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Best Baby Nail Clippers

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By Wendy Schmitz ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Wednesday August 18, 2021
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Are you nervous about cutting your baby's nails? We were too! We purchased and tested the top 8 baby nail clippers available today to find the best options that make trimming nails a walk in the park. Our side-by-side testing of the competition included how easy each was to use, the ability to cut, and general quality so we could provide you with the details you need to find the right nail trimmers for you and your skill level. So whether you're new to the baby nail scene or this is your fourth little one, we've got a nail clipper for you.


Best Overall Nail Trimmer

Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers

Magnifier: Yes | File: No
Clean cuts
Bigger hands might struggle

The Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers are top-of-the-line baby nail clippers with a useful light and clear magnifying glass that brings little nails in focus and illuminates them so you can see what you're doing and avoid accidentally cutting more than you intend. The only way nail clipping could be easier is if you didn't have to do it. We love the simplicity of the design, the familiarity of the functional components, and the usefulness of the combined features that make clipping smooth sailing.

These nail clippers are smaller, which could be problematic for anyone with bigger hands. However, baby nails are small, and the product size suits the application. Overall, in our tests, these nail trimmers are the best in the bunch offering parents a close-up view of tiny nails with a handy light to reduce the risk of accidentally cutting the nail too closely. We think most families will appreciate the useful features of these clippers and the simplicity they provide.

The magnifier and light on the Light Zoom makes nail trims a breeze.
The magnifier on the LIght Zoom is clear and gives a great view of...


Best Bang for Your Trimmer Buck

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

Magnifier: Yes | File: No
Good magnifier
Sharp clipper
Cheap feel
Poor longevity

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper is a less expensive, light-free version of the Light Zoom in our number one slot. These traditional clippers fold small and expand when in use. We appreciate the larger pressure pad on these clippers, the quick clip response, and the enlarged nail view provided by the magnifier. The price of this product is also a bonus, with one of the lowest prices in the lineup.

This clipper feels somewhat flimsy, and it may not last for the long haul through multiple children. Also, the magnifying glass isn't very clear compared to the competing clippers that include magnifiers. Despite this, the magnifier does offer a closer view, and while you won't be using it for reading, it can help prevent you from accidentally cutting the nail too close or causing an injury. If your budget is tight, but you still want a little extra help seeing the finer details, this trimmer is one to consider.

The American Red Cross trimmer comes with a sweep around magnifier...
The American Red Cross clipper's magnifying glass makes viewing...


Best Scissor Style Clipper

Easy Grip Nail Scissors

Magnifier: No | File: No
Scissor style
Harder to accidentally injure
Learning curve

The Easy Grip Nail Scissors is a unique and fresh take on an old favorite. If scissors are the style you're looking for, but smaller handles leave you wanting, you'll love the easy-to-grip squeeze handle on these nail clippers. The scissors are sharp and cut tiny nails well. They won't master a full-grown man or acrylic option, but that isn't what they are designed for. They are good at their job with better visibility than what you might get using traditional clippers. They are of excellent quality and on par with the attention to detail we've come to expect from Frida.

These scissors have a learning curve as they don't feel natural to squeeze the handle to move the blades when you're first learning to use them. It isn't difficult, but not natural either. Overall, these little scissors are some of the best we've seen, and we think most parents will love how smoothly and swiftly they get the job done.

The Frida scissors are easy to use but the design of the handle...
The Frida Scissors are easy to hold and cut swiftly without as much...


Best Nail Clipper Kit

YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit

Magnifier: No | File: Yes
Lots of options
Scissors and clippers
Larger user hands won't work
Somewhat dull components

The YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit is a cute little manicure kit with multiple parts. The kit includes clippers, scissors, a file, and more, which can be useful if you don't feel comfortable with one style of trimmer. We like the adorable animal carrying case, and the components feel like they will last through a few kiddos without breaking a sweat.

Unfortunately, when a product tries to do everything or be everything to all people, it doesn't do everything well. We worry these scissors are too small for most grownups and that the traditional clippers are not as sharp as we'd prefer. Also, the file is a glass-style file that isn't as effective as those with more of a sandpaper design. Despite this, we think some parents will enjoy having various options and the cute hideaway storage that gets the job done, even if it isn't top quality.

The YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit comes with a variety of components that all...
The YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit scissors are super small in both handle...


Interesting Manicure Set

Baby Electric Manicure Set

Magnifier: No | File: Yes
Carrying case
Different disks
Major learning curve
Somewhat nerve-wracking

The Baby Electric Manicure Set is a battery-operated product that uses different disk types to file and buff tiny nails down without the need for cutting. The kit includes a small case to hold the parts and multiple disks. It also comes with a traditional small nail clipper. This set could be a potential choice for parents so worried about accidentally hurting their little one that they will try just about anything but cutting products.

