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Crane Adorable Review

Price:   $50.00 List | $40.71 at Amazon - 19% off
Pros:  Fanciful designs, easy to clean base, filterless, large tank capacity
Cons:  Position of mist output varies with each style, large footprint
Bottom line:  Basic ultrasonic humidification in a cute package
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Dimensions (BGL):  9.5" W x 9" D x 11.5" H
Empty Weight (BGL):  4 Lbs
Max Operation Noise Level in dB (BGL):  52
Manufacturer:   Crane

The Skinny

The Crane Adorable ultrasonic humidifier comes in many different animal designs, as well as a train model. It is a cheery addition to any baby's nursery. While the Crane Adorable is certainly adorable, it is neither the strongest performer nor quietest operator and delivers average performance across each of our rating metrics. Surprisingly, however, our comparative review did reveal the Adorable to be more effective and less noisy than its very popular counterpart, the Crane Drop Shape.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Ellen Baker & BabyGearLab Team

Last Updated:
June 14, 2015


From tigers to ducks to dragons (and even a train!), the Crane Adorable ultrasonic humidifier comes in 18 different designs that add whimsy and fun to a baby's room. We set out to determine just how effective and functional this adorable humidifier performed compared to the other 8 in our comparative showdown.

Performance Comparison

The Crane Adorable single room humidifier can easily fit on a dresser or night stand.
The Crane Adorable single room humidifier can easily fit on a dresser or night stand.

Ease of Cleaning

Earning a 4 of 10 in ease of cleaning, the Crane Adorable uses a fairly simple design with a minimum number of parts. Our tested unit, the cow model, has three separate pieces: a base, a water tank, and a face plate that is positioned over the water tank. Crane recommends replacing the water daily, and performing a thorough cleaning weekly. We found that the base to be easy to clean, but most of the internal tank was not accessible by hand or brush. Cleaning the inside of the tank requires allowing a solution of water and vinegar to sit inside for at least 20 minutes. The face plate also requires cleaning. In our experience, condensation was always present on the underside of the face plate during use, and as such, a prime area for microbe accumulation if not regularly cleaned.
The face plate of the Crane Adorable cow humidifier sits on top of the water tank.
The face plate of the Crane Adorable cow humidifier sits on top of the water tank.

Because it is a filterless humidifier, we recommend use of distilled or filtered water to reduce white dust accumulation. If using unfiltered tap water, purchase of the Crane Universal Filter is essential and should be changed with about every 60 fillings.


The Pig Adorable we tested performed slightly above average at 6 of 10 for effectiveness in humidifying a small space. As mentioned, we were surprised to find that it was much more effective at humidification than the other tested Crane humidifier in our group, the Crane Drop Shape.


The Crane Adorable was the loudest ultrasonic humidifier we tested in terms of decibel ratings earning a 5 of 10. However, this doesn't mean that it was intolerably noisy; it measured 52 decibels. In fact, we found the high-pitched whirring of the Crane Drop Shape, which was a tad lower in actual decibels at 48, to be more jarring than the Adorable's lower pitched but motor noise that was objectively 4 decibels higher. In fact, we did not find it to disrupt our sleep or be annoying during testing. Of course, this is entirely subjective and everyone is different.

Ease of Use

Our toddler assistant tester pointing out the mist jets.
Our toddler assistant tester pointing out the mist jets.
Earning a 5 of 10 for ease of use, the Crane Adorable humidifier presents basic ultrasonic humidification features in a cute design. The continuously variable mist control knob is a plus because it allows for regulation of mist output and therefore some control over humidity levels. Nonetheless, we found that the non-adjustable dual mist jets on the cow model deterred from its functionality. ]In order to send mist in another direction, we had to reposition the entire unit instead of adjusting the mist nozzle as the Crane Drop Shape allows. We also found that mist output did not distribute equally between the two horns (i.e. mist output jets) because of the location of the main mist output under the face plate.

During the refilling process, the convenient handle on the water tank specifically says that it should not be used when the tank is full of water which is a big disappointment. It can be used to lift an empty tank from its base, but it seems that it should be functional with a full tank as well. Also, adding water to the tank is difficult because of its rounded top always requiring one hand to steady it and prevent it from tipping over.
The handle on the Crane Adorable humidifier is embossed with the words "Don't carry full tank by handle."
The handle on the Crane Adorable humidifier is embossed with the words "Don't carry full tank by handle."

Nonetheless, the Crane Adorable tank has a large capacity of 4 Liters. BabyGearLab's in-house measurement of the Adorable's tank capacity was even greater than the listed capacity of 3.8 liters. This makes it capable of holding more than the Editors' Choice Winner, the Sunpentown SU-4010 and Best Value winner, the Safety 1st 360.

A quick note about the "on" light: if you want to maintain complete darkness in your baby's room, this humidifier may not be a good option. The "on" light at the front of the unit is very bright and cannot be turned off without turning the entire unit off.

Best Applications

The Crane Adorable comes in 18 different designs
The Crane Adorable comes in 18 different designs
Whether it be a bird, bug, or monkey design, this humidifier may be the perfect aesthetic compliment to your baby's nursery. It indeed works well for smaller spaces and is generally a quiet operator with some baseline white noise. If you are concerned with controlling the direction of mist output, however, we suggest that you consider each design individually. For example, the elephant model has one mist jet which directs mist vertically, the cow has two vertically-oriented jets, and the penguin has one mist jet that directs mist out in a more horizontal projection.


The Crane Adorable will have more value for you if you are searching for a model that blends into your baby's nursery theme. Apart from the visual appearance, the Adorable doesn't offer much else in the way of features or extra functions.


Although the Crane Adorable didn't have some of the features we came to prefer such as adjustable mist jets and an easy-to-clean tank, we would still consider using it in a nursery because of its visually-appealing "adorable" design. As long as distilled or filtered water is used and cleaning directions are followed, this humidifier should provide healthy moist air for your little one.

Other Versions and Accessories

To reduce white dust, Crane offers a demineralization cartridge (the Crane Universal Filter) designed to fit in the water tank of Crane Adorable models. Be careful to avoid purchasing the Crane Drop Shape demineralization cartridge as it will not fit in the base.
The Crane universal demineralization filter
The Crane universal demineralization filter
As noted  the demineralization cartridge for the Crane Drop Shape (available separately) is not compatible with the Crane Adorable humidifier. If using a filter for the Adorable  you must purchase the Crane Universal Filter.


A Crane Adorable Humidifier cleaning demo:

Ellen Baker & BabyGearLab Team

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