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CamelBak eddy Kids Review

There are bottles that scored better overall and had better eco-health than the Eddy
CamelBak eddy Kids w/ Big Bite Valve
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Price:   $13.00 List | $13.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Lightweight, leak-proof, easy to use
Cons:  Made of plastic, not insulated
Manufacturer:   CamelBak
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Nov 11, 2014
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  • Leakage - 35% 10
  • Ease of Use - 25% 6
  • Ease of Cleaning - 20% 2
  • Eco-Health - 20% 2

The Skinny

Only 3 bottles in our review scored lower than the eddy. This bottle just didn't have high enough scores in our tests to rank higher. It is made of plastic, which is not eco-healthy, and the lack of insulation and debris lid hurt it as well. While it was easy to drink from and lightweight, it just didn't offer many other features to help it stand out in tests or in our hearts. This is not a bottle we recommend.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The CamelBak eddy bottle is designed for children from 3-8 years of old. It has a 12 ounce capacity and is 100% BPA free. The body is made of Tritan Copolyester and the cap is made with BPA-free polypropylene. The bite valve is medical grade silicone. It sports a simplified straw for kids that folds in on itself to help keep it free of debris, and the smaller bottle size makes it good for packing in lunch bags and backpacks. All the parts are easy to clean and are child safe. The bottles are spill resistant and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Performance Comparison

The Eddy is a lightweight  easy to use plastic bottle
The Eddy is a lightweight, easy to use plastic bottle


Typical kid water bottle; larger volume  straw spout  and clip loop.
We liked the big bite valve on this bottle, which allowed for easy sucking and a regular rate of flow. The valve attached to the mouthpiece is pretty much leak proof, scoring a 9 of 10 in this metric with just a little bit of leaking when the bottle is tipped sideways.

It is a lightweight bottle that is easy for kids to lift and transport even when full. It has a nice loop for attaching the bottle to backpacks and strollers and the lighter weight means it easier to transport for little people than the heavier insulated steel options.
This bottle is easy for little ones to use  and the clear plastic means parents can monitor how much liquid has been consumed
This bottle is easy for little ones to use, and the clear plastic means parents can monitor how much liquid has been consumed

We also liked that this bottle is clear and parents can easily see how much liquid is left inside. While we recognize this is an attribute related to being made of plastic, and that we don't like plastic in general, it is at least the brighter side of plastic and a nice result of using plastic in kids drinking products.


The straw fits into the bottom of this leak-proof valve
Probably our biggest dislike of this bottle is that it is made of plastic. The Tritan Copolyester material is BPA-free, but the company does not offer information on if any testing has been completed on whether or not this plastic releases chemicals into its contents. This gives us pause, and while we aren't saying it does leach chemicals, we are just saying we aren't sure and that makes plastic less desirable than the stainless steel varieties of bottles that absolutely don't leach chemicals. This means the bottle scored poorly for eco-health with only a 3 of 10 in this metric.
CamelBak eddy was previously available in Stainless Steel which we preferred  however it was heavier than the plastic version and would sweat as it was not insulated.
CamelBak eddy was previously available in Stainless Steel which we preferred, however it was heavier than the plastic version and would sweat as it was not insulated.

This bottle is relatively hard to put together and take apart. It has more pieces than some of the other bottles and it took us longer to assemble them than most of the other bottles. The plastic components were also harder to clean than the stainless steel options, and it required a straw brush to clean.

We also didn't like that this bottle is not insulated. While insulation isn't a necessity, it is a nice feature and given the other lacking attributes of this bottle, not being insulated just made the bottle less interesting to us.


This bottle did not do well in our review coming in 7th out of 11. It is made almost entirely of plastic, is not insulated, and was difficult to assemble and clean. While it is lightweight, easy to drink from, and almost completely leak-proof it just lacked many of the attributes we look for in a kid's bottle. The potential for plastics to leach chemicals and the lack of insulation make this a bottle we don't recommend.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz