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LeFun 1080p WiFi Review

Straightforward, WiFi capable camera with good images and an impressive price
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lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review
Credit: Abriah Wofford
Price:  $30 List
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Manufacturer:   LeFun
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Aug 1, 2019
  • Range - 20% 10.0
  • Sound Clarity - 20% 4.0
  • Video Quality - 30% 10.0
  • Ease of Use - 15% 6.0
  • Battery life - 10% 10.0
  • Features - 5% 8.0

The Skinny

The LeFun 1080p WiFi camera is the least expensive WiFi option in this review with high-quality images and ethernet capable connection. We love that this camera is budget-friendly making it a good choice for parents who need or want WiFi capabilities but have a tight budget. This unit works well in both day and night lighting and it features remote pan and tilt abilities with digital zoom to keep an eye on the action. While the sound is sub-par compared to dedicated monitors and the set up isn't as intuitive as the other WiFi choices, we believe that the money you'll save getting true to life images is worth whatever it lacks.
WiFi capable
Quality images
Requires internet
Disappointing sound

Our Analysis and Test Results

In 2010, LeFun launched its company offering wearables electronics. The company goal is to offer quality electronics for reasonable prices. LeFun believes that together, engineers and designers can create useful and functional products.

WiFi Monitors Buying Tips
  • In case your WiFi fails to work well, make your purchase with a retailer with a generous return policy, like Amazon
  • Test your monitor as soon as it arrives; video monitors require more bandwidth than movie streaming services.
  • If you can, use a dedicated device instead of your phone so that you have continuous monitoring.
  • Always change the password that comes with the camera to avoid making it easy for hackers to guess.

Performance Comparison

lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review - the lefun 1080p wifi is a simple wifi camera that is easy on the...
The LeFun 1080p WiFi is a simple WiFi camera that is easy on the wallet and works well even if it isn't baby-centric.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Given the WiFi connection of the LeFun, it doesn't have range limitations.

While you can use this camera in larger homes or those where a traditionally dedicated monitor won't work well, WiFi monitors do have limitations. You will need strong, fast, reliable internet service to use the LeFun. If your internet fails, then you won't have monitoring capabilities, and if it is slow, you could suffer lag times or dropped connections.

lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review - the lefun has a wide field of view that lets you see whatever you...
The LeFun has a wide field of view that lets you see whatever you want or need to see in the room.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Audio / Visual

Like the other WiFi cameras in this review, the LeFun sound capabilities don't impress.

While you choose a video monitor so you can see your baby, it is the sound ability of the monitor that alerts you to look at the screen. The sound on the LeFun has a maximum decibel level of 85 dB, and we were able to hear our white noise maker no matter what setting we chose despite adjustable sensitivity and sound activation features. The sound is bright, and there is often an echo and breaks in audio. Will it work enough to wake you? Probably, but you may not be able to tell what is exactly going on in your baby's room.

lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review - the night vision images on the lefun are crisp and clear on par with...
The night vision images on the LeFun are crisp and clear on par with cameras that cost significantly more.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

This LeFun has better images than the previous LeFun 720dpi.

The zoom feature on the LeFun will allow you to see your baby's eyes...
The zoom feature on the LeFun will allow you to see your baby's eyes even in the dark.
The colors and details of the LeFun on zoom are true to life like...
The colors and details of the LeFun on zoom are true to life like you are standing in the room.

The true to life image of the 1080p camera is on par with other WiFi options that cost significantly more.

This camera has good images that are just as impressive at night as they are during the day. The color is true to life, and the crispness is good enough to see your little one breathing. It has a nice zoom feature so you can get close to the action and see if your baby's eyes are open or closed.

lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review - the features you are most likely to use on the lefun are located on...
The features you are most likely to use on the LeFun are located on the main viewing page.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

The LeFun is harder to use than the competition both WiFi and dedicated units.

Linking this camera with your phone is manual and requires downloading an app and following the steps. It is straightforward enough, but not as intuitive as the competition. It has a monitoring time delay that varies between 1 second to 2 minutes based on internet speed and other factors we couldn't pinpoint, but it got worse when we tried to move the camera remotely or use the zoom feature. The lag time when remotely operating the camera can be so long we wondered if it was even working.

Shortly after setting it up, we had to update the software and restart the camera. The motion detection feature works well, and the features you are most likely to use are on the main screen, and other settings are easy to get to and intuitive. You cannot listen to your baby's room when using another app or making a call.

lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review - the lefun can be connected using an ethernet cable which can...
The LeFun can be connected using an ethernet cable which can decrease the EMF it emits. Always use caution when using any item with cords in a nursery that they are well out of baby's reach.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Battery Life

Because the LeFun plugs in and you use your personal device for monitoring, there is less concern for battery life.

Using a dedicated device for this camera and keeping it plugged in will extend the battery life for monitoring. Only using the LeFun app will also keep you monitoring for hours without concern which is one of the reasons we think you shouldn't use your phone.

lefun 1080p wifi video monitor review - the lefun menu is simple and straightforward for account management...
The LeFun menu is simple and straightforward for account management and features.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The LeFun comes with a variety of features that none that are truly baby specific.

The LeFun monitor also has the following features:

  • 2-way talk to baby
  • Motion detection
  • Ethernet connection
  • Mounting hardware
  • Remote camera with pan and tilt
  • Zoom
  • Sound activation
  • Micro SD capable for up to 5 days recording
  • Add multiple cameras (sold separately)

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Levels

The LeFun has the lowest EMF recorded in our tests out of any camera in this review with an average reading 6 feet from the camera of 0.84 V/m using WiFi and 0.71 V/m using an Ethernet cable. Your EMF exposure will decrease the further away from the device you get, and the level may vary in your home depending on other devices in the area emitting EMF.

Security/Privacy Concerns

There are safety and privacy issues with every WiFi camera, but we didn't discover "known" security concerns with the Lefun. The company website states that their cameras have "financial level encryption technology and that they have CE, FCC, and RoHS certification.

They also recommend you change the default password during set up.

Safety Precautions
  • Update firmware when possible
  • Use a unique password at least 8-10 characters long including numbers, special characters, and upper case letters
  • Change passwords on a regular basis
  • Use the smallest field of view required to meet your needs
  • Unplug the camera when you aren't using it to avoid it being turned on remotely by a hacker to watch your baby

Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz

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