In Depth Baby Product Reviews Led by a Pediatrician

How We Tested Travel Strollers

Sunday June 9, 2024

We took these strollers through the city and parks to see how they compared to one another in day-to-day ordinary use. The hands-on testing gave us lots of information about each product and how well they perform in real-world scenarios. Some of the products looked good on paper but failed to impress on the road. Others were beautiful or innovative but seemed clunky or difficult to use. Also, to be thorough, we performed a series of controlled tests in our lab to test and compare specific performance elements in a side-by-side manner.

In the end, we defined specific tests to look at key performance metrics. These ranged from the ease of using the safety harness to pushing products across the grass, gravel, dirt, and even curbs. This gave us the information we needed to rate the products based on a combination of actual use and detailed analysis instead of speculation and manufacturer specifications. Uniform testing processes also allow us to compare products across categories to see which stroller best suits your needs.

Testing Weight and Folded Size

Weight and folded size were determined by taking our own measurements of the products instead of relying on manufacturer specs. This way, we could ensure that all the products were rated equally against each other using the same scale for weight and the same measuring methods. Products were weighed using a fully assembled stroller with all the parts and measured with the same measuring device by the same person. The weights and measurements were then compared against each other to determine scores. Smaller and lighter strollers, like the Zoe Traveler, earned higher scores in this metric.

travel stroller - the zoe sunshade is large, easy to operate and comes with a zip-open...
The ZOE sunshade is large, easy to operate and comes with a zip-open panel, mesh peek-a-boo window and a back pocket.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Testing Ease of Use

We reviewed and compared some of the features and convenience items included with each product for ease of use. The strollers earned points for ample sun shades, peek-a-boo windows, cup holders, storage bins that are large enough to hold a diaper bag, harnesses, adjustable leg rests, and reclining back pads.

Some products didn't offer much in this category, while others had all the bells and whistles. The products were compared to each other, and we looked at which had the largest storage options and the biggest canopies, which had convenient, easy-to-use storage, and which bins were blocked with awkwardly placed stabilizing crossbars. Strollers were rated against one another so users can get a good idea of how different offerings compare. Things like how far back the recline feature went and a leg rest adjustment helped differentiate between models and widen the gap in their scores.

travel stroller - the quinny yezz has polyurethane skate wheels with bearings that...
The Quinny Yezz has polyurethane skate wheels with bearings that make pushing fun and enjoyable ulike more traditional stroller wheels that are made of plastic and often tend to wobble.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Testing Maneuverability

We put each product through a series of strolling tests on different surfaces and environments to assess their agility and maneuverability under normal circumstances as well as under duress. We pushed them two-handed and one-handed over flat concrete and hardwood, grass, and gravel, and up curbs to determine which products had the mettle where it mattered with wheels on the ground. The important part of being a product in this category is maneuvering well in tight spaces and crowded locations. Hard surface ease is a must, but moving on various terrains is a bonus worth considering. We rated the products against each other for which did the best on each surface.

Testing Quality

Quality was determined by our general overall experience with each product and how they compared to each other. We looked at items like fabric weave, stain or water-repellent properties, our ability to cause snags, how well the stitching was performed, and if it was fitted to the frame nicely. We considered frame materials, connection points, and whether or not the frame flexed under pressure or handlebars that seemed burdened by their job. The wheels were also reviewed, and we looked for wheels that were made with quality materials that had worn well through our tests and review period. Quality scores were given by comparing strollers to each other and how well the products held up.