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Fisher-Price Long Distance 900 MHz Review

For similar price, competing monitors offer the same or better range without the hiss
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fisher-price long distance 900 mhz sound monitor review
Fisher Price Long Distance 900 Mhz
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
Price:  $50 List
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Manufacturer:   Fisher-Price
By Juliet Spurrier, MD ⋅ Mom-in-Chief  ⋅  Dec 1, 2011

The Skinny

The Fisher-Price Long Distance 900 MHz has been discontinued.
Above average range
Reasonably priced
Sound clarity degraded by static hiss
The Fisher-Price Long Distance 900 MHz proved true to its name, delivering above average range in our tests. However, it did so with an annoying level of static hiss and more susceptibility to interference. For the same price, you can buy other monitors that offer the same range without the static hiss.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Fisher-Price Long Distance 900 MHz did, in fact, work at above-average range in our tests. We were pleased to see a product live up to its claims. But, outside of range, this monitor did not fare well versus competitors.


Most monitors selling for $50 or less were unable to maintain communication through 6 indoor walls. The Long Distance 900 MHz was above average in range indoors, and also did outdoors where it placed 5th with a 698 feet performance in our open field test (well short of the manufacturer's claimed 900 feet, but still pretty good).

It is very easy to use, perhaps benefiting from offering very few features.


Our main complaint about this monitor is the level of static hiss. Sound clarity was below average and degraded with distance. We also found this monitor was more susceptible to interference from other monitors. We could literally bring it to its knees by turning on other monitors, ruining range and making static intolerable. In contrast, competing monitors using digital technology were generally immune to this kind of interference issue.

The monitor is pretty bare bones. No features get in the way to confuse you. We would have liked to see a sound activation feature on this monitor, which would help a lot with mitigating the static hiss.


We think there are better monitors out there for similar price.

Juliet Spurrier, MD

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