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The Nurse Purse's exterior panel zips down for quick pumping.
Price:   $129.00 List
Pros:  Large, fits most pump models easily, durable fabric with cute patterns
Cons:  Few interior pockets, lower quality zippers and nylon handles
Bottom line:  Great value and spacous, fits Medela Pump in Style like a glove
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Weight:  1 lbs 9.4 oz
Dimensions:  17" W x 8.5" D x 12" H
Carrying Options:  Tote Handles
Manufacturer:   Nurse Purse

The Skinny

The Nurse Purse is a great breast pump bag for moms who are planning to use the Medela Pump In Style Advanced because it is made with this product specifically in mind. The attractive pattern and simplistic design make it easy to utilize the pump and carry along a wealth of additional accessories. However, it falls short in terms of being versatile in terms of the kinds of breast pumps it can carry without wasting space. And while it is a very attractive and fun purse it does not look very professional, which is a setback for moms that work in a professional setting and desire a bag to convey that. Its competitive price, attractive patterns, and quality made materials make it a good option for moms seeking a bag to replace the plain Medela On the Go Tote.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Natalie Hale

Last Updated:
November 11, 2014


We found the Nurse Purse to be an excellent expansion on the things we liked about the Medela On the Go Tote. Made with the popular electric Medela pump in mind, this bag fits the pump along with its necessary accessories. It can also accommodate the other two pumps we tested, the Medela Harmony Manual and theSpectra USA S1 Hospital Grade, but the removable velcro pump casing would have to be taken out. What makes this bag a step above the Medela is its cute exterior fabric, durability and larger size.

Performance Comparison

Ease of Use

The Nurse Purse with the Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Pump crammed in the pump opening.
The Nurse Purse with the Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Pump crammed in the pump opening.
This bag is easy to use if used in conjunction with either the Medela Pump in Style Advanced or the Medela Harmony manual. Unfortunately the size and shape of the Spectra S1 does not lend itself well to the built in pump compartment of this bag. The lack of pockets in the interior of the bag makes it difficult to keep pump accessories separate from purse contents, which can lead to a messy and unorganized bag, which is why we only awarded it 5 of 10 points in this category.


This is a fairly durable bag made with water and stain resistant fabrics and nylon handles. Despite its cute appearance, the 100% cotton canvas fabric on the exterior feels cheap and scuffs easily. During our testing phase we noticed the plastic zippers on this bag had a tendency to "catch" more often than the metal ones featured on the other bags we tested. It should be noted that other online reviewers did not run into this problem, so it might be limited to the bag we had on hand. The bottom of the bag is lined but it does not feel like the lining was done with very sturdy materials. We did not open to reveal its internal workings, but it feels like all that is separating the contents of the purse from the exterior of the bag is a thin piece of cardboard. We awarded this bag a 6 of 10 in this category.
We found the fabric had a few spots where the weave was not consistent.
Close up of the Nurse Purse's nylon handle  in our opinion  too flimsy to give good support.


Of all the bags we tested, this was among the lightest and least bulky. This can be attributed to the thinner fabrics used on the exterior and lack of thick padding on the bottom of the bag. We liked how little weight it added to the already heavy contents we were lugging around and found its lack of bulk to be a great asset to the bag. We awarded it the highest score we gave for this category at 8 of 10 points. The only other bag to perform as well in this category was the Medela On the Go Tote, which this bag is clearly an echo of.


This bag has a number of features that enhance its overall utility, which is why we awarded a high score of 7 of 10 points in this category. We liked the gold metal feet, the zipper side access to the pump, the mesh pocket to hold tubing, and a spot to stash a photo were great improvements on the Medela On the Go Tote. We found the larger exterior pockets to easily accommodate two water bottles and a bigger laptop. We think the zipper closed top is an important feature for keeping contents in the bag and doing so discreetly.
Exposure to water did not have any lasting effects on the Nurse Purse.
Exposure to water did not have any lasting effects on the Nurse Purse.


The style of this bag is cute. The fun exterior pattern follows popular trends, but we were disenchanted with the nylon webbing handles. We think that for such a high price point this cute bag could afford some nicer handles and metal fixtures, which is why it only received a score of 5 of 10 in this category. It is so close to being the perfect replacement for the Medela On the Go Tote, but it just needs a little more refinement.

Best Applications

We think this would be an excellent choice for moms who desire a bag to carry their breast pump and purse contents in but are not necessarily concerned with using it beyond pumping. In theory you could continue to use it as a diaper bag, but the front zipper poses a bit of a problem should you choose to remove the interior pump compartment. While some working moms will be attracted to the bold patterns featured on this bag, others might find them a little too "loud" for a more professional office.
Nurse Purse in Fern photo compilation; large Spectra S1 without cooler (top left)  Medela Pump in Style with cooler (top right)  and Medela Harmony Manula with cooler (bottom left).
Nurse Purse in Fern photo compilation; large Spectra S1 without cooler (top left), Medela Pump in Style with cooler (top right), and Medela Harmony Manula with cooler (bottom left).


This is a decent bag that has good value for moms seeking a simple and straightforward answer to their breast pump carrying needs. As one of the least expensive bags we tested, we think is definitely a good choice for moms who want a bag for their breast pump that is a step beyond the Medela On the Go Tote.


We liked this bag overall, but it left us wanting in a few areas. It was excellent in terms of how much it could carry and how light the bag itself was. We loved the fun pattern on the bag we tested and thought the other options online were great as well. What we did not like about the bag was that there were a few spots (such as the base of the bag and the plastic zippers) where we felt corners were cut.

Other Versions and Accessories

This bag is offered in four different patterned options: Fern, Geo, Martini, and Wildflower. We tested a bag with the Fern pattern.


Natalie Hale

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