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Nuby Clik-It Grip 'n Sip Review

Simple basic sippy, that would be nice if it were easier to drink from
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nuby clik-it grip 'n sip transition sippy review
Nuby Clik-It Grip 'n Sip w/ Super Spout
Credit: Nuby
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Manufacturer:   Nuby
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Mar 4, 2014

The Skinny

The Nuby Click-It Grip 'n Sip is a lightweight cup with reassuring click sound closure that was easy for babies to grip and hold for long periods. It scored well for upside down prevention of leaks, but only slightly above average for sideways leakage. The cup was not the easiest to take apart and clean, though it did have fewer parts than some of the other cups we tested and the assembly was more intuitive. However, at the end of testing it really was not a cup we could recommend. Being made of plastic gave it a below average eco-health score. With a difficult to drink from valve that scored lower than most of the cups in our test, you get a cup that just wasn't one we would recommend.
Handle and contoured design
Soft silicone spout
Hard to drink from
Made of plastic
Some leaks

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Nuby Click-It Grip 'n Sip Super Spout is a BPA-free plastic cup with a 1 piece, soft, silicone spout made by Nuby. The spout is designed to prevent drips and spills, while still being gentle on baby's gums, and developing teeth. The cup has two handles that are contoured to fit small hands, and aid in gripping. The cup comes in various color combinations, and is widely available online and in stores.

Performance Comparison

nuby clik-it grip 'n sip transition sippy review - this photo shows a variety of transition sippy cups; note that pura...
This photo shows a variety of transition sippy cups; note that Pura Kiki (pink sippy on right) is pictured here with silicone nipple. For transitioning, either a softer Pura Original Spout or firmer blue XL Sipper Spout can is substituted.
Credit: Micah James


The soft, silicone spout was nice for baby's gums, and the one piece construction made it easier to clean than some of the other transition sippys we tested.
nuby clik-it grip 'n sip transition sippy review - the nuby click-it is a typical plastic transition sippy.
The Nuby Click-It is a typical plastic transition sippy.
Credit: Micah James
The two handle design, and textured body of the cup gave babies two different holding options that were both fairly user friendly and intuitive for babies transitioning from bottles to cups.

In-house testers appreciated the Click-It design that helped them feel warm and fuzzy that the cup was indeed closed. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking a sippy cup is closed properly only to discover it has lost all its contents into your diaper bag because the lid wasn't really on straight. This cup had a similar system to the Munchkin Click Lock cup we tested in our toddler sippy cup review.


This cup scored poorly for ease of sucking, making it an overall disappointment for ease of use. If it was difficult for an adult to draw liquid from, we were left to assume that babies would have an equally disappointing experience with the design. In-house testers remarked that some of the wee ones did in fact
nuby clik-it grip 'n sip transition sippy review - some babies preferred to use this sippy as a teether, rather than a...
Some babies preferred to use this sippy as a teether, rather than a sippy
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
grow frustrated, and starting choosing other cups over the Nuby, or used the Nuby as a teether instead of a sippy.

We also did not like that this cup, like many others in our test, was made of plastic. Other than plastic cups being lighter overall than glass and stainless steel cups, there really is no benefit to using them. Plastic can possibly leach chemicals into their contents, they absorb odors, impart flavor, break down when heated, and stain easily. In addition, several testers commented that the plastic cups became oddly slick and greasy when washed with other dishes. So even though the spout on this cup is made of silicone, the main body was plastic, and that hurt it overall for eco-health.

nuby clik-it grip 'n sip transition sippy review - this sippy was easy to clean, and only had a few parts
This sippy was easy to clean, and only had a few parts
Credit: Micah James
The cup scored well for having few parts that needed cleaning, but we didn't like that it was somewhat of struggle to get the spout out of the cup. So while the number of parts was low, the design of spout and valve being one piece meant it scarified convenience. In addition, the difficult to drink from spout meant it didn't remotely adhere to the American Dental Association's desire for a no valve cup; the ADA feel s better oral hygiene can occur in no valves are used so no sucking is necessary, less sucking is better than a lot.


Nuby was another cup that scored poorly overall with just a 58 out 100. Other than its perfect sideways leakage test, there was little to like about this cup. Given the poor drinking capabilities of this cup, it was hard to really like it overall. A transition sippy cup should be easy to drink from (so babies will want to learn the new skill), and spill-proof (to avoid a mess every time baby tires to drink) the cup failed to meet the basic requirements of a sippy cup in our opinion. This made it a cup we could not recommend.

If you are looking for an economical transition sippy, and you are not thrown off by the eco-health score related to plastic, you should consider our Best Value winner, Gerber Graduates Sip and Smile. This cup was easy to drink from, easy to hold, scored well for ease of cleaning, and didn't leak at all. The cup scored an impressive 79 of 100, the highest of any plastic cup we tested.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz

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