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Thermos Foogo Phase 1 Clear Tritan Review

Not a bad cup, but all things being equal we prefer its stainless steel brother
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Thermos Foogo Phase 1 Clear Tritan Review (Thermos Foogo Phase I Clear Tritan)
Thermos Foogo Phase I Clear Tritan
Credit: Thermos
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Manufacturer:   Thermos
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Mar 4, 2014

The Skinny

The Thermos Foogo Phase 1 Clear Tritan was discontinued in 2019.
Interchangable parts
Somewhat leaky upside down
Made of plastic
Thermos Foogo Phase 1 Clear Tritan wasn't a bad cup, and is a nice option in the Thermos lineup. The Foogo line has interchangeable lids so the cup can grow with your baby into toddler-hood. This cup was just slightly above average in everything, so that made it a cup we could neither rave about nor hate. Compared to the other Thermos cups we looked at, it just wasn't one of our favorites. It had a nice cup shape, ergonomic handles, and a nice spout. The clear cup was easy to keep track of the fluids consumed. However, in the end it just failed to earn enough points to be a cup we could recommend.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Thermos Foogo Phase 1 Clear Tritan is a BPA-free, copolyester impact-resistant, plastic sippy cup made by Thermos. It offers ergonomic removable handles, a soft spout that is easy on baby gums, and it is dishwasher safe. The body is compatible with all Thermos drink ware phases lids and attachments which is handy for babies moving through stages quickly. It comes in a few different colors and patterns, and is available in stores and online.

Performance Comparison

thermos foogo phase 1 clear tritan - this photo shows a variety of transition sippy cups; note that pura...
This photo shows a variety of transition sippy cups; note that Pura Kiki (pink sippy on right) is pictured here with silicone nipple. For transitioning, either a softer Pura Original Spout or firmer blue XL Sipper Spout can is substituted.
Credit: Micah James


thermos foogo phase 1 clear tritan - a clear cup body made it easy to monitor liquid consumption
A clear cup body made it easy to monitor liquid consumption
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
In general, we liked most of the Thermos brand cups we tested. While they may not have always ranked the highest for each metric, it was hard not to walk away with a feeling of quality, and attention to detail that these cups offer. This cup was easy to drink from, fairly easy to hold with soft handles, and it kept most leaks at bay. In addition, the easy to drink from pout might be better aligned with the American Dental Association's desire for a valve free cup. Given that this cup requires less sucking action that other cups, we felt it could theoretically benefit oral hygiene.

We liked the simplicity of the overall design, and the way the handles rotated around making it easier for baby to find the correct position for putting spout to mouth. The clear body allows parents to see how much fluid has been consumed (it holds about 8oz), but it lacked measuring lines so it really was just an approximation of liquid.

Thermos Foogo Phase I Insulated was the only insulated stainless...
Thermos Foogo Phase I Insulated was the only insulated stainless steel transition sippy cups we tested.
Above are photos of the Foogo Phase 1 Clear Tritan cup (left) and its steel brother, the Foogo Phase 1 Insulated (right)

We also liked that the cup was lightweight compared to its heavier stainless steel brother, Thermos Foogo Phase 1 Insulated. This meant that babies might have an easier time holding it for longer periods. It is also nice that the body can be used with other stage lids and tops as baby grows and moves onto new skills and abilities.


The Tritan scored only average for cleaning, because it was sort of a hassle compared to other cups to take apart, and put back together. However, it did not require any special tools to clean it beyond a basic bottle brush so that was a plus.

thermos foogo phase 1 clear tritan - the thermos cup was easy to clean and would work with other spouts...
The Thermos cup was easy to clean and would work with other spouts and lids in the Foogo lineup
Credit: Micah James
We didn't like that this cup was made of plastic. It was nice that Thermos called out a semi-specific kind of plastic, and noted it was BPA-free, but we still think that stainless steel is more eco-healthy, and a better choice for babies no matter what their developmental stage.

Luckily, Thermos makes several stainless steel varieties both insulated and standard; we also tested the Thermos Foogo Phase I Insulated in transition sippy cups, was well as Thermos Foogo Phase 3 Insulated, and Thermos Foogo Phase 2 Insulated in the Best Sippy Cup Review, for Toddler sippy cups.

Our final dislike, was the upside down leaking of this cup. While it did an adequate job when tested on its side, it didn't do as well when held upside down. We didn't necessarily consider it a deal breaker, but it did leak more than some of the other cups we tested.


The Tritan was a pretty good cup. It neither wowed us, nor offended. While we liked the ease of use of this cup, and its interchangeability with other Thermos products, we didn't care for the plastic design, or the leaking that happened when held upside down (something a baby would probably find endlessly fascinating). It is a light cup babies will probably be able to hold, and parents will easily be able to monitor consumption; but in the end, it just wasn't as good as other cups we tested. We prefer any of the Thermos stainless steel options over this cup. However, if your little one has difficulty with the heavier cup, this might be a good bridge until they grow stronger.

If the eco-health metric isn't your top concern, but budget might be (which could take stainless steel out of the running for consideration), we suggest you look at our Best Value winner, Gerber Graduates Sip and Smile. This transition sippy scored a perfect 10 for leaks, was easy to clean, and easy to use. It earned an impressive 2nd place, the highest of any plastic cup in our tests, which put it on par with many of the eco-health options.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz