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Editors' Choice Award
A versatile and multi-functional night light that you can easily control from your phone
Best Value Award
A kid-friendly night light that offers a range of colors and brightness, and remote control
Top Pick Award
A portable and rechargeable monkey night light that doubles as a sound machine
Best Value Award
A simple and affordable set of plug-in night lights that offer a soft glow
This set includes multiple compact plug-in lights that automatically illuminate with a cool white color
Night light & sound machine offering narrow projection and glowing belly, but sound quality is low and device is not portable
An adorable night light that is easy to use but is most suitable for older children as the chick's eyes can easily remove
Top Pick Award
A dreamy night light that projects constellations on the ceiling from its shell and automatically shuts-off after 45 minutes
A portable night light with carry handle that offers one brightness level and a power button that can be tricky for toddlers to find in the dark