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Thermos Foogo Review

A great insulated stainless steel cup that is easy to use and leak-proof with the lid closed
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thermos foogo sippy cup review
Credit: Abriah Wofford
Price:  $19 List
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Manufacturer:   Thermos
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Jun 1, 2018
  • Leakage - 35% 9.0
  • Ease of Use - 25% 7.0
  • Ease of Cleaning - 20% 5.0
  • Eco-Health - 20% 10.0

The Skinny

The easy to use, insulated, stainless steel Thermos Foogo offers a lot. This cup has a silicone straw spout with valve and an attached lid that keeps the straw clean and prevents leaks. The lid can't get lost and isn't in the way like some of the competition. This insulated cup keeps contents cool without the wetness of condensation, and the soft spout helps prevent injuries commonly caused by hard spout cups. Even though it is heavier than much of the competition and requires a straw brush to clean, we feel the trade-off is worth it given health considerations and a durable design that could last for several years.
Stainless steel
Attached lid
Silicone straw
Fairly heavy
Some leaking
Lots of parts
Special brush to clean
The Thermos Foogo has changed its name to Thermos Kids Bottle.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Thermos brand has been around for over 110 years, creating insulated products. The company creates gear that allows customers to keep items hot and cold for more healthy snacks on the go. The brand has its own vacuum insulation technology manufactured for dependability with quality materials. Their gear lineup includes various products for beverages and food.

thermos foogo sippy cup review - the thermos foogo is an insulated steel cup with a silicone straw...
The Thermos Foogo is an insulated steel cup with a silicone straw and valve.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Performance Comparison

The Thermos Foogo has a high rank in this group of impressive options thanks to a healthy material type, insulation, straw spout, and functional design.

thermos foogo sippy cup review - the easy to use, attached lid on the thermos keeps it leak free and...
The easy to use, attached lid on the Thermos keeps it leak free and the straw clean.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


There is so much to like about this cup. First, we love the nostalgic sort of throwback design that takes us back to metal lunch boxes and Saturday morning cartoons. The cup has a similar shape as the Thermos containers of yore, with an updated straw and lid mechanism that makes you wonder how we ever managed with those screw-top old-fashioned lids. This cup is slightly contoured to make holding it easier, and the lid is attached and easy for children to work on their own. We like the soft spout straw that is easy to drink from and potentially helps avoid injuries related to hard spouts. The attached lid keeps the straw clean and prevents leaks, and the internal valve is easy to use and simple to clean with a straw brush.

thermos foogo sippy cup review - this silicone straw aligns closer to the ada preferred style of...
This silicone straw aligns closer to the ADA preferred style of spout with a straw that shuttles liquids past teeth and a valve that doesn't require excessive sucking.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

We also like the rubberized bottom of this cup that helps little ones plant the cup without spills. This cup is insulated stainless steel with no possible chance of leaching chemicals and it does not impart a metal flavor to the contents. The overall health benefits of stainless steel for children and the environment cannot be overstated, and it is our material of choice.

The insulating properties of this cup mean you can keep things cooler for longer periods, which makes this an ideal cup for travel or taking to daycare. The sweat-proof construction is a bonus that keeps everything dry and the bottle grip-able.

This cup also did well in our side leak tests but had disappointing results for the upside-down test. As most straw-type cups fail to be perfect when tipped upside down, it was somewhat expected, and we did not view this trait as a deal breaker. The Thermos cup is leak-free with the lid closed, so while it might drip some if dropped, it will keep your diaper bag dry.


There isn't much to dislike about this cup, and even when we found something, we felt it was workable given the other stellar properties. For instance, the cup is wide and doesn't fit in most cup holders. Some car cup holders are able to accommodate it, but strollers and car seats are too narrow. Luckily, with its hardy construction and easy close attached lid, we feel confident shoving this sippy in a bag or on the floor when a holder is too small. However, it does leak somewhat on its side and significantly when upside down without the lid. To be truly leak-proof, you MUST close the lid, or you'll be cleaning up a soggy mess.

thermos foogo sippy cup review - some little ones may find the heavier thermos difficult to hold for...
Some little ones may find the heavier Thermos difficult to hold for longer periods of time.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

This cup is heavy and, as such, could be hard for really young toddlers to tote. It also has several parts to assemble and requires a straw brush to properly clean. While our love affair with this cup is near perfect, we reluctantly admit that not all soulmates are great at everything.

thermos foogo sippy cup review - the thermos foogo is a cool leak-free sippy that can be used for...
The Thermos Foogo is a cool leak-free sippy that can be used for several years assuming little ones avoid chewing the straw.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


We love this option because it is easy to use, fairly easy to clean (despite having multiple parts), and is leak-proof when the lid is closed. If you're looking for an insulated sippy that also considers health, it is one of the best, with a safer straw spout and inert materials.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz

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