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BabyBjorn Miracle Review

This carrier is easier to wear than the Original, but with the limited carry positions and weight limit, we think it's money best spent elsewhare
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babybjorn miracle baby carrier review
The BabyBjorn Miracle
Credit: BabyBjorn
Price:  $200 List
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Manufacturer:   BabyBjorn
By Lindsay Ellis ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 27, 2013

The Skinny

For us, the BabyBjorn Miracle was indeed an improvement on the Original, but still didn't win us over compared to more versatile carriers like Beco Baby Gemini and even the ERGObaby Original. The waist belt and lumbar support did take some of the strain off of our shoulders compared to the BabyBjorn Original, but it still wasn't enough relative to competing carriers. Like the BabyBjorn Original, we love this carrier for newborns, but as baby gets over 4 months we like it less and less relative to competing products which offer more comfortable support, and a wider range of carry positions.
Well made
Easy to use
Close/secure hold
Improved back support of BabyBjorn Original
Limited carry positions
Uncomfortable as baby gets older
Not toddler friendly
The BabyBjorn Miracle was discontinued in 2019

Our Analysis and Test Results

Although it looks a little cumbersome at first, figuring out the BabyBjorn Miracle was fairly uninvolved. The instructions made sense and we like the color-coordinated buckles to help us remember which goes where. Once we had baby in place, they felt secure (minus the leg dangle). We did have some trouble adjusting the baby's seat since the fabric is really thick. It was hard to pull it back or forth as needed. Unfortunately, even with the stiff lumbar support piece, the long term wearability just wasn't what we had hoped.


Like all BabyBjorns we tested, we love that baby can face forward in this carrier. Baby's head and neck are well supported when facing inward and we like that as well. For young babies, newborn to 4 months, the Miracle is great. We love the Original BabyBjorn in this newborn age range, and the Miracle is even better (although bulkier than the original, and considerably more expensive).

Although it wasn't optimal when compared to competitor's approaches, we were grateful for the added lumbar support that relieved our backs and shoulders more than the BabyBjorn Original or BabyBjorn Air.

babybjorn miracle baby carrier review - lumbar support for the babybjorn miracle is very rigid and helped...
Lumbar support for the BabyBjorn Miracle is very rigid and helped with our comfort level.
Credit: Lindsay Ellis
This carrier is made of soft fabric that is machine washable. BabyBjorn recommends air drying.


This carrier is quite a bit bulkier than the other BabyBjorns we tested so it's not as easy to throw in a diaper bag.

Older baby's legs dangle down in this carrier from a seat that is just 4 inches wide. We like the wider seated position of the Beco, ERGO, or Boba better, and we believe those carriers offer better ergonomics for babies aged 4 months and older (the age range when front-carry facing-out is an option). There are also buckles that meet right under baby's seat and they could bother baby after a while.

The back buckle and the front panel buckle meet in the same place so it was hard to maneuver them at times.

babybjorn miracle baby carrier review - this is where the buckle for the front panel and the buckle from the...
This is where the buckle for the front panel and the buckle from the shoulder straps met in the same place and made using them a bit tricky.
Credit: Lindsay Ellis
Lower weight limit (26 lbs.) and front-only carry positions scored really low with our toddler testers.


The BabyBjorn Miracle improves on the Original but we still find ourselves drawn to competing carriers that offer a wider variety of carry positions, a wider seat, and more support for bigger babies. If your goal is a great carrier for the first 6 months, the Miracle is a choice you won't regret. On the other hand, the BabyBjorn Original is also a great choice for up to 6 months, less bulky, and a lot less expensive. But, if you are looking for a carrier that can work well for newborn to 2-3 years of age, then we'd suggest you look closely at Beco Baby Gemini before you make your final decision.

Lindsay Ellis

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