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Britax B-Agile Double Review

Good option for those who value lightweight and small over ease of pushing
Britax B-Agile Double
Credit: Abriah Wofford
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Price:   $450 List
Pros:  Easy to lift and carry, folds small
Cons:  Harder to push and turn, disappointing quality of materials
Manufacturer:   Britax
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team  ⋅  Sep 19, 2017
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  • Ease Of Use - 35% 6
  • Maneuverability - 25% 5
  • Weight/Folded Size - 15% 9
  • Safety - 10% 7
  • Quality - 10% 6
  • Ease Of Attaching Car Seat - 5% 7

The Skinny

The Britax B-Agile Double is a side-by-side stroller that is easy to use. It has dual sunshades, 5-point harnesses, and recline seats that are cozy for napping. It offers open rear and front zippered access to storage and a canopy pocket for smaller items. The B-Agile performed well in this review, but the competition was stiff, and it missed winning an award. While it is one of the lightest and smallest folded options in the group, it was harder to maneuver than much of the competition, and this left us wishing for more. That being said, it did manage to rank in the top third of products making it a possible contender depending on your needs.

Discontinued — The B-Agile Double stroller has been retired by Britax and is no longer available for purchase.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Recall Notice
A recall notice has been issued for the Click & Go car seat attachment adapters used with the Britax B-Agile Double stroller. To see if your stroller is affected please visit the Britax Safety Recall page. Currently, this stroller is not compatible with any car seat and parents should not attempt to use this stroller as a travel system.

Performance Comparison

Ease of Use

The B-Agile earned a 6 of 10 for ease of use, tying with the Mountain Buggy Duet, Baby Jogger City Mini Double, Baby Jogger City Select Double and the Graco FastAction Fold Duo.

The frame release button on the side of the B-Agile needs to be...
The folding pull handle on the B-Agile is exposed and not hidden...

Fold and Unfold

The photos above show the frame release button, and the pull handle used to fold the B-Agile.

The fold of the B-Agile is very easy and quick to accomplish. This stroller requires two hands to operate, but it is only two steps including the frame release (above left) and pull handles (above right). It also self-stands and auto-locks. It is only slightly more difficult to unfold with only two steps. Testers liked the quickness of the fold even if it did require two hands.

The brakes on the B-Agile are easy to use and sandal foot friendly.
The brakes on the B-Agile are easy to use and sandal foot friendly.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The brakes on the B-Agile are single action and are easy to set and release and are sandal foot friendly. The Britax B-Ready Double brakes are easier to use, but the B-Agile certainly won't cause you any trouble.

The storage bin on the 2016 B-Agile is supposed to be larger than...
We do like the front access fo the B-Agile storage bin. While you...


The storage on the B-Agile (above left) is somewhat unique as it has access from the back, sides, and zippered access from the front (above right). The access is easy, and the bin is large enough to fit our large diaper bag inside. The bin has a maximum allowance of 10 pounds. The basket would be big enough for the extra-large bag, but the bar in the middle of the bin restricts full access. This B-Agile also has two smaller pockets, one on the back of each seat back. The pockets are convenient, and each holds up to a pound, but they aren't as nice as the previous version which was larger and zipped closed.

The mesh peek-a-boo windows on the B-Agile are large and made of...
The mesh peek-a-boo windows on the B-Agile are large and made of mesh; there is no problem seeing baby through these windows.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Each seat on the B-Agile has a canopy for individual comfort and personal choice of coverage. They are large compared to the completion, and both have added ventilation. They each have a medium-sized peek-a-boo window made of mesh with window covers with hook and loop closures. We prefer magnetic closures because they are silent and won't wake a sleeping baby, but the hook and loop variety is easier to operate than the toggle type that requires two hands to manage. These canopies are similar to those found on the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. They come down almost as far with the same amount of ventilation and one less peek-a-boo window. The canopies both stay taut and look nice when open.

The upright back on the B-Agile is fairly sloped which could be cozy...
The recline angle of the B-Agile is not as flat as some of the...

The photos above show the B-Agile with seat backs up and canopies closed, and canopies fully open and seat backs fully reclined.

The buckles on the B-Agile require two hands to operate; one hand to...
The buckles on the B-Agile require two hands to operate; one hand to press the button, the other to remove the straps.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The B-Agile has 5-point harnesses that are about average to get on and take off. Each harness is easy to adjust, earning top marks in this test. Adjusting the harness is the same for both the upper and lower strap. It can be adjusted by sliding a plastic part up and down the strap.
The previous B-Agile (left) had an easy to use non-rethread harness...
The previous B-Agile (left) had an easy to use non-rethread harness height adjustment that could be altered quickly. The 2016 B-Agile (right) does not have this feature and instead has the less expensive design of manual rethreading.
Credit: Abriah Wofford
Changing shoulder strap height is a rethread operation with a 4-inch range in height over three strap positions. The previous B-Agile had a sliding non-rethread harness adjustment that was easier to use and the crotch strap only has one position, but it is fortunately adjustable. The B-Agile doesn't have the best adjustment range compared to the competition. Closing the buckle requires two hands; the button to unbuckle can be pressed with one hand, but then the straps need to be removed manually from the buckle.

We had difficulty with the B-Agile recline adjustment toggle and it...
We had difficulty with the B-Agile recline adjustment toggle and it required 2 hands to use it.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The leg rests on this stroller are padded, but they do not adjust. The leg rests go down to a wide and durable footrest. Both seats recline and have hard to use adjustment toggles. The toggles require two hands to operate and seem more difficult than they should be. They do recline in an infinite number of positions. The maximum recline is 31 degrees from flat. This is a sloped back that babies could nap in, but there are seats in the review that come closer to a true flat than these.

The 2016 B-Agile (left) has less padding in the foot rest than the...
The 2016 B-Agile (left) has less padding in the foot rest than the 2015 version (right) and in general has a less impressive overall fit and finish that looks like Britax is cutting corners without cutting prices.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Setup

The B-Agile earned a 6 of 10 for ease of setup. It took us just over 8 minutes to put the stroller together from taking it out of the box to ready to stroll down the road.

The documentation for this stroller is great; the instructions are clearly delineated step-by-step with simple, concise directions and illustrations. The canopy takes longer than anything else to put together and it's the most likely place parents could have trouble.

The Britax B-Agile Double has a dual front wheel design with wheels...
The Britax B-Agile Double has a dual front wheel design with wheels made of plastic. In our experience, this design (of 2 wheels on each leg) is a poor one that results in poor performance for maneuverability and wheels that stray off course when they encounter small bumps and random pebbles when strolling.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The one area that the B-Agile disappoints in is maneuverability, earning only 5 of 10. This stroller is harder to push than a lot of the options in its price range and had turning capabilities more on par with a less expensive stroller.

Maneuvering on hard flat surfaces is easier than uneven terrain, but the dual plastic wheel design this stroller shares with so many others makes it hard to keep on track. It is also on the wide side compared to some of the competition, and we had trouble fitting it through our test door and tighter turns on the test course. The wheels feel a little uneven when pushing, but not as difficult as the Baby Jogger City Mini Double.

Not much has changed between the plastic wheels from the 2015...
Not much has changed between the plastic wheels from the 2015 (right) to 2016 (2016) B-Agile wheels. The main difference is less plastic on the newer wheels.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Moving on grass and gravel is harder with the extra wheels on the front trying to pull the stroller off course when they bump into small objects in the pathway. The grass is easier than gravel, but either way, it might not be the best stroller if you need to take it off the beaten path frequently. Curbs were only okay to traverse, but better than the Britax B-Ready Double.

The B-Agile is the smallest folded product in the review and it...
The B-Agile is the smallest folded product in the review and it self-stands.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Weight and Folded Size

The B-Agile Double is one of the lighter and smaller options in the group. This double stroller manages a weight of just 27.9 pounds, which is close to the lightest option, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite at 23.4 pounds. It is also lighter than the average for the group of 32.3 pounds. The heaviest stroller in the group is the Baby Trend Navigator at over 39 pounds.