This product seems like more hassle than it's worth. Ours didn't come with instructions, and the device, which resembles a mini Dremel tool in form and function, doesn't spin fast enough to be truly useful and could cause pain through vibration or snagging on the nail tip or fingertip. Also, it takes longer to adequately affect nail length, which could be a problem if your baby is frustrated or squirming. With clippers or scissors, the process can be swift, and while you might leave sharp corners behind, that is likely preferable to several minutes per finger and an annoyed baby and parent.

The ManiCure Set is self-contained and has a quality feel to it, but...
Older children might be a better fit for this manicure set than...


Simple Magnifying Trimmer

Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper

Magnifier: Yes | File: No
Clean cuts
Higher price than similar clippers
Somewhat distorted image

If you want a high-quality clipper with a magnifier, then the Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper is one you should consider. This baby nail clipper is easy to use and sort of a new take on a familiar favorite. The clippers cut well and are easy to use with a design that parents will find instantly familiar. The magnifier is good and didn't distort the image as much as some of the competitors.

This clipper doesn't have a light, and for a similar price, you can get the same setup that includes a light by choosing a different option. Also, this style of clipper and handle can be challenging for those with larger hands or thicker fingers. Overall, if you're looking for a good clipper that cuts well and gives you a little better view, then this is the one you want.

The Clear View Nail Clipper has a good magnifier that makes clipping...
These Safety 1st clippers work well and are easy to use.


Basic Clippers with File

The Snipper Clipper Set

Magnifier: No | File: Yes
Clean cutting
Includes curved file
Expensive for what it is
Harder to hold

The Snipper Clipper Set is a basic clipper from Frida. It is a sturdy, high-quality option that is straightforward with simple styling and a clean, cutting edge. These clippers come with a curved nail file that is perfect for baby nails, and they do a great job at rounding the edges, so no sharp corners are left behind.

The clippers are smaller and almost feel too small for even petite hands. They work well but could be hard to hold while managing a tiny baby hand or a potential crying situation. Also, it lacks a magnifying glass which, while not a deal-breaker, could be one if you want the reassurance of seeing this "up close." If you are looking for basic clippers and are familiar with the tiny design, these trimmers cut well and last through many siblings or work as a hand-me-down for others.

The Frida clippers include a file to help round sharp edges so your...
The Frida clippers are straightforward and high-quality with a sharp...


Big Grip Trimmers

Safety 1st Steady Grip

Magnifier: No | File: No
Large body
Cuts well
Hard for smaller hands

Performing much like similar competitors, the Safety 1st Steady Grip are traditional clippers in both looks and feel, but they have a more substantial grip to make holding and using them more comfortable. We like the design and think it can be a godsend for some parents and the difference between constant fumbling and swift trimming.

The handle on this is a comfortable grip, but it is large and cumbersome, and we think some parents will struggle to hold it and get a good look at the tiny nail they are poised to trim. However, if you have a larger hand and can't manage the small size of traditional baby trimmers, this could be a good one to try.

The larger grip on these Safety 1st clippers could be good for...
The Steady Grip might be easier to hold, but a magnifying glass...

We purchased and tested a plethora of nail trimming products for...
We purchased and tested a plethora of nail trimming products for baby in this review to find the best of the best.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Why You Should Trust Us

Our Senior Review Editor, Wendy Schmitz, led the baby nail trimmer review. Wendy is a BabyGearLab long-term writer and tester as well as a mother of 2. When Wendy's babies were small and new, she was very nervous about nail trimming; she just didn't do it! Luckily, there are so many unique and mistake-free options on the market that you don't need to be as reluctant as Wendy. Wendy has been testing baby gear since 2014 and focused on finding nail trimming products that even the most nervous parent could successfully use. She selected and tested each nail product hands-on to find the best trimmers available.

The electric Manicure Set is an interesting but challenging product...
While they might all be similar, some of the baby nail trimmers we...

Analysis and Test Results

We tested each style of trimmer for ease of use, cutting ability, and overall quality to provide you with the information you need to find the right trimmers for your baby.

There is a large size disparity between traditional clippers so...
There is a large size disparity between traditional clippers so parents might consider their hand size before purchasing.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Ease of Use

If you are already nervous about clipping your little one's nails, the last thing you need is a product that makes the whole process even more difficult. Therefore, we consider a straightforward trimmer that is easy to hold, easy to clip, and works as the best tool for the task.

