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CamelBak eddy Kids Review

Although not insulated, this plastic water bottle that is lightweight, leak-proof when closed, and easy for children to use
CamelBak eddy Kids
Credit: CamelBak
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Price:   $14 List
Pros:  Lightweight, leak-proof, easy to use
Cons:  Plastic, not insulated, multiple parts to clean
Manufacturer:   CamelBak
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The Skinny

The CamelBak eddy Kids is 12 oz. in capacity and designed for children 3 years of age and up, plus sports eye-catching designs that may appeal to your child. In comparison to other contenders, we think this bottle is lightweight and exhibits exceptional leak-proof capabilities. Except for the silicone bite valve, this water bottle is mostly plastic, which we feel is not eco-healthy, and the lack of insulation may not appeal to everyone. But, if you seek a lightweight, leak-proof water bottle for your kid that is also easy to drink from, you may be satisfied with the CamelBak eddy Kids.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Fueled by the idea of creating hands-free hydration, CamelBak came into fruition in 1989 and has grown into a manufacturer of various drinkware styles and sizes to meet the needs of everyday life and sport and outdoor enthusiasts.

Performance Comparison

Besides being lightweight and essentially spill-proof, we appreciate...
Besides being lightweight and essentially spill-proof, we appreciate that the bottle is clear, making it easier to assess how much liquid your little one is drinking.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


We like this water bottle for multiple reasons. It is lightweight compared to insulated steel options, making it easy for little ones to lift, carry, and transport, even when full. It has a nice loop for attaching to backpacks and strollers, plus we believe it easily fits in hiking backpacks.

The bite valve allows easy sucking and at a regular flow rate. This valve is removable for easier cleaning. The valve folds in on itself to keep it free of debris, and when in this position, we think the water bottle is pretty much spill-proof.

We also appreciate this bottle for being translucent, making it easier for parents to assess how much liquid is left inside. While we recognize this is an attribute related to being plastic, and that we don't like plastic in general, it is at least the brighter side of using plastic in kids' drinkware.

The loveable designs on the CamelBak eddy Kids may appeal to your...
The loveable designs on the CamelBak eddy Kids may appeal to your child, and there are various colors and patterns to choose from.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


One of our biggest dislikes of this bottle is that it is mostly plastic, except for the silicone bite valve. The material is BPA-free, but we consider plastic less desirable than other materials, like stainless steel, given the potential concerns regarding plastic leaching chemicals.

The bottle requires a straw brush to effectively clean, and it has a few pieces (valve, straw, cap, etc.) to assemble and disassemble when cleaning. However, considering this product is decently leak-proof, we think the extra steps is a good trade-off.

Also, the bottle is not insulated. While insulation isn't necessary, it is a nice feature, especially for those who prefer to hydrate with cold liquids.

With a silicone bite valve, a child can chew through this mouthpiece, causing breaks. We encourage parents to keep an eye out for valve damage and replace it when necessary. In our opinion, if you know your child is chewer, this may not be a water bottle for you.

The water bottle sports a nice loop for attaching to backpacks and...
The water bottle sports a nice loop for attaching to backpacks and strollers, plus it makes it easy to carry.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


While this water bottle is mostly plastic, it lacks insulation, and it has a few parts to assemble and dissemble. Yet, it is lightweight, easy to drink from, and mostly leak-proof, which are good attributes in a kid's water bottle, and may appeal to families who seek a water bottle for backpacks, lunch bags, and travel.

Juliet Spurrier, MD, Wendy Schmitz & Molly Bradac