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OsoCozy Premium Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefolds Review

Back to the basics cloth option that may take some time to master and doesn't wick moisture
OsoCozy Premium Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefolds
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Price:   $22.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Multifunctional, durable, inexpensive
Cons:  Requires folding, non-wicking, expect shrinkage
Manufacturer:   OsoCozy
By Abriah Wofford & Juliet Spurrier, MD  ⋅  Sep 2, 2019
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The Skinny

OsoCozy Premium Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefolds are a cost-effective option that is simple in design but requires a little more knowledge and folding expertise than most other cloth styles. We like the natural fiber makeup as well as the great versatility that these plain square diapers offer. From standalone diaper to additional absorbent layer, to burp cloth, these prefolds are highly versatile. OsoCozy Prefolds are ideal for any cloth diaperer on a budget, whether highly experienced or brand new. All that matters is that you have a little extra time, and the enthusiasm to learn and master the perfect folding technique.

Our Analysis and Test Results

With over twenty years in the cloth diaper industry, Dennis Frederick, also the founder and owner of All Together Diaper, Co., recreated the brand OsoCozy in 2008 for the company's infant cloth diapering products. The brand's mission is to provide easy to use, eco-friendly, and affordable cloth diapering choices to families.

Performance Comparison

Prefolds have the advantage of an infinite number of adjustments...
Prefolds have the advantage of an infinite number of adjustments, allowing for a highly customizable fit.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

OsoCozy Premium Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefolds are about as basic in design as they come. Just a square piece of cloth sewn so that there are multiple layers in the center where the most absorbency is needed. Prefold styles require a few additional accessories, such as a cloth fastener and a cover. In our tests, we used the Thirsties Duo Wrap.


These prefolds were near the bottom of the pack in terms of absorbency. The natural fabrics in the OsoCozy are very absorbent but do not wick away moisture well, so will frequently leave baby feeling wet and soggy. We think it is a good idea to place an extra layer between baby and the cotton fabric in order to prevent diaper rash. More frequent changes will also be necessary with this style of diapering.


We like the OsoCozy Prefolds thanks to their simplicity and versatility. The fabric is composed of a blend of bamboo and organic cotton and has a soft texture that is a bit silkier than your average cotton cloth. OsoCozy sells two different sizes of their prefold, with the infant size fitting babies from 7 to 15 lbs, and size 2 fitting 15 to 30 Lbs. As there is no one way to use these, the adjustments are infinite, and it should be easy to find the perfect fit for any baby within the weight range. We also like that there are as many ways to fold these as there are babies on the planet. Giving you the freedom to arrange the cloth so that you get the most absorbency where you need it.

Picture of the OsoCozy in the Thirsties cover.
The trifold acts as a regular insert and is the easiest to master...

A prefold can be a great backup option if you don't want to use these cloths exclusively, but find that most diapers don't have the kind of soaking capabilities that you need. You can use it as a doubler or extra insert to add some oomph for those heavy wetters out there. While the bamboo/cotton blend is very absorbent, it has sub-par wicking properties. We recommend using this prefold in conjunction with a reusable synthetic liner. Below, you can see how much of a difference it can make.

Osocozy Prefolds tested as is without a liner.
When tested with a reusable liner, the OsoCozy Prefolds showed...

Probably the main selling point of these prefolds is the price. It is one of the most affordable options out there for parents on a budget, and the value increases when you consider that they can fill many purposes beyond diapering. The super-soft fabric is perfect for just about anything, including burp cloths, bibs, diaper bag cloths, or even a cleaning rag.


While there are many advantages to using a prefold diaper, it is also more work in general. They are not the best option for anyone looking for something easy or for something that even remotely resembles a disposable. You must take the time to learn and master various folding techniques, which can feel daunting when facing so many other new tasks for the first time. Also, because they have natural fiber make-up, more prep is needed before the first use, and you should expect a significant amount of shrinkage. Some users report that after a few months of use, they tend to hold stains that are hard to remove.

There can also be many hidden costs associated with prefolds. If you are determined, you can use OsoCozy prefolds and a cover, and keep it at that. But if you want to make your life a bit easier, you will likely have to purchase a few accessories. After totaling up the cost of covers, liners, and fasteners, you will probably find that although still the cheapest option, it is more comparable to the competition.

Here, the OsoCozy prefold is being used in conjunction with a Snappi...
Here, the OsoCozy prefold is being used in conjunction with a Snappi before putting a cover on.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


OsoCozy Premium Prefolds are the only diaper of their kind in this review, and we think they are the best prefolds out there. We love the idea of using eco-friendly natural fibers, as well as having the ability to multitask beyond the diaper years. If learning new folding tricks doesn't seem like a chore, and you are trying to stay within a budget, then prefolds may be the perfect option for you.

Abriah Wofford & Juliet Spurrier, MD

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