The best <b>improvement</b> from the 2015 (right) to the...
The best <b>improvement</b> from the 2015 (right) to the 2016 B-Agile (left) is the newer option is smaller when folded.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

When folded, the B-Agile comes in as the smallest option in the review at 10,649 cubic inches. This is small enough to fit in most standard trunks, but it is still on the wide side 31.8 inches long, so you'll still want to measure your trunk before you buy.

The new B-Agile earned a 6 out of 10 for quality, but the previous...
The new B-Agile earned a 6 out of 10 for quality, but the previous version earned a 7.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The B-Agile earned a 6 of 10 for quality, which is just above average for the metric. The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double and the Thule Chariot Cross 2 earn the high score of 9.

The 2015 (left) B-Agile canopy has a different canopy opening with...
The 2015 (left) B-Agile canopy has a different canopy opening with the Britax logo. The New version (right) is plain but the window is larger.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The fabric on the B-Agile is a little nicer feel than the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and we liked the rubberized footrest that looks like it will wear better over time than some of the competition. The seat and the canopy are both made from the same ripstop material that feels similar to a high-quality tent. The fabric feels like it will be easy on the skin and very easy to wipe down. The footrest is a very sturdy, durable rubber feeling material that looks like it can take a licking and keep on ticking. The fold joints on the frame are covered with the same elastic material as the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and it is remarkable how similar the two are to one another. The storage bin is thick canvas with mesh sides that didn't snag in our tests.

The B-Agile frame is aluminum and might be what helps keep the overall weight to a minimum. It is almost identical to the Baby Jogger City Mini Double except it curves up in the back at the bottom, so you don't kick it as often as the Mini. The overall fit and finish are nice with fabric that wraps around the frame well without looking frumpy.

The shape of the newer B-Agile tires (right) is flatter than the...
The shape of the newer B-Agile tires (right) is flatter than the 2015 wheels (left) where the plastic meets the road
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The wheels are made of plastic and feel very similar to the those found on the less expensive strollers in the review. In our opinion, Britax would be smart to improve the wheels with rubber options that would improve maneuverability and put it on par with other products in the price range.

The handlebar on the B-Agile adjusts on a pivot, which brings taller...
The handlebar on the B-Agile adjusts on a pivot, which brings taller users closer to the stroller back and increase the likelihood that they make kick the rear axle while walking.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The handlebar is adjustable from 35.5 to 43.7 inches from the ground. This is one of the wider ranges in the review with some only having a 4-inch range. It feels good in the hand and is nice and wide. Britax has covered this bar in dense foam with no plastic center portion so you can push this product with one hand from the center if you'd like to. The handle is a nice diameter, and the foam feels firm, but we worry about longevity as our previous B-Agile came with a tear in the foam near the handle hinge.

The B-Agile has all-around suspension and a sling style seat with average padding. While the ride is probably good, it would be better with more padding or adjustable suspension. However, some of the competition doesn't have suspension or only offer two-wheel suspension, so this is a step up.

Ease of Car Seat Attachment

As a result of the 2017 recall on the Click & Go adapters, Britax no longer considers this stroller to be compatible with any car seat of any kind including the Britax brand car seats. Parents should not attempt to combine this stroller with any car seat as no adapters are currently considered compatible.


This stroller isn't the best option for twins unless yours are older and sitting upright on their own. You could pair this stroller with the Joovy Twin Roo+, a dedicated frame stroller that accepts two car seats from various brands to create a better twin friendly package. However, if you have older twins the identical seating arrangement on the B-Agile will probably prevent fighting and be a good choice for children of the same age.

Manufacturer Video


Unlike the Mountain Buggy Duet, the B-Agile has a reasonably priced Britax B-Agile Double Child Tray at just under $25. We think this is a nice addition to most strollers and becomes even more useful as baby gets older. The other accessory we recommend is the Universal Adult Cup Holder. This cup holder attaches to the side of the stroller frame, which makes it less of a potential safety hazard than those that sit behind and above baby.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team