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Broody Chick Review

Expensive diaper that works well but isn't comfortable
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broody chick disposable diaper review
Credit: Abriah Wofford
Price:  $1 List
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Manufacturer:   Broody Chick
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Jul 28, 2017
  • Absorption - 40% 8.0
  • Leakage - 20% 8.0
  • Comfort - 15% 4.0
  • Health - 15% 5.0
  • Eco-friendly - 5% 4.0
  • Durability - 5% 6.0

The Skinny

Broody Chick diapers are a green diaper with a high price tag. This expensive option performed well in our tests for absorption and leakage, but it disappointed us in its lack of cozy properties and its rougher feeling liner. This diaper has some considerations for baby and the environment, but given its pitch and marketing, we expected a greater transparency and something more than what this diaper delivers. With the potential for containing chlorine, latex, and lotion we don't think it is the best bet for sensitive skin. Overall, Broody Chick isn't a bad diaper; it functions well and does what a diaper should do, however, at this price it should offer more, or cost less.
Good absorption
Great on leak prevention
High price
Not very cozy or durable

Our Analysis and Test Results

Discontinued — Broody Chick diapers have been discontinued. If you are interested in purchasing a quality green diaper, we suggest taking a look at our Editors' Choice, Eco by Naty.

Broody Chick makes natural products including diapers, skin care, and feminine hygiene. They call their products "eco-natural" and boast materials made from sustainable, renewable resources. Broody Chick products are only available online.

broody chick disposable diaper review - broody chick is a high-end green diaper that performed well for...
Broody Chick is a high-end green diaper that performed well for absorption and leakage.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Performance Comparison

The comparison chart shown here includes the overall scores for each diaper we tested including Broody Chick (in blue) that score in the top 6 diapers of 23 products.

The information below includes what we like and dislike about this diaper based on its performance in our tests compared to the competition we reviewed.

broody chick disposable diaper review - very little moisture transfer on paper means broody chick diapers...
Very little moisture transfer on paper means Broody Chick diapers will leave baby drier than some of the competition.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Broody Chick earned great scores where it counts with an 8 of 10 for both absorption and leakage. Diapers should absorb liquids quickly and work to prevent leaks to keep messes contained and in the diaper where they belong. Without these key functions, a diaper will definitely disappoint you.

For absorption, this diaper had very little moisture transfer to the test paper indicating that liquids are locked in the core which keeps baby drier for longer. Keeping baby's skin dry translates to a decreased chance of skin irritation or diaper rash.

broody chick disposable diaper review - broody chick had no run-off in our tests which indicates less of a...
Broody Chick had no run-off in our tests which indicates less of a chance for leakage due to lack of quick liquid absorption.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

In our run-off test, this diaper sucked the liquid up quick, so there wasn't much liquid in the leak pan. This indicates that there is less of a chance of leaks from escaping liquids because it gets absorbed quickly. Also, online reviewers indicate they haven't had many leaks using Broody Chick diapers compared to the competition. A lower chance of leaks means less mess and accidents.

broody chick disposable diaper review - broody chick claims their diapers are made from renewable and...
Broody Chick claims their diapers are made from renewable and sustainable resources and we like any effort to help the environment.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Broody Chick earned average scores for ecology and health with a 4 of 10 for both. We like any diaper that is taking strides to improve their product with babies and the environment in mind. However, there is room for improvement as Broody Chick does not offer a full disclosure list of materials and methods of production for their diapers. They may have scored higher if we knew more, but the fact that they don't offer more implies to us that there is less to brag about than parents might assume from their marketing.

What they do disclose is the diapers are perfume free, they don't have a print but Broody Chick doesn't say they are dye free, they also do not mention if the diapers are chlorine, latex, or lotion free and most brands brag about this if they are as many parents are looking for this kind of information for sensitive skin. Broody Chick diapers are biodegradable and compostable made from 100% natural materials. These materials reduce greenhouse gasses by 90% compared to traditional materials. The fabric is non-woven fabric certified 100% natural and compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and fully compostable to ASTM D6400 (US) The core is wood pulp fibers.

broody chick disposable diaper review - broody chick diapers are not very comfortable with some of the...
Broody Chick diapers are not very comfortable with some of the roughest fabric we felt out of the 24 products we tested.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Broody Chick did not perform well compared to the competition when it came to comfort. This diaper earned a 4 of 10 for comfort. This diaper has the roughest fabric on both the outside and inner liner compared to the 23 options we tested. The elastic is also a disappointment and in the bottom fourth for the group when it comes to being skin-friendly. This diaper also has coarse or abrasive leg cuffs, motion points, and closure tabs.

We don't like the price of this diaper. With a per diaper price of $0.67, it is by far the highest priced option we tested, and we think many parents will find it out of their planned diaper budget. Given that our Editors Choice winner, Eco by Naty earned 11 more points overall and costs less than Broody Chick, it is hard to consider this option competitive price wise.


Broody Chick is a high-end "green diaper" with an expensive price tag but impressive leakage and absorption test results. While we liked a lot about this diaper, it isn't as eco-friendly as it could be and their lack of information gives us pause. This diaper functions well and does what a diaper should do, but it is more uncomfortable and less durable than much of the competition and that hurt its overall score and our feelings. At the end of the day, this diaper is too expensive for what it offers and other diapers offer more and cost significantly less.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz

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