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Gerber Prefold Birdseye 3-ply Review

Gerber Prefold Birdseye 3-ply cloth diapers
Price:   $1.40 each (in 10-pack) at Amazon
Pros:  Thin, lightweight, not bulky, fits easily into cover. Dries quickly.
Cons:  Thin, making it less absorbent than other prefolds. Fabric rough and scratchy. Not well-made, corners unraveled in first few washes. Stains easily.
Bottom line:  Great as burp cloths or for cleaning. Save your time and money and invest in a higher quality product.
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Type of Diaper:  All-in-Two (AI2): Prefold, (w/ Thirsties Duo Wrap)
Estimated Lifetime Cost:  $255
Manufacturer:   Gerber

The Skinny

The Gerber Prefold diaper scored very low, in fact the lowest overall score of all the competitors we tested, because the fabric is rough and thin. It will work if you're in a pinch, but in comparison to the other cloth diapers we tested, we feel there are much better options out there.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Alison Buck

Last Updated:
June 5, 2014


The Gerber Prefolds are sold by themselves without a cover, so you can choose whichever cover you like best to use over them. In our estimated lifetime cost assessment, we factored in the lifetime cost of using the Thirsties Duo Wrap cover with these prefolds.


After testing the Gerber Prefolds, we found that they worked, but just okay. They are slim and not bulky under clothing, but we believe this affects their absorbency, especially compared to other prefolds which tend to be VERY absorbent. We found that these leaked occasionally and were really nothing special.


Our first impression of these diapers was how rough they felt relative to competing diapers in our test. We were leery about putting the stiff, scratchy fabric against baby's skin, but thought maybe they would soften up after washing and drying them a few times. Well, they didn't. In fact, the corners became tattered before they were even used on baby for the first time.


It should probably be a red flag when right on the packaging it says these are good for diapering…"plus household dusting & car washing/waxing". Many other reviews warn that these are great for cleaning and as burp cloths, but not for diapering. In our opinion it's worth it to spend a little bit more on a higher quality product.

Alison Buck

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