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Medela Breast Pump Bag Review

Basic bag for Medela pumps that keeps all your pumping supplies together
Medela Breast Pump Bag
Credit: Abriah Wofford
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Price:   $50 List | $47 at Amazon
Pros:  Small and disceet, inexpensive
Cons:  Brand specific, only holds pump and accessories, lower quality
Manufacturer:   Medela
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Dec 19, 2019
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The Skinny

The Medela Breast Pump Bag is a purse style bag for mothers using Medela pumps. This smaller bag holds most Medela pumps and the accessories you'll need when pumping away from home. The side pocket allows for pumping with the pump in the bag and the cord port makes plug in a snap. While this bag won't be holding your personal or work supplies, the smaller size makes it easy to carry and keeps things organized for quick and efficient pumping almost anywhere. If you want a bag to function as an all in one option, this isn't the bag for you, but if you want a single location for all your pumping supplies that doesn't scream breast pump, then this bag may be your best bet.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Founded in 1961, the Medal business a Swiss company that is family owned and operated by the Larsson family. Their US headquarters is in Illinois. Medela is a large manufacturer of all things breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies. The company offers everything from baby bottles to milk storage bags and all of the pumping and pumping accessories you'll ever need. While once considered the best in the pumping world, Medela still holds its own in an ever-growing market place or competitors.

Performance Comparison

The Medela can hold your pump and accessories as well as some...
The Medela can hold your pump and accessories as well as some personal supplies, but it isn't the best choice if you need to carry work supplies or a laptop in the same bag.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

This bag's basic design means it is easy to use. Without a myriad of zippers and hidden pockets, we think most moms will have this bag dialed in in no time. Medela pumps fit neatly in the side pocket and the remainder of the accessories and supplies tuck in the main pocket behind the pump. The cord threads through a port and can be plugged in without removing the pump from the bag. The zippers work smoothly and the strap is comfortable enough for the weight of the pump and supplies. While designed with Medel pumps in mind, we have seen reviews online of others pairing this bag with other brand pumps. However, we were not able to fit the Spectra pump in this bag.

The fabric on the Medela is somewhat repellent which can help it...
The hardware on the Medela is functional and straightforward without...


This bag is about what you'd expect for the lower price and it gets the job done without worrying about design and features that add extra cost. While it certainly feels like it will last as long as your pump will and could potentially see you through multiple children, it isn't good for much else and it won't win any awards for longevity or using it for purposes beyond pumping. We did not have any structural or functional problems with our bag during testing and think most moms will be happy with the quality given the budget-friendly price tag.

Bag size can vary greatly depending on what you are hoping to use it...
Bag size can vary greatly depending on what you are hoping to use it for. As you can see, the Medela bag is much smaller than the Kayla Premium.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


This bag is the lightest in the group and the smallest. With a weight of only 0.8 lbs, you'll have no problems carrying this bag with pump and accessories inside. You will not be able to carry much else in this bag beyond a smartphone or keys; no personal belongings, laptops, or other work supplies will fit, so you'll need to carry additional bags.

The shoulder strap on the Medela is straight forward with no...
The Medela has a small internal mesh pocket for small quick-access...


The Medela bag is small but has enough space for the pump and accessories. It has a mesh inside pocket for tubing and space for a cooler bag for milk storage. This bag features a charging cord port so you can charge the pump without opening the bag which is a nice feature and makes pumping on the go simpler. The bag has a wider shoulders trap that is fairly comfortable given the limited size and weight of this smaller option.

The Medela resembles a simple purse more so than a larger tote bag...
The flat bottom design of the Medela means it can get dirty and wear...


The bag itself resembles a smaller purse and is the only one in this review to look less like a piece of carrying on luggage. The size and style mean it is unlikely anyone will suspect it hides a breast pump inside. The nylon material is water-resistant and the hardware is straightforward with a more utilitarian vibe than real style.

Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz