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Miku Pro Movement Review

A feature-rich Wifi option that isn't the simplest solution for movement monitoring or video
miku pro movement movement monitor review
Credit: Miku
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Price:  $400 List
Manufacturer:   Miku
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Feb 6, 2023

#6 of 8
  • Set-up - 20% 7.2
  • Ease of Use - 20% 6.3
  • Expected Reliability - 25% 5.6
  • Monitoring Cababilities - 20% 8.3
  • Alerts - 15% 6.6

The Skinny

The Miku Pro includes video, sound, movement, and more. Movement monitoring is the tracking of movement that indicates breathing. The Miku accomplishes this with video and algorithms instead of a wearable or mattress pad. The monitor pairs with a downloadable app and uses WiFi to connect. We like that the alert is sent to a smartphone, not an in-nursery alarm. However, the app was unpredictable in our tests and regularly forced updates that stopped monitoring. We struggled with continuous connection and reliable monitoring, and the video was disappointing for such an expensive unit. While we appreciate the idea of no wearables and a one-and-done solution, it is hard to get past the higher price and disappointing test results.
No wearables
Wide range of functions
Complaints for connectivity issues
Doesn't always alert
Camera isn't impressive
Monitors ghost baby
Editor's Note: We updated this gear review on February 6, 2023, as part of our movement monitor update.

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miku pro movement movement monitor review
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Miku Pro Movement
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Pros No wearables, wide range of functionsPortable, simple, vibration stimulus, no EMFEasy wearable, multiple functions, decent reliabilityBudget-friendly, portable, app-connectivity and alarmAlert color-coded base station, decent reliability, WiFi connectivity, parent unit alerts, positioning information
Cons Complaints for connectivity issues, expensive, doesn't always alert, camera isn't impressive, monitors ghost babyNo parent unit, harder to attach, shorter battery lifeExpensive, flimsy plug connection to camera, must pay for a subscription to access all of the advertised features
-false alarms
-requires smartphone "
Bluetooth limited range, short battery life, requires a smartphoneRange issues, some false alarms, requires a smartphone, only pairs to one phone
Bottom Line A feature-rich Wifi option that isn't the simplest solution for movement monitoring or videoReliable clip-style wearable with a unique vibration stimulus and portable designA smart monitor that does it all for a premium price but requires good Wifi, a personal device, and a possible subscriptionA simple option that only requires a sensor and a smartphone that works fairly well despite a shorter battery lifeA button wearable that is a WiFi connection and pairs with your smart device and base station, but only pairs with one phone
Rating Categories Miku Pro Movement Snuza Hero SE Nanit Pro Complete... Monbaby Smart Butto... Sense-U Baby v3
Set-up (20%)
Ease of Use (20%)
Expected Reliability (25%)
Monitoring Cababilities (20%)
Alerts (15%)
Specs Miku Pro Movement Snuza Hero SE Nanit Pro Complete... Monbaby Smart Butto... Sense-U Baby v3
Sensor Type Sensor Fusion Technology Wearable Wearable Wearable Wearable
Parent Unit Smartphone No Smartphone Smartphone Smartphone
Monitoring Type Movement, Sound, Video Movement Movement, Sound, Video, Activity Movement, Position, Activity Movement, Position, Activity
EMF (at baby) n/a No increase above ambient n/a 2.5 2.5
Recommended Age 0-7+ Not Listed Breathing Monitor: 0-24 mo
Swaddle: 6mo and under
Breathing Band is size dependant and comes in 2 sizes - S (0 to 3mo) or L (3 - 24mo)
Not Listed roll-over alarm is for babies up to 6 months
Adjustable Sensitivity No No No No No
Wireless Mobility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Baby Alert No Yes No No No
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 year Limited 1 Year 1 Year

Our Analysis and Test Results

Miku developed baby monitoring using a camera and algorithm to track a baby's breathing along with video and sound, creating an all-in-one monitor. The Miku company includes parents and engineers working together to develop products they hope will create a "safer world for babies."

Performance Comparison

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the miku reliability is not the best in our tests. in this...
The Miku reliability is not the best in our tests. In this screenshot, the Miku believes our fake baby doll has been asleep and breathing for over 2 minutes.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Expected Reliability

The Miku offers unpredictable liability, offering one of the poorest performances in our testing and research. At one point, the Miku even continued to monitor the heartbeat of a baby who was no longer in the crib, but the Miku algorithm thought he was. Raising concerns about what it is indeed really monitoring.

Our research found reports of poor connectivity, false alarms, battery concerns, and the monitor not alarming when it should. In our tests, we believe the camera considered movement in the room as a baby in the crib. We also received the message of "connecting securely to feed" more than we think is helpful for regular and consistent monitoring.

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the miku is the camera in the middle of our test group for this...
The Miku is the camera in the middle of our test group for this review, including the Nanit on the left and Anglecare AC 327 on the right.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Set Up

The setup is a mixed bag with Miku. While it comes with everything you need, including a tiny gold pencil for marking the wall for camera mounting, it is not a quick and easy setup. It requires tools, maybe a step stool or ladder; a stud finder would be helpful. It would be best if you mounted the camera above the crib, and there are components for safely routing wires out of potential harm's way. You then download an app, set up an account, and wait for firmware and software updates, and you should be ready to go. The upside is there is no wearable included with this monitor, unlike another WiFi video monitor we tested. The downside is the camera did seem confused about what it was monitoring, and a wearable might have been helpful in the design.

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the miku main screen is a split screen with a menu, important...
The Miku main screen is a split screen with a menu, important information, and video monitoring.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

The Miku is more challenging to use than much of the competition. We had trouble with the app always needing an update and not connecting immediately when we wanted to monitor. When the app is working, it is straightforward and intuitive, albeit somewhat plain and lacking in the flair of some competitors. The menu on the right accesses breathing control, alarm settings, music settings, and power control. The bottom portion of the split screen has a quick access button for alarms and icons to access the monitor, analytics, the care+ tracker (paid subscription), activity log, and the remainder of the app settings.

This monitor is not the most portable. It will require unmounting and remounting or finding a higher vantage point for movement monitoring of breathing. It also requires WiFi, which you could have difficulty accessing depending on your travels. We think most true wearables are better for those looking for a portable option.

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the miku includes video and sound monitoring.
The Miku includes video and sound monitoring.
Credit: Genaveve Bradshaw

Monitoring Cababilities

This monitor does it all and could act as the only monitor you need to buy. It has movement indicative of breathing, heart rate, sleep tracking, and more. You get video and sound capabilities as well as temperature and humidity monitoring.

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the video on the miku pro is disappointing with the look of fog in...
The video on the Miku Pro is disappointing with the look of fog in the nursery that is not there in real life.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

While it has all of these features, in our tests, none really impressed us, and it didn't perform that well in our video monitor review either. This lackluster performance means you have the ability but perhaps won't be thrilled with the results.

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the miku alerts include push notifications and in-app alerts/alarms.
The Miku alerts include push notifications and in-app alerts/alarms.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The reliability of the connection heavily influences how well the app and the alerts work. If your house coverage is spotty, then the Miku monitoring will also be spotty. The Miku has alerts for most things it monitors.

On the bottom of the split screen is a switch for alarms (on/off). This feature makes it easy to see if the alarm is on. In the setting portion of the menu, there are settings for audible alarms, push notifications, no movement monitoring, and awake/asleep notification. Receiving notification of sound and the baby being awake also includes a notification for delays from the factory setting.

The volume of the app is based on the volume of the phone, which must be turned on. An "audio boost" feature amplifies the app volume but occasionally causes more feedback. We couldn't test how the alert or alarm looks or sounds when a baby stops breathing. Because the monitor knows when no baby is in the crib, we couldn't trick it into thinking our fake baby had stopped breathing.

miku pro movement movement monitor review - the miku did not emit emf above the ambient reading in the test room.
The Miku did not emit EMF above the ambient reading in the test room.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)

The Miku didn't have EMF emissions beyond the ambient room reading in our tests.

There were a few options in this review with low or similar to ambient emissions, which is great, in our opinion.

Should You Buy the Miku?

We think this review has better one-and-done options if your goal is a one-time purchase that does it all. While the Miku is better than average, it doesn't do any function in a standout way and doesn't perform as well in our tests as its competitors. Additionally, we experienced the monitor indicating a baby was in the monitor when no baby was there, making us worry about the reliability of the Miku. It also failed to perform well in our best video monitor review.

What Other Movement Monitor Should You Consider?

The Nanit Pro Complete Set Monitoring System is our choice if you want to own a single unit that does it all. This modern and easy-to-use monitor allows for video, sound, and motion monitoring, along with loads more. While it has a higher price and could cost you subscription money after the first year for all the features, we think anyone who wants to make a single purchase will prefer this option over the others we've looked at.

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Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz

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