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Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend Review

Simple, inexpensive, and versatile, this unit makes baby food in a snap
Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend
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Price:   $45 List | Check Price at Amazon
Pros:  Quality puree, easy to clean, inexpensive
Cons:  Does not cook
Manufacturer:   Sage Spoonfuls
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  May 19, 2017
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#4 of 10
  • Puree Quality - 35% 7.4
  • Ease of Use - 30% 7.7
  • Health/Safety - 20% 8.7
  • Ease of Cleaning - 15% 7.3

The Skinny

The Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend immersion blender with food processor bowl is a quick and easy baby food making solution that can be used in almost any container with very little mess to clean up after. This baby food maker is ideal for quick meal preparation, on-the-go food making, or large batch food prep to store for later meals. We think this cool easy to option is a good choice for parents with health related concerns about plastic use as it doesn't heat or store food in plastic containers. With an economical price, quick clean up, and simple features, we think this handy tool will be an excellent addition to any family kitchen where parents hope to create baby food.

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Pros Quality puree, easy to clean, inexpensiveMinimal, small in size, compact, lid included, easy to clean, inexpensive, portablePortable, fairly easy to clean, low-cost, free from BPA and PVCReasonable price, easy to use, simple to cleanLarge quantity
Cons Does not cookBelow-average puree quality, small amounts, requires effort, lid may pop-off, stainingDoes not grind all foods, blade is dull, liquid can leak, and grinds small quantities of foodNo cooking feature, black substance under extractor blade, misleading cleaning informationBowl scraper accessory scratches plastic bowl concerns us, larger footprint on countertop
Bottom Line Simple, inexpensive, and versatile, this unit makes baby food in a snapA travel-friendly, manual food maker that mashes, but does not puree like machinesA no-frills baby food maker that is good for those seeking portability at a low-costDespite being easy to use and clean with minimal parts, we do not recommend this blender due to a black residue we observedA food processor with smooth purees, but not recommended since the bowl scraper leaves scratches on the plastic bowl
Rating Categories Sage Spoonfuls Pure... OXO Tot Food Masher Green Sprouts Fresh... NutriBullet Baby Hamilton Beach Food...
Puree Quality (35%)
Ease Of Use (30%)
Health Safety (20%)
Ease Of Cleaning (15%)
Specs Sage Spoonfuls Pure... OXO Tot Food Masher Green Sprouts Fresh... NutriBullet Baby Hamilton Beach Food...
Capacity Not Listed for Food Processor, N/A for Immersion Blender Not Listed 1 Cup 2 oz Single-Serving Storage Cups, 12 oz Short Cup, 32 oz/4 cups Batchbowl 10 cups
Manual states: 2 to 3 cup max for fruits and vegetables, .7 lb for meats
Footprint Small Small Small Small Large
Steam No No No No No
Settings Blend, Puree Blend, Mash Blend, Puree Puree Chop, Blend, Puree, Slice
Special Features None None None None None
Included Accessories HomeMade Essentials Package Available with (1) Recipe Book, (6) Glass 4oz Storage Jars, (60) Labels, (1) Immersion Blender with Food Processor Attachment and Pocket Guide (1) Lid None (1) Easy-pop batch tray with lid, (6) Date-dial storage cups with tip-proof tray, (1) Short cup with lid (1) Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc
Available Accessories Sage Baby Eco Steamer, Sage Spoonfuls - Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies; Sage Spoonfuls Pocket Guide, Assorted Storage Jars, Pouches, Snackie and Munchie Bag Sets None None None Crinkle Cut/Fine Shred Disc

Our Analysis and Test Results

Sage Spoonfuls was founded by a mom of four, Liza Huber. Liza was inspired to create Sage Spoonfuls so parents could have a convenient way to provide healthy food for their babies. Sage Spoonfuls helps provide nutritional fresh foods on a daily basis.

Performance Comparison

The food processing bowl of the Sage Spoonfuls works as easily as...
The food processing bowl of the Sage Spoonfuls works as easily as the immersion blender and you might prefer one over the other depending on the food type.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Puree Quality

The Sage Spoonfuls earned one of the highest scores in the puree quality metric. Puree quality includes consistent and smooth food blends without large chunks that could cause problems for younger babies.

The Sage Spoonfuls creates smooth purees with minimal effort for most of the foods we tested.

Sweet potato

The Sage comes with two different blades that help ensure that foods of all types can be blended with ease. It may take a quick glance at the manual to determine which blade to use, but using the right blade helps ensure a nice puree.

The immersion blender of the Sage Spoonfuls works well and is easy...
The food processor bowl blade is easy to clean and use.

The Sage has some difficulty with roughage like kale and spinach, but most of the food makers we tested struggled to make nice purees of these food items. It also struggles with chunky peaches and skins on peas and blueberries.

Raw carrot

Despite those challenges, it did puree some chicken, where other competitors in the review only shredded it. Plus, the consistency for most foods is smooth enough for a baby's first foods, and with the leftover remains, you can save for when your baby has been managing smooth purees with ease.

Ease of Use

When looking at ease of use, the Sage Spoonfuls earned one of the highest scores. For this metric, we consider how intuitive a product is to use out of the box without the manual and whether or not it takes a significant amount of prep work or time to create food for your baby.

This product is very easy to use with minimal settings and no cooking options. This blender has two settings for puree speed and can be used right out of the box without the manual indicating a very intuitive interface.

With a simple user interface, the Sage Spoonful is intuitive to use...
The Sage Spoonfuls has limited plastic components, and nothing cooks...

While the Sage comes with several parts, very few are needed for each batch creation. Food is prepared quickly, but the motor on the blender shouldn't be used for longer than 15-30 seconds continuously without a break. We do wish the puree time was longer, and we aren't a fan of counting while blending, but in general, it isn't hard to do, and it gets the job done. Parents can choose between the dedicated immersion blender or the food processor bowl.

We found mason jars were easier to use with the immersion blender...
We found mason jars were easier to use with the immersion blender than other containers when pureeing with the Sage Spoonfuls.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Health and Safety

The Sage Spoonfuls earned a near-perfect score in this metric. For health and safety, we considered concerns over plastic and parts that were hard to see or clean that might harbor mold, bacteria, or rust. We also considered moving blades and potential burns.

The Sage is BPA, Phthalate, Lead, and PVC free, and we did not experience any non-food taste when using this product, even during the first use. The health factor goes up from there as it does not have a steam tank for mold, rust, and bacteria to grow. With no nooks or crannies for yuck to hide, this unit should remain a healthy option. Since this unit does not cook food, there are no concerns over burns related to steam escape or transferring cooked food to a blending container.

Several of the Sage Spoonful parts are dishwasher safe and easy to...
Several of the Sage Spoonful parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Ease of Cleaning

The Sage earned a top score for ease of cleaning. This metric considers the number of parts and time required for proper cleaning.

The Sage has some dishwasher-safe parts, plus some handwash-only components. We think it is better and just as easy to hand wash all of the components, but if you are in a hurry, the food processor bowl and blade can be tucked into the dishwasher, while the immersion blending rod and food processor top will need hand washing. The manual doesn't indicate any regular or long-term maintenance cleaning for this product, unlike the steam products that require regular descaling and tank cleaning.

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