If easy to use is what you're looking for, then the Manicure set is...
If easy to use is what you're looking for, then the Manicure set is not the option for you.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

In this lineup, only the Manicure Set is challenging to use with pieces that need assembly before use, and there are no instructions, so it is challenging to know which parts do what and how exactly you are supposed to use this system on your newborn. Perhaps if manicures are your routine go-to, you'll understand what all the parts do, but for a layperson, some instructions would have been helpful. The Manicure Set resembles a small Dremel tool with some files and buffer disks that allow you to trim little nails without using any cutting device. While we can see how this would appeal to nervous parents, we think it takes a lot of effort and a significant learning curve. You could use traditional clippers and complete the job in less than 2 minutes, or you can futz around with this tiny Dremel and 10 minutes in still be filing the nails of an annoyed and squirming baby. Depending on your hand size, some of the competition can also be harder to use. The bigger clippers of the Safety 1st Steady Grip make the product hard to grip for smaller hands, while the small design of The Snipper Clipper Set can be challenging for larger hands.

The Easy Grip Scissors are the easiest scissors we tried.
The Easy Grip Scissors are the easiest scissors we tried.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

While the Easy Grip Nail Scissors have a learning curve, as they are strange and not the typical style of scissors, once you have it, they are effortless to use, and the design keeps the clippers big hands out of the way so you can better see the tiny nail you're trying to cut. This trimmer is one of our favorites when it comes to ease of use. The Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers are also really easy to use, and for parents paranoid about cutting their little one, these have a lot to offer to avoid this. This trimmer has a magnifying glass and a light so you can see what you are doing close up and well-lit, something the competition can't boast. These features are a large part of why these became our favorite. The American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper and the Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper also have a useful magnifier, but neither offers the helpful spotlight like the one found on the Zoom.

While all of the options can cut (minus the electric file) some are...
While all of the options can cut (minus the electric file) some are better than others at getting a quick, clean cut.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Cutting Ability

Surprisingly, not all of the trimmers work well for their intended purpose. While many users remark that some contenders can't cut adult nails and are therefore useless, baby nails are significantly thinner and far different to trim than a grown adult's nails. This fact means testing on yourself is not an accurate measure of how well any of the products will work on babies or children, so put your talons away.

None of the components in the Nail kit work especially well and we...
None of the components in the Nail kit work especially well and we think it would be easier to just choose a simple clipper over this cute set.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

In this review, most of the traditional nail trimmers cut baby nails with one clip, leaving no dangling nail parts behind. The Snipper Clipper Set, in particular, has sharp edges and cuts very cleanly. The Easy Grip Nail Scissors also trim swiftly with no bending or peeling, even of thin infant nails. Most of the problems we experienced resulted from user error instead of product inadequacies, with some failing to press hard enough on the device for a clean-cut and instead ended up with bent nails. The Manicure Set doesn't have any cutting tool, and we think that the files will quickly wear down, necessitating the purchase of replacement files. It also takes time to file the nail down to the desired length, and we think most little ones will grow squirmy and frustrated during the process, which can limit the ability of the product to trim nails effectively. The constant agitation of the file could create more trouble than it is worth. The Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers cuts nails cleaning with a sharp blade akin to adult trimmers. The scissors in the YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit did not work as effectively as the clippers in that set, but both are small, and we suspect parents with larger hands or thicker fingers are going to struggle to use these devices effectively.

Quality varied widely between the best and the worst, but they all...
Quality varied widely between the best and the worst, but they all manage to get the job done, it just comes down to how long will they last.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


Most of the products lacked a certain level of quality in our tests, but most of them are also fairly inexpensive with a limited time period of use. While baby trimmers may not require high quality, that doesn't mean they shouldn't strive to be good enough to get the job done without compromise. We feel confident that even the lowest quality option in our lineup will survive babyhood and the period of life where it is useful.

The Frida products look and feel higher quality than most of the competition; this includes The Snipper Clipper Set and the Easy Grip Nail Scissors. Both options have better metal components and sharp edges with nicer packaging. The presentation alone makes you feel like you've bought something special. The Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clippers may not seem like much given the packaging, but the product itself is solid with no sharp plastic edges or manufacturing defects. The magnifying glass doesn't distort, and the light is bright and focused directly on the nail for maximum usefulness. The American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper has the lowest quality in the group with a somewhat distorted magnifier and plastic parts that feel flimsy and like they might fall off. The plastic has rougher edges as if it came out of the mold wonky, and it fits together like a child's toy. However, it gets the job done and makes trimming easier, even if the magnifier is sub-par.

We purchased and tested the top contenders on the market to find the...
We purchased and tested the top contenders on the market to find the best and easiest to use baby nail trimmers for nervous parents.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


It is common for parents to worry or fret about their first baby nail trim, partly because nails are so tiny and often close to their little fingers, which can make even the bravest parent nervous about nail clipping and accidental cutting. What if I hurt them? What if I accidentally cut too close? Selecting the right nail trimmers can make the experience easier and less risky, creating peace of mind and fewer self-inflicted face scratches. Our complete review includes all the details and best products to help make nail trimming anxiety a distant memory.

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