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The First Years 49 MHz two receiver monitor Review

First Years 49MHz two receiver monitor.  Child unit (left)  one of two parent units (right).
Price:   $50.00 List
Pros:  Inexpensive for a two parent unit monitor, easy to use
Cons:  Prone to severe static, poor range, no sound activation feature, no rechargeable batteries
Bottom line:  A tempting price, but the static may drive you nuts
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Manufacturer:   The First Years

The Skinny

The First Years 49 MHz Monitor has been discontinued.

The First Years 49 MHz two receiver monitor lists for $50, making it one of the least expensive two-parent units monitor on the market. It is very simple to use, but our positive comments end here. Although one monitor was worse in range in clarity, this was nearly the worst monitor we tested in terms of range and sound clarity. It is highly susceptible to interference from other electronic devices or other monitors, and prone to painful levels of sleep-robbing static. While the price may tempt you, we advise caution. Other monitors for a similar price will better serve you and your family.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
RJ Spurrier

Last Updated:
April 4, 2012


Low prices can sometimes create a temptation to buy a product that you later wonder if you should have done a bit more research. Such is the case of the First Years 49Mhz monitor from our point of view.


One of the lowest cost two parent-unit monitors on the market, and very simple to use.


Nearly the worst range and sound clarity of all the monitors we tested.

Much more susceptible to interference and degradation of performance from other electronic devices.

No sound activation feature, which we think is important.

No rechargeable batteries.


Resist the temptation to buy this monitor due to low price; there are better monitors out there for a similarly low price.

RJ Spurrier

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