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Editors' Choice Award
A little expensive but worth it for superior quality, efficiency, hygiene, quiet sound, comfort and style.
Best Value Award
Great pump with the most accessories for the best price
Top Pick Award
A great pump for traveling moms or moms who don't plan on pumping often
A good pump that does the job and is easy to use but is lacking in comfort and efficiency.
This pump gets the job done but with a few drawbacks including efficiency, comfort and hygiene.
Smartly designed closed system pump, but still doesn't stand up to our award winners.
While this pump is efficient and portable, the "hands free" feature is difficult to use and not reliable
An affordable manual pump if you are on a tight budget and are only planning to pump on special occasions.
This is a pump that has been on the market for a long time, but new pumps now have the edge.
This pump is great for its memory function but lacking in ease of use and efficiency.