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Fisher-Price Talk to Baby Digital Monitor Review

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Fisher-Price Talk to Baby Digital Monitor Review (Fisher Price Talk To Baby Digital Monitor)
Fisher Price Talk To Baby Digital Monitor
Credit: Amazon
Price:  $65 List
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Manufacturer:   Fisher-Price
By RJ Spurrier ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 2, 2012

The Skinny

The Fisher-Price Talk to Baby Monitor has been discontinued.
Nice looking
Not worth the money
With a sharp looking design, and some bold feature claims on the packaging, we were excited to buy this monitor and test it. But, we can only report being disappointed in the performance results. This was among the worst performing monitors in our tests, and given the price point, shockingly bad. We like a lot of Fisher Price products but this monitor is not one of them. Look elsewhere.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Fisher Price Talk to Baby Monitor packaging boasts bold functionality:

  • "700 foot range"
  • "Zero interference"
  • "Better clarity than DECT--thanks to Accu-Clear Technology"

Claims Earn our “Pants on Fire” Rating

The exciting claims Fisher Price made on this product left us enthusiastic to test it's performance hands-on.

But, based on our tests, we can only rate these marketing claims as "Pants on Fire".

In our tests, the Fisher Price Talk to Baby Monitor's “Accu-Clear Technology” had nothing like the crystal clear clarity (or range) of the Philips Avent DECT monitor (which we love). The Talk to Baby monitor had one of the worst range ans clarity performances of any monitor we tested: only 2 walls and 45 feet range in our indoor test, and 227 feet in our open field test (wildly shy of the claimed 700 foot range). Static interference was significant even at short distances, and while clarity was better than a few monitors selling for half the price, the monitor's clarity was not even close to competitive with at a similar price point.

On Amazon, at the time of this review, we see that the product description attributed to “the manufacturer”, makes wild-eyed claims that this monitor “provides clarity up to 1000 feet from baby's room” (3/2/12). This is not only inconsistent with the packaging claim of 700 feet, it is grossly inconsistent with the results of our hands-on test results of 227 feet open field, and only 2 walls/45 feet indoors.

In sharp contrast to our test findings, we find the marketing claims on this product to be disturbingly hyperbolic.

Our advice: look elsewhere.

RJ Spurrier