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Diaper Dude Messenger II Review

This is a decent, well-disguised, highly rated, no-frills diaper bag that many dads (and moms) already like
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Diaper Dude Messenger II Review
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
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Manufacturer:   Diaper Dude
By Natalie Hale & Juliet Spurrier, MD  ⋅  Jul 1, 2016

The Skinny

The Diaper Dude Messenger II is a welcome improvement over the Diaper Dude Original Messenger Bag. While slightly heavier (still only a mere 1.9 lbs.), this masculine bag does a great job of disguising its purpose. You could easily carry this into an office or school and no one would guess it was made to carry your baby's essentials. We liked its simplistic black appearance but found it still had the same top-heavy issues as its predecessor.
Easy to organize
Velcro closures
Small insulated bottle pocket
Update — May 2017
The Diaper Dude Messenger II has been retired and replaced by the newer Messenger I. Although we have not yet tested the new Messenger, the design looks similar to the older version and we think our review will still be relevant to the Messenger I.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Diaper Dude Messenger II is a a nice upgrade from the original Diaper Dude Original. For only a few dollars more you get much better bag that is easier to keep organized and lends dads the extra space they need to accommodate the needs of an infant.

Performance Comparison

diaper dude messenger ii - the messenger-style diaper dude ii packed with our items for baby...
The messenger-style Diaper Dude II packed with our items for baby. The water bottle holder can accommodate taller bottles but they tend to slip out easier if jostled.
Credit: Natalie Hale
The Diaper Dude Messenger is a good bag for dads. Its pockets make it easier to keep organized and the classic appearance easily disguises its purpose. While this bag from the Diaper Dude Bag Company boasts an insulated bottle holder via a pocket on the outside of the bag, it is not very large, which can be an issue for wider or taller bottles. It was the third lightest of the bags we tested: only the Boken Every Day Bag and Diaper Dude Original Messenger could beat it.

Storage and Ease of Use

diaper dude messenger ii - the main pocket of the diaper dude messenger ii. the bright orange...
The main pocket of the Diaper Dude Messenger II. The bright orange interior fabric was a little hard on the eyes but made it easy to find items inside. We packed it to the brim with supplies for baby.
Credit: Natalie Hale
This bag is easy to keep organized and offers just enough space to pack all the essentials for a successful outing. With its plethora of exterior pockets, it is easy to pack all the items you need to access quickly in a convenient spot. We liked the mesh interior pockets, it made for easy organization of diapers, wipes, burp cloths, etc. We were a little unsure about storing anything critical in zip-closed flap pocket as it would be carried upside down when the flap was closed and we could not bring ourselves to fully trust the integrity of the zipper - or our ability to remember to zip it closed.

We ran into a similar problem as we had before with the Diaper Dude Original Messenger with the front pockets. The pockets are wider at the mouth and narrower at the bottom, leading to more items being stored higher in the pockets, causing the bag to be disproportionately heavier at the top. This top-heaviness lead to the bag constantly tipping over if left unattended. We awarded it a score of 5 of 6 in this category.


When it comes to comfort, the Diaper Dude is fairly easy to carry and we awarded it a score of 6 of 10 in the category. Its padded shoulder strap and softer nylon strap were easier on our back and collar bone than some of the other messenger-style bags we tested. The strap was easy to adjust for different heights and quick to un-clip for removal. We think dads will appreciate the padded back pocket which insulates your lower back from the contents of the bag. As a messenger style bag, it does have a tendency to require constant adjustment while on your back.


diaper dude messenger ii - front pockets of the diaper dude messenger ii. the velcro closures...
Front pockets of the Diaper Dude Messenger II. The velcro closures were noisy and not great at keeping items contained. Because they are tall and narrow, these pockets are more useful for holding snacks and perhaps a cell phone.
Credit: Natalie Hale
While made from polyester, the fabric and stitching on the Diaper Dude Messenger II are nice and held up well against our abuse. Consequently we awarded it an average score for quality, a 5 of 10, because it is made well but some of the other bags we tested are much better. We found similar reports online from other verified buyers of the bag. The zipper on the main closure, bag flap, and internal pocket are higher quality and did not get stuck or fall off their tracks during our period of trial. We were unhappy with the plethora of velcro-secured pockets and closures on this bag. While it has its virtues, we prefer Velcro not be used to secure items in pockets. It is unreliable, wears out quickly, is noisy and will catch on other fabrics.

The changing pad included with the bag is made with polyester and polyurethane foam filling. It is definitely large enough for changing an infant but you will have a more difficult time fitting a toddler on it. It was very easy to wipe clean and its bright orange color is difficult to miss when searching for it in the bag.


diaper dude messenger ii - diaper dude messenger ii packed and ready to roll.
Diaper Dude Messenger II packed and ready to roll.
Credit: Natalie Hale
The Diaper Dude II is a semi-stylish bag and we awarded it a score of 5 of 10 for style. When lined up against other bags, few men could single it out as a diaper bag- most believed it to be a messenger meant for school or work. What gave it away was the orange lining and list of what to pack for a successful outing with baby featured on the inside flap.

Best Applications

This bag is a decent mid-priced bag we think dads of infants and older children will like. It is made of quality materials (despite the velcro) that should hold up over time. This bag is best for dads that do not mind carrying a bag messenger style and do not plan to heavily utilize the insulated bottle holding pocket.


We found this bag to represent a decent value for the price among the messenger bag options. It has all the essential components needed for successfully packing a diaper bag without all the extra unneeded frills.


This is a decent diaper bag with a consistent track record among dads. It is well liked by many verified buyers online and looks good to boot. While not one of the best bags we tested, we think this bag represents a fair bang for your buck.


This 2012 Diaper Dude Video gives a good general overview. Changes in the bag since this time include:
-no cell phone holder on the strap
-no key clip

Natalie Hale & Juliet Spurrier, MD