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Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill Review

A no-frills baby food maker that is good for those seeking portability at a low-cost
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Price:   $20.00 List | $13.39 at Amazon
Pros:  Portable, fairly easy to clean, low-cost, free from BPA and PVC
Cons:  Does not grind all foods, blade is dull, liquid can leak, and grinds small quantities of food
Manufacturer:   Green Sprouts
By Molly Bradac ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 17, 2020
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  • Puree Quality - 35% 4
  • Ease of Use - 30% 6
  • Health/Safety - 20% 7
  • Ease of Cleaning - 15% 8

The Skinny

While the Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill lacks features found in other food makers in our review, it may be a good choice for those who value portability, ease of cleaning, and a low price. This product will not provide puree perfection, cannot grind everything you throw at it, and, to be honest, can require some effort depending on the food item. But, if you are not too concerned about the puree consistency and you are looking for a handy tool for your on-the-go lifestyle, then this may be a good product for the budget-minded.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Established in 1982, Green Sprouts is a mother-daughter owned and operated company based in Asheville, North Carolina. Committed to researching, developing, and manufacturing a line of healthy and natural baby products, Green Sprouts strives to provide products for the well-being and development of babies and children, along with resources for parenting naturally.

Performance Comparison

Puree Quality

The Green Sprouts scored low in this metric as it does not create puree perfection. However, it is a mill, not a machine, so it will not produce high-quality purees that result from horsepower. The blade under the strainer plate is not sharp and feels dull to the touch, which may be why some foods require more effort to mill. The food mill claims to separate seeds and skins, and although this somewhat holds, it is not perfect; some skin bits and pieces do pass through the strainer plate and into the baby's food.

Milling partially frozen peaches resulted in a reasonably smooth puree with some texture and minimal small pieces.
The banana puree was reasonably smooth in consistency  yet minimal small pieces made it through the strainer plate.

Softer foods, like bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, broccoli, blueberries, and peaches, have moderately smooth results, yet, we observed several small pieces that survived the milling process. Peas, chickens, and pasta also had similar results; however, food clogs under the strainer plate and does not yield much, plus grinding felt laborious. Unfortunately, the food mill failed to mill steamed kale and raw carrots, likely due to the blade's dullness.

The Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill yielded a small quantity of peas due to peas building up underneath the strainer plate.
sweet potato
The Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill struggled to puree steamed kale.

The Green Sprouts Mill is both lightweight and small in size, plus it features a built-in 8-ounce serving bowl, making it a good portable option for families with a child who can manage texture and pieces, not a beginner baby.

Ease of Use

The Green Sprouts Mill had a slightly below-average score in this metric. As a manual product, batteries or electricity is not needed, which has its perks for portability reasons, yet lacks the strength motors provide. Therefore, some food will require some muscle and effort to mill.

broccoli (cooked)
broccoli (cooked)

While grinding during testing, we noticed that if you mistakenly forget and turn the handle counter-clockwise, the strainer plate pops out, resulting in a mess. Also, users report, and we can affirm from testing that when you hold the grinder bowl and apply downward pressure, liquid escapes the bottom cylinder's silicone sealing ring and pools on the countertop below. This problem was more likely to occur when an increasing amount of liquid is present.

The Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill is hand-operated  and depending on the food item  it may require some muscle and effort to grind.
The Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill is hand-operated, and depending on the food item, it may require some muscle and effort to grind.

If you want to make a surplus of baby food to freeze and store, this is not the product for you. The NutriBullet Blender would be a better choice, plus it creates one of the best purees among the competition.

Health and Safety

The Green Sprouts Mill has a slightly above average score in this metric. It uses non-toxic materials, including food-safe polypropylene and stainless steel. It is also BPA and PVC free. It does have a steam tank, and the blade is not sharp. There are no major nooks or crannies that will hide and breed yuck, but we do suggest examining the handle parts and sealing ring for food debris and mold.

Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill.
Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill.

Ease of Cleaning

The Green Sprouts Mill has an above-average score in this metric as it is relatively easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe, but we strongly recommend handwashing the plastic to reduce the chance of chemicals leaching and to extend the product's longevity.

We experienced fibrous foods requiring more effort to remove from the strainer plate as strands or pulp catch.

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