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How We Tested Double Travel Strollers

Thursday April 4, 2024
double travel stroller - double umbrella products come in an in-line style with the second...
Double umbrella products come in an in-line style with the second seat behind the first (3 strollers on the left) and side-by-side styles (6 strollers on the right), and each varies in value.
Credit: Abriah Wofford
These lightweight double strollers traveled through city sidewalks and neighborhood parks to compare them in a one-to-one manner. The hands-on testing provided information about how each performed in real scenarios. Some of the options look interesting on paper but were disappointing during regular use. Others were flimsy and difficult to use, with almost no features. To be thorough, we perform a series of in-house controlled tests in our lab to compare specific features and performance side-by-side.

In the end, we designed specific tests to look at key performance metrics. These ranged from the ease of using the safety harness to pushing products across the grass, gravel, dirt, and even curbs. Our testing provided the information we needed to rate the products based on a combination of actual use and detailed analysis instead of speculation and manufacturer specifications.

double travel stroller - the folded hop is on the larger side with almost all of the...
The folded HOP is on the larger side with almost all of the competition folding smaller.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Testing Weight and Folded Size

We took measurements of each product in-house at BabyGearLab, instead of relying on manufacturer specs. Doing this ensures that we compare all of the products equally using the same scale and the same measuring methods. We weighed the products fully assembled with all the included accessories and measured them with the same device by the same tester. We compared the results to one another to determine scores. The smaller and lighter products earned better scores.

double travel stroller - the zoe is the 3rd smallest folded stroller out of the 9 we tested.
The ZOE is the 3rd smallest folded stroller out of the 9 we tested.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Testing Ease of Use

We tested and compared the features and convenience items of each product. Products received more points for large, easy-to-use sun shades, peek-a-boo windows with covers, useful cup holders, large storage bins with easy access, harnesses that are easy to adjust, adjustable leg rests, and reclining seatbacks.

Most of the double travel strollers didn't offer much, while a few had bells and whistles. Each product was assessed side-by-side. We considered who had the best storage, the largest canopies, the most convenient storage, and which bins were impossible to access, thanks to stabilizing crossbars. We ranked products against each other to compare what each has to offer. Specifics like how deep the recline is and whether or not there was an adjustable leg rest helped us differentiate between products.

Testing Maneuverability

All of the products experienced a series of maneuverability tests using various surfaces in different environments to determine agility and ease of pushing and turning, pushing their designs' limits. We used them two-handed and one-handed over various surfaces, including concrete, hardwood, grass, gravel, and up curbs, to determine which options were easy to move and which we found frustrating. A product in this gear category must be able to move well in tight spaces and crowded locations. Easy flat surface pushing is a must, but moving on other surfaces is a bonus, as it is likely to come up in the real world. We ranked each option against the others to determine which were the best and multiple surfaces. The double strollers that were the easiest to push earned better scores, and the choices that performed well on different surfaces scored higher. Products that were difficult to turn or had trouble with transitions earned fewer points.

Testing Quality

To determine quality, we considered the overall experience during testing and how the strollers compared to one another. We reviewed features like fabric durability and comfort, stain or water resistance, snag-ability, and stitching. We looked at the frame design and materials, connection and transition points, and if the frame flexes or the handles push in during use. We assessed the size and material of the wheels and inspected if they had worn well through our review period. Strollers were compared to each other, how well the products held up during testing, and how well we think they will do in the future.