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4moms mamaRoo Review

Price:   $220.00 List | $219.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Attractive, small footprint, contrasting toy mobile, MP3 hook-up
Cons:  Expensive, disappointing soothing ability, 3-point harness, shallow seat
Bottom line:  High-tech, novel approach, but costly with poor soothing performance
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Dimensions (in) & Footprint Area (sq in):  20" L x 20" W x 29.5" H, (400 sq in footprint)
Weight:  15.3 Lbs
Range:  Birth to 6 Months, Max 25 Lbs
Manufacturer:   4moms

The Skinny

The 4moms mamaRoo is an expensive, yet attractive and stylish, baby swing that has terrific curb appeal. From the smallest surface footprint (400 square inchest) in our baby swing review to an MP3 plug-in for your own music selection, the 4moms mamaRoo will appeal to the modern family who is apt to select high-tech over old-school. 4moms markets the mamaRoo as a having a more natural soothing mechanism, one that simulates a parent bouncing their baby up and down while swaying from side-to-side instead of vibrating bouncers and traditional swings. Although every baby is different, we aren't convinced that the majority of babies needing soothing prefer this over the tried and true front-to-back or side-to-side swinging motion of old standbys. After all, swinging is one of Harvey Karp's 5 S's.

Update — October 2017
4moms has released the mamaRoo4. This new version of the mamaRoo features 50% increased speed, a new LCD control panel (below left), and the and ability to connect via bluetooth to a handheld device so you can control both sound and motion and speed remotely (below right).

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Dana Ganssle Ellis & BabyGearLab Team

Last Updated:
March 11, 2015


The second most expensive swing we tested, the 4moms mamaRoo is a stylish baby swing that takes a high-tech approach to the soothing market. At home sitting next to your newly released iPhone, it bears a striking resemblance to Asimo, the humanoid robot from Honda. Sleek and modern in appearance, we initiated the review process with high hopes for this looker. When in action, the mamaRoo does 5 different robotic dances that are sure to impress your friends and family. But, the old adage "you can't judge a book by it's cover" comes to mind after reflecting on our testing experience. Unfortunately, this baby swing misses the mark in terms of soothing ability. Thus, though this expensive piece of equipment is nicely geared toward parental sensibilities, your crying baby may be less than enthused with it.

Performance Comparison

The colorful infant insert is attractive and machine washable.  The mobile ball inserts can be flipped from black and white to color.
The colorful infant insert is attractive and machine washable. The mobile ball inserts can be flipped from black and white to color.


The mamaRoo scored a 5 of 10 in soothing which accounts for 70% of overall score. Like the Graco Duet Soothe the 4moms mamRoo has a shallow seat which seemed to consistently leave our infant testers feeling unsettled. The cute and reversible accessory insert when used as intended for a small infant was too thick and cumbersome for the seat.

Although 4moms uses the tag line that the mamaRoo moves like you do, our feeling is that it is designed too heavily on controlled, mechanized movement to feel comforting to an infant. There are 5 movement settings: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave as well as 5 speed settings. Instead of a swinging momentum as with traditional baby swings, the mamaRoo's motion evolves directly from the base in varying directional rhythms that tend to appear more jarring than relaxing.

We like the MP3 docking station at the base so that parents can choose their own white noise or music for baby. The speaker actually sounds pretty good although a bit canned. And, as mentioned above, the new 2015 version of the mamaRoo can control both sound and motion from a smart phone and speed is claimed to be 50% faster than the previous version which we tested.
A highlight of the 4moms Mamaroo is the fancy  squishy mobile which can sides can be flipped for either black and white or color contrast to accommodate baby's visual development. For smaller infants  a machine washable insert is available. Among many things on our Mamaroo wish list  is a 5-point harness and deeper seat.
A highlight of the 4moms Mamaroo is the fancy, squishy mobile which can sides can be flipped for either black and white or color contrast to accommodate baby's visual development. For smaller infants, a machine washable insert is available. Among many things on our Mamaroo wish list, is a 5-point harness and deeper seat.

