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Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD Review

While the BoosterPOD offers a comfortable place for the toddler, it lacks in safety and ease of cleaning
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prince lionheart boosterpod portable high chair review
Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD
Credit: Prince Lionheart
Price:  $55 List
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Manufacturer:   Prince Lionheart
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Jackie Boeheim  ⋅  Jan 23, 2015
  • Ease of Use - 40% 4.0
  • Safety & Quality - 30% 3.0
  • Portability - 20% 3.0
  • Ease of Cleaning - 10% 4.0

The Skinny

The Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD though intriguing in appearance placed last of the six portable high-chairs we tested. Its bulk and poor portability make it difficult to use this for on the go. And, although the crotch strap on the harness is adjustable, the combination of a 3-point harness with low seat back make it less supportive. We also found the material of its soft seat difficult to clean, with crumbs getting caught in crevices often. In short, we do not recommend this booster.
Easy to setup on the chair
Straps are awkwardly placed and no height adjustments

Our Analysis and Test Results

At first glance, the simplicity and modern look of the Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD appeared to be a real contender for 12 + month children. The interior of the seat base is cushy foam and covered with rubberized plastic that has some friction to it so toddler isn't sliding around. However, in the end, it failed to impress with scores consistently in the bottom.

Performance Comparison

prince lionheart boosterpod portable high chair review - the prince lionheart is a foam booster seat for children to utilize...
The Prince Lionheart is a foam booster seat for children to utilize while eating. The bulkiness of the chair doesn't allow for easy portability and food tends to get stuck to the seat itself.
Credit: Micah James

Ease Of Use

The booster seat scored a low 4 of 10 and attaches to dining chairs with no adversities as it latches around the back and the bottom of the chair. The soft plastic base prevents it from moving or sliding while the toddler is dining, which is no real nobility as all of our booster seats shared this constructive feature.

Once the baby is placed in the seat, the straps are a bit wonky and in my opinion, misplaced. No matter how much finesse you give the straps, they still end up buckling around their thighs opposed to their lower abdomen. As pictured below, you can see the awkwardness of the straps and more importantly, how simple it would be for your little one lean a little too much to either side.
prince lionheart boosterpod portable high chair review - the prince lionheart booster seat is outfitted with a lap strap that...
The Prince Lionheart Booster seat is outfitted with a lap strap that sits low on the babies waist, inadequate in supporting the child.
Credit: Jackie Boeheim

Safety and Quality

The seat itself is quite cozy and enjoyed by the toddlers, but scary for the parents, which is why it earned only a 3 of 10. It's insert is a foam material and it's covered by a comforting soft plastic, no real problems in the way it was made. Where the issues were present was in the low sides and misplaced 3-point harness. The seat itself doesn't adjust to accommodate the child's height, like The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat does. This could contribute to problems with reaching the table or for taller kids, sliding under the table. There is a taller back for those relaxing postures, but I think we all agree that there's more to a child's product then comfort and relaxation.


In many instances, a product that doesn't bend and bow is an auspicious desire… unless it's an item made for it's portability. As you can see above, the BoosterPOD is just plain awkward to tote around, which is why it was given a 3 of 10. Could you imagine carrying your hefty toddler in one arm and this chair in the other? While it's an easy product to strap to most chairs, it's not conducive for saving space. When purchasing a portable dining chair, it's the ease of getting from one place to the next with your chair in tow that makes them so desirable. We found chairs that can fit into your diaper bag or slide under your seat in the car were the ones to write home to, not The Lionheart.
prince lionheart boosterpod portable high chair review - the prince lionheart is a bulky chair, making travel difficult and...
The Prince Lionheart is a bulky chair, making travel difficult and awkward.
Credit: Jackie Boeheim

Ease Of Cleaning

This is another viable category where the BoosterPOD came up fruitless. The discouraging 4 of 10 was given for the "sticky" material and ample crevices. We found that when the chair was put up against a messy toddler, the messy toddler came out on top. As pictured below, it's commonplace for food to either get stick or fall in the openings by the straps. Not only that, but the straps themselves can become a victim to the sloppy nature of children. When searching for an easy to clean product, make sure there are no crevices, the chair can be wiped down or washed quickly and the straps are removable with ease.
prince lionheart boosterpod portable high chair review - the prince lionheart is difficult to clean as food gets stuck in the...
The Prince Lionheart is difficult to clean as food gets stuck in the crevices.
Credit: Jackie Boeheim

Best Applications

When the chair is on the safety of the floor, it can become a child's favorite place to sit. It's extremely comfortable and pleasing for the littles. It's evident that its best and only excelling application is the material of the chair.


The BoosterPOD is priced around $60, and after its review, is it really worth the money? It's true, the material and make-up of the chair is quite nice and that's likely what you're paying for. Our Best Value Award Winner, The Fisher Price Booster Seat, is priced reasonably around $20 and scored above the BoosterPOD in all categories.


The outcome? Buy a different portable high-chair. There are many seats that fold flat and shine in portability, those that are easy to clean or machine washable and others are extremely safe. There are better products out there at prices that match the device. Prince Lionheart came up short with this product.

Juliet Spurrier, MD and Jackie Boeheim

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