simple...
Removing the bag and replacing it with a new liner is a very simple process.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Odor control is our most important metric but when it comes to this unconventional diaper pail, it has no lid and so offers no long term odor control. However, when used as directed, it will totally eliminate the stink from your nursery. This nifty gadget has a bucket style pail with a hole in the bottom through which you feed a string of plastic liners. The plastic base that allows you to set it on a flat surface or hang it from the side of a crib or changing table, keeping it conveniently close for diaper duty, and also making it ideal for small spaces. The base also has a small pocket that stores an entire roll of liners, so they are always right where you need them. Because you will be taking diapers out as you change, you will never have to deal with the awful task of bending down to nose level with a week's worth of dirty diapers to change the bag.

The base of the Diaper One-N-Done is made from plastic.
The hooks of the One-N-Done allow you to hang it wherever is most...

We love that the opening of the bucket is wide enough that you can drop the diaper in without having to put any further effort into it. This feature is especially handy during diaper blowouts. You know the kind where you feel as though you're using an endless amount of wipes and you don't even want to touch the diaper, let alone wrap it up into a tight ball. This is when the One-N-Done comes out to shine. We also think it would be perfect for an extended weekend stay at Grandma's, as it is small and light enough to bring along in the car.


If you are looking for a traditional, self-contained option to keep in your nursery and empty once a week, then this pail is not for you. It requires extra steps for every diaper change. It uses proprietary liners, which increase the lifetime cost significantly, especially when using one bag per diaper. Some users complain about the roll of bags always falling out of the built-in pocket, although we did not have any issues with this.

Some users complain that the space designed to hold the liners is...
Some users complain that the space designed to hold the liners is not secure enough to keep them in place.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

This is also not the most beautiful piece of baby gear, and while you are not likely to buy a diaper pail just because it looks good, it is always nice to have something that will blend well with your nursery decor.

The Diaper One-N-Done is one of the easiest pails to use.
The Diaper One-N-Done is one of the easiest pails to use.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The Diaper One-N-Done is an innovative product that can add a lot of convenience to your life and keep your baby's room smelling fresh. While it may not be the best diaper disposal system for everyone, we highly recommend it to those who live in tight spaces, or just want an easy way to keep big messes contained.

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