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Movin' and Groovn'

With growth comes more movement and practice
Movin' and Groovn'
Credit: Lotus Leaf
Tuesday October 15, 2019

Week 29 sees your little one is about 15.5-16 inches from head to bum and weighs somewhere between 2.5-3 lbs. This increase in growth increases musculature and strength, which means more movement in the belly and possibly less sleep for you. Babies tend to move when moms are trying to sleep or lying still, and they usually sleep when you are moving. Perhaps it is the lulling sway of ordinary movement that puts him to sleep, but whatever it is, this phenomenon might be causing some sleep disturbance for you. Finding a good pregnancy pillow and practicing meditation are good options for helping you relax, so you are more likely to fall asleep even if the baby is practicing his karate all night long.

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Movement can also lead to positional changes and rotating inside the womb so you might be feeling kicks in new places. His head and lungs are also getting bigger, and his brain is developing new neurons, so his nutritional needs are growing to keep up the pace with this development. Be sure you get plenty of macronutrients and calcium to help support his growing bones and neural pathways. It is not enough to take a prenatal vitamin and eat whatever you want. To help the baby grow, you need to concentrate on getting in your fruits and veggies, food groups, which many women fail to consume regularly.

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