Ease of Use

We scored the mamaRoo a 6 of 10 in ease of use. The best thing about it is its small footprint of 400 square inches, by far the smallest of all swings we tested in our review by a wide margin. And, second lightest at 15.3 pounds, it is pretty easy to move about the house. It operates only via AC adapter which is nice as batteries aren't necessary. But operating it away from an electrical outlet is not possible unless you have a long extension cord. The 3-point harness is easy to use and of good quality and the static mobile can be moved to the side when placing baby inside.

We did not find the controls, LCD screen, and MP3 hook up at the base of the swing to be very user friendly, however. With the new 2015 version, if you should decide to operate both motion and sound via a bluetooth device, this issue can be circumvented.
The mobile shifts out of the way  making placing baby into the swing an easier task.
The mobile shifts out of the way, making placing baby into the swing an easier task.


The mamaRoo scored a 7 of 10 in quality with nice fabrics as well as sturdy fit and finish overall. With clean lines, a small footprint, modern design, it is a looker. Although we did not encounter an issue with the LCD screen, 5% of Amazon user reviews report an obstruction error appearing on the screen with complete device failure. This is with the old version, so time will tell if the 2015 version has fixed this issue or if the new LCD screen is merely a new packaging on a still problematic issue. User reviews also report problems with 4moms customer service being substandard for such an expensive swing. Again, the jury is out on the new version.


We gave the 4moms a 6 of 10 in safety. The three-point harness is sufficient for small babies as the adjustable reclining seat ranges from 26-47 degrees from horizontal. However, the seat is quite shallow so watching baby closely is important (as with all swings) to make sure they do not scoot downwards within the seat. As soon as baby can sit upright unassisted, use of the the mamaRoo needs to be discontinued.


At a list of $220 and $20 more for the 2015 version, we do not feel that the mamaRoo is a good value as in our experience, it just didn't sooth as well as traditional swings.

Other Versions and Accessories

4moms also has the more simplistic 4moms rockaRoo at a list of $160 which features a front-to-back motion similar to a swing with one big difference, the arc of the swing is unnatural convex motion of up and over rather than the concave dipping motion that traditional swing employ. Honestly, this doesn't appear any more soothing than the mamaRoo.

Accessories 4moms Newborn Insert $30 and 4moms Extra Mamaroo Seat Fabric $40 are available. The newborn insert is reversible and machine washable and fits both the mamaRoo and rockaRoo. If you are purchasing extra seat fabric, make sure you are getting it for the correct model year.


For a family looking for a stylish baby swing, at first glance, the mamaRoo seems like a good option. However, our little testers did not find it to be soothing. Neither are we convinced that a 50% increase in speed with the new 2015 model will fix this issue; our opinion is that its core lies at the mechanical nature of its 5 various movements. Our recommendation is to spend less and go for a traditional baby swing. Sure, they will take up more space, but in the end, if a fussy baby is soothed, the value of this is truly priceless.

Dana Ganssle Ellis & BabyGearLab Team

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   Apr 30, 2018 - 12:03pm
Levyfamily03 · Charlotte, NC

I have 4 children. Although I been able to re-use some baby gear, I have found that I have purchased new strollers and new swings with each child. I have tried the travel swing, and had 2 FP swings before I purchased a mamaRoo. This has been my favorite "swing" by far. In fact, my youngest is 16 months and STILL uses this swing! I purchased the swing on consignment, but if I knew the shelf life and usefulness of this swing, I would've paid full price. Any swing that doesn't have an A/C adapter isn't even worth purchasing, because you will burn through batteries (and I have found rechargeable batteries to not offer as much power or fully re-charge over time). I also love the shape and size of this swing. It adjusts to a more vertical position, or more horizontal with a range of positions in between (it slides and locks). The infant insert seemed to comfort her well and she loved the car motion sway and several other options worked well. I don't think we removed the insert until she was about 6 months old. She would fall asleep quickly as a newborn in this swing, but has also napped in it for easily 2 hours from the time she was 4 months until the last month or so (15 months old), when we have finally been able to transition her naps to the crib. Once she started rolling over, she would not nap in the crib! She is definitely at the weight limit now, but the swing still works and the 3-point harness keeps her secure (I don't see any reason why I would need a 5-point harness). I love the size of this swing and although we have not used the additional music options, it still has tremendous value and I think it has a much longer lifespan than other swings in this category.